KSI Spends £113,000 On His “Try Not To Laugh” Series

KSI’s editor, Mo Syed revealed in a tweet that KSI spent a grand total of £113,000 in his TNTL series on YouTube.

KSI is one of the most famous streamers on Twitch and a very popular YouTuber. He is known for his distinctive laugh and hence, he began a “Try not to laugh” series on YouTube.

In the videos, KSI challenges himself to not laugh at hilarious videos which include random memes and clips. If he fails to control his laughter, he gives away money to his fans in form of Amazon codes.

With over 70 episodes in the series, it is a fan-favorite mainly because KSI also gives away money to the viewers. Through these episodes, the lowest money given away was £210 and the highest was £17,850 per video. Much to the fan’s disappointment, the series was ended by KSI.  

Major Takeaways:

  • KSI hosted a ‘Try Not To Laugh’ series on YouTube.
  • His editor, Mo Syed revealed that a total of £113,000 was given away.
  • The series ended after 70 episodes. 

KSI’s editor, Mo Syed revealed in a tweet the amount of money given away to fans in each video and also gave the shocking statistics of a grand total of £113,000. He captioned the tweet with, “WOW. @KSI. Thank god its stopped!”

Mo further tweeted a picture of KSI looking much older with a beard and laughed about what would happen if the series kept on going.

This is not the first time KSI lost a huge sum of money. Earlier this year, he lost $2.7 million overnight in cryptocurrency investment. After acknowledging that he lost a lot of money, KSI stayed optimistic and shared that nothing worse had happened to him.


KSI’s tweets definitely shed light on his optimistic personality. Share your thoughts regarding the huge sums of money he lost in the comments section ahead.

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