KSI Alleges YouTube Employee Stole $10K Worth Of Amazon Cards

YouTuber and entrepreneur, KSI claims that an employee of YouTube claimed his Amazon gift cards worth $10,000 before his video was even released.

In KSI’s latest “Try not to laugh” video, he scheduled a giveaway for his fans in the form of Amazon gift cards. However, after he sent his video to YouTube to be checked for demonetization, KSI claims that the gift codes were activated by an anonymous YouTube employee.

He assures that it was not him or his editor, Mo but a YouTube employee who redeemed the Amazon gift cards.

Attaching a screenshot of his email inbox, KSI explained via Twitter,

Well…No point trying to collect the gift cards in the latest TNTL. It’s been claimed before the video is even out lmao. It’s not me, it’s not Mo, the only person that’s watched the video is someone at YouTube to check whether the video should be demonetized or not.”

His fans were seemingly disappointed, with many advising him to take action. Tweeting again, KSI stated, “Imma find out who the person that works for YouTube is, cos this ain’t it. Bro just made 10K+ in amazon gift cards :/ ”

Major Takeaways

  • KSI sent his video to youtube for a demonetization check.
  • The video had amazon gift codes for a giveaway.
  • The codes were activated before the video was uploaded.
  • KSI alleged a YouTube employee stole the gift cards.

KSI’s editor, Mo Syed further clarified in a series of tweets. 

Although KSI assured that Mo did not redeem the gift cards, many fans speculated that he stole the codes. Visibly frustrated by this, Mo replied with the following tweet.

Amidst the allegations made by KSI, YouTube has not commented or acknowledged if the accusation made against them is true.

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