“Abandoned” Early Screenshots Leaked

The leaked screenshots were confirmed to be real by the developer

Only a few hours ago, it seems someone has managed to extract screenshots from an early build of Abandoned, the elusive Silent Hill/Metal Gear Solid, or whatever game Blue Box Studios has been working on. The user apparently managed to find these screenshots from the PSN profile of Hasan Kahraman, the founder of Blue Box Studios. Since then it has been confirmed by Kahraman himself that these screenshots are indeed real belonging to a 2019 Alpha build of Abandoned running on a PS4 and that it was a build trying to test the max power of the PS4 using near 4k resolution and 8k textures. The idea was supposedly dropped since the PS4 was deemed not powerful enough to handle the full game. The entire tweet by Hasan Kahraman reads:

Well, the 2019 version was a lot different back then. But it was to test the PS4’s max power. It was running on PS4 Pro with native 3840 x 2160 resolution targeting 60 FPS with 8k textures. It did work but the PS4 version wasn’t powerful enough to create a full game.

The screenshots leaked are as follows:

Screenshots from an early 2019 build of Abandoned.
A screenshot showing the PSN profile of Blue Box CEO Hasan Kahraman with an early screenshot of Abandoned.

There has been an overwhelming and frankly, a confusing cacophony of rumors following the moment Abandoned has been revealed. Initially, it was Blue Box themselves that initially stoked the fire for all the rumors by implying it was a Silent Hill game, and then following various rumors both founded and unfounded we find ourselves here. There are still 5 days left before the trailer app for Abandoned is updated and we find out what this game actually is but until then it is the safest bet for everyone to keep their expectations in check.

As hopeful as people are for a new Metal Gear or a new Silent Hill game, it needs to be said that Blue Box themselves have outright stated numerous times that Abandoned is neither of these games.

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