“Abandoned” May In Fact Be a New Metal Gear Game

Industry Insider Anton Logvinov claims Abandoned is actually MGS6

Russian gaming journalist and reputed industry insider Anton Logvinov says that the Blue Box Studios “Abandoned” is actually a new entry in the beloved Metal Gear series and not just another spin-off like Metal Gear Rising or Metal Gear Survive, but a new mainline entry in the series with Metal Gear Solid 6 or (a remake), being worked on by none other than Konami themselves.

Logvinov revealed in a tweet a few hours ago saying that, “Abandoned looks like MGS6. Well, that is, Konami is working on it, I have known this for a long time, and apparently someone decided to imitate Kojima’s marketing.
He ends the tweet by saying, “So grandpa will be canceled. But a reunion is better, of course.” Which is most likely an error in translation. He then proceeds to mention a possibility of a remake saying “Well, or the announcement of a remake.”
While it would be a safe bet to take this with a grain of salt, it needs to be said that Anton Logvinov has a very good history when it comes to insider information, not only confirming the PC ports of Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding way ahead of time but also bringing up a possible Bloodborne remaster in the future for PS5 and PC which while not completely accurate so far, does fall in line with the fact that Sony has started doing re-releases of last-gen titles starting with Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding Director’s Cut and not to mention a Bloodborne remaster has been brought up by various other leakers.

Anton confirmed Horizon’s PC port months before its announcement.

Blue Box Studios have also been tweeting about their game “Abandoned” for months now, with many assuming that the studio is actually a fake run by Hideo Kojima himself who is playing with gamers yet again. The assumptions haven’t been unfounded either considering the frankly absurd amounts of coincidences that have followed Blue Box Studios, to the extent where the owner of the studio and the director behind Abandoned, Hasan Kahraman had to upload a video of himself apologizing for all the misunderstandings. This entire debacle has reached a burning point with Blue Box studios uploading an image for their upcoming trailer app with a blurred picture of a man with an eyepatch in the background, which looks eerily similar to the eyepatch Big Boss/Naked Snake wears in the Metal Gear games.

The blurry character in the image looks suspiciously like Big Boss from the Metal Gear series.

While all of this does sound too good to be true, it can’t be denied that there are too many coincidences and too many things that align together perfectly. For now, however all we can do is wait until August 10th, when the trailer for Abandoned will be shown and we’ll finally see its true identity after an insanely long period of rumors and speculations.

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