In-Real Images Of The Oreo-Themed Xbox Series S Surface Online

The design of the console fails to impress.

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  • The Oreo-themed Xbox Series S console failed to impress the fans with its mediocre and uninteresting design.
  • The console is not round as it was first promoted.
  • It is contained in a rounded Oreo-shaped shell. It is connected to the shell on the underside.
  • The console comes with an Oreo-themed controller as well.

Two months after the announcement of the Oreo-themed Xbox Series A on Twitter, pictures of the said console have been uploaded online. The pictures were uploaded by someone from Europe after they got hold of the console. And it turns out, this is nothing like what people expected.

As seen in the uploaded photos, the console is just a normal shape. There is nothing unique about its build and it is not even round as it was promoted. The only unique thing about it is that it’s between two larger Oreo shells on both sides. And it’s connected to the shell not on the sides but on the underside.

Oreo-themed Xbox Series S side view.
Oreo-themed Xbox Series S side view.

The shell resembles an “Oreo dipped in milk” but it is far from how it was promoted. The shell, instead of increasing the console’s appeal, actually adds to the mediocrity of the whole design. From afar the design looks even more uninteresting.

The console seems to be contained in an average blue box. The ordinary box also contains an Xbox controller. It is brown-colored like an Oreo. And it somewhat resembles an Oreo dipped in milk as the controller’s handles and shoulders have creamy color splashed on them. The analog sticks on it are Oreo-shaped as well.

Oreo-themed Xbox Series S console and controller in a blue box.
Oreo-themed Xbox Series S console and controller in a blue box.

It is probably the most interesting thing about this whole promotion package because the console itself failed to please fans. Most fans called the design very average and mediocre. Some even called it the “ugliest Xbox Series S” they have ever seen.

This Oreo-themed limited edition Xbox Seris S console is part of the partnership announced between Xbox and Oreo last month. With this promotion, Xbox intended to boost its presence in the console market. But it appears the promotion might fall flat on its face, as the fan reaction is far from what Xbox had expected.

The promotion is still ongoing, and if you happen to live in the UK or the European Union, you can get a hold of this Oreo-themed Limited edition Xbox Series S console. All you have got to do is buy as many Oreos as possible.

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