Xbox Series S Makes It Challenging To Develop For Xbox, Says Baldur’s Gate 3 Director

The CEO is facing challenges to bring certain Baldur's Gate 3 features to the budget hardware.

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  • Baldur’s Gate 3 director and Larian Studios CEO Sven has recently shed more light regarding his opinions about Xbox Series S. The dev says that the split-screen feature requires a lot of memory.
  • The CEO was asked whether the in-between Xbox console holds back development, and he replied, “They [Microsoft] are not going to leave Series S behind.” He is fine with Microsoft’s choices.
  • As per dev, having Xbox Series S just “defines parameters within which you have to develop, and there are ways of doing it. They just take development efforts.
  • Sven says the current focus of the team is to bring the game to PC and PlayStation 5. The title will arrive on the Xbox ecosystem in a few months.

Baldur’s Gate 3 devs have previously stated struggles in bringing the game to the Series S console, delaying its release date indefinitely. Now the Larian Studios CEO and the game’s director Sven recently appeared in an interview with Skill Up on YouTube and clarified his opinions about the budget hardware.

Sven talks about the split-screen feature; the console has to simulate four players in different parts of the city at the same time, which “requires a lot of memory.” He says that the current focus for the team is to bring Baldur’s Gate 3 to the PC and the PS5. The CEO was also asked around the 46-minute mark whether the in-between Xbox console holds back development, and he replied, “They [Microsoft] are not going to leave Series S behind.

But they’re not going to leave series S behind but they’re not gonna gonna do that so that basically means that you know what you’re going to be able to do on the Xbox series. I mean it defines the machine and its fine” says Sven.

I think it’s an okay proposition to say we have two devices, we want compatibility across the devices.” Sven also says that having Xbox Series S in the picture “just defines parameters within which you have to develop, and there are ways of doing that. They just take development efforts.”

Around the 47:24 mark in the video, Baldur’s Gate 3 dev also admits that the budget hardware makes it challenging to develop for the Xbox ecosystem. But Sven is not complaining because the majority of people own the Series S.

It makes sense that if you go to Xbox that it has to work on the series S otherwise you’re not going to be serving the majority of people so it’d be kind of silly to drop that but at the same time I understand it makes it challenging to develop it for the for that platform.”

Sven is trying to say that Xbox Series S comes with its challenges like any other platform for Baldur’s Gate 3. He does not think the budget hardware is innately horrible. The CEO talks about the existence of PlayStation 7 would also present a choice. The Baldur’s Gate 3 devs could focus on the next-gen hardware only or cater to the old-gen players to ensure the title has more reach.

As per the CEO, the studio has limited resources and cannot concurrently work on all versions. However, Sven is confident in his team and believes Baldur’s Gate 3 will take a few more months for the Xbox platform. The full release will arrive on August 3 for PC and Mac, and PlayStation 5 has a release date of September 6.

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