XBOX Shoots Down Fable 4 News Rumors

Recently, XBOX Publishing made a tweet that highly hinted on an upcoming announcement regarding the new Fable game. Fans have been eagerly awaiting any news on the upcoming Fable 4 so many saw this as a hope for some more detail about the currently ambiguous game. The tweet in question that riled up so many people was:

Fable 4 News
The tweet hinting at more details about either a new Fable or more details about the upcoming Fable 4 has since been removed by Xbox Publishing Studios.

It seems however, that XBOX have just retracted their past statement and have shot down any rumors regarding any new information about Fable 4 or even a new announcement in the Fable series. In their latest tweet, XBOX Publishing Studios have stated that they were sorry for any confusion and that there is no upcoming news or information regarding Fable. 

The Fable franchise is a long running Western fantasy RPG series that has been one of the flagship titles for Microsoft from as far back as 2004 with the very first entry in the series which came out on the original XBOX. The series is loved for its coming-of-age aspect where you see your character visibly grow and mature over the course of its story as well as the freedom you have in approaching how you play through the game. The game was also known for its romance options which let you get into relationships with the game’s female cast as well as marry them and buy a house with them. 

The game also featured an interesting morality system that formed other people’s views towards your characters based on your actions over the course of the game, it was akin to the karma system that the Fallout series is very well known for. Many games has since implemented this kind of systems into their game with developers like Arkane making it one of the primary aspects of the Dishonored franchise and Rockstar implementing it in their “latest” title Red Dead Redemption 2 with Arthur facing different outcomes depending on the level of his “honor. 

The Fable series has been on a lengthy hiatus for over a decade with the last mainline entry being Fable 3 in 2010. The series has only recently begun to emerge to the limelight once again with the announcement of a new entry into the series with Fable 4 by Playground Games. 

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