Everything On Steam Is For $1.39 Right Now

The offer is valid until 15 May.

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  • Everything is known for its visually compelling gameplay as an interactive adventure simulator. Currently, the game appears to be running an 80% off promotion, which decreases its MSRP to $1.39 on Steam. 
  • The title’s OST is available on sale in a separately discounted bundle, which combines both the latter and the base game for as little as $2.36.  
  • Both of these items are for sale until May 15. 

We had the same reaction as you when we first read the headline somewhere, so it’s only even-handed for you to experience mutual feelings. Everything is not on sale on Steam at the moment but worry not, because Everything is. David OReilly’s award-winning reality simulator can be grabbed on Steam for as little as $3 right now, with the game’s MSRP reduced to $1.39 from the initial $6.99 pricing. 

Everything on Steam
Everything on Steam (we weren’t joking around) 

From being able to take control of a blade of grass to smoothly transitioning to rocks, fish, and everything perceivable to mankind on the face of the planet’s nature, Everything does a good job of owning itself. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be going around a lot these days (I’m looking at you Redfall).

Although the title’s mechanics can get fairly complex at times, especially when you’re out to create planets and the sort, you’ll find that Everything introduces its in-depth gameplay elements at a respectable pace, one where you can painlessly grasp the relevant ins and outs and take things forward in a gradual manner. A lot of thought has been put into this game and it truly shows. 

As for the storyline, don’t expect one from it. Everything follows no linear plot; the adventure simulator puts you in charge of what to do and what not to. Somewhere along those lines, the game pushes out an incredibly innovative and calming experience—which is often nerve-wracking at times—and breaks the norms of conventional games as we know them. 

One of the Steam reviews out of the “Very Positive” array of those has this to hold Everything with, 

Whenever I feel like gaming but not playing a game… I play this. It’s weird. It’s just an interactive piece of media that makes you think. A bit like a fidget toy. I like it!”  

What’s even better is that Everything is a verified title for Steam Deck, letting those with Valve’s PC-based handheld console effortlessly enjoy it without diving into any unwanted gimmicks or workarounds—God those are a pain to deal with on the Deck. In other news, though, Atomic Heart only recently jumped on the Deck wagon as well—a fairly enticing shooter by Mundfish that delves deep into the Soviet Union world.

Outside of the base game, there’s an Everything bundle that comes with the Everything OST, collectively discounted by 83% to decrease the pricing to $2.36. An admirable affair that lets the collectors among us grab a decent piece dirt cheap. 

In contrast, you’ll find Nothing on Steam to be priced all the same, which is a full $1.29 for a whole block of… you guessed it… absolutely nothing. Fun world we live in. 

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