“Gargitron” Is The Ultimate NextBot In Garry’s Mod That Will Stalk You To Death

The new standard of Nextbots is nigh.

If you’ve had your fair share of tussles with Garry’s Mod, then you’re probably aware of what Nextbots are by now, given their rising prevalence in relatively recent times. From distorted Sonic-esque figures to popular meme icons chasing players down hallways and corridors, NextBots are nothing but fun and frightening in equal measure.

YouTuber Gargin earlier this month has gone ahead and created a NextBot AI script so unique, that it actually comes across as a class apart compared to regular NextBots. This one won’t hunt you as soon as you come in contact with it. Instead, Gargitron will stalk you before engaging and then pounce in for the kill.  

The Rundown: 

  • NextBots are Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in Garry’s Mod that give players the thrill of being hunted with inevitable death. 
  • A NextBot usually makes the player wait until it appears and then proceeds to hunt the player down. Gargitron — the ultimate NextBot in the words of its creator — however, doesn’t function like that. 
  • Gargitron rolls the dice while featuring a 50/50 chance of either chasing the player down straight away or holding back and stalking the person playing the game. 

To give you a little background before delving further into the marvel of Gigatron, NextBots attribute to an incredibly suspenseful gameplay style in Garry’s Mod. Since the sandbox-style title provides complete freedom to the PC gamer on the other end, curious enthusiasts have been making their own iterations of NextBots like crazy.

Take a look online and discover what some of the most popular NextBots shape up like. For instance, the following image represents the Obunga NextBot.

Obunga NextBot
Obunga NextBot

You must be wondering, “But why?” “Why not?” replies the PC gaming community. When it boils down to it, most NextBots are no more than low-effort JPGs or PNGs cropped and slapped on with a specific script.

However, others may craft a figure of their own and make it behave like a NextBot. A great example of this notion is Sanic. You got that right. It’s Sanic, not Sonic. Want to know why? Check it out below. 

Sanic Hegehog as a NextBot
Sanic Hegehog as a NextBot

Sanic doesn’t come at you as fast as the OG Sonic, but it will sure get your heart pumping just like the real blue blur. Although Sanic is a genuine creation and not simply a JPG, NextBots can mostly be any type of a photo, considering that someone has tended to incorporate it within Garry’s Mod, of course.

Similar to the two examples shared above, there is a whole sea of NextBots that the PC gaming community is delving into, both from the perspective of a creator and a player. Most of those NextBots have been derived from memes, thereby making the affair nothing short of hysterical.

So, what makes Gargitron so unique and outstanding? The answer resides particularly in the way this next-level NextBot operates.  To understand the working mechanism of Gargitron, you first need to understand how regular NextBots work.

These monuments of terror use Navmesh technology to traverse the map, navigate the venue they’re placed in, and, of course, go after the player. 

Using Navmesh, NextBots are able to utilize spacial areas to understand polygon placement and define where it’s going. This mode of operation is more advanced than the way normal NPCs operate which actually utilize nodes to get from point A to B, eventually covering the ground they’ve been designed to. 

What Makes NextBots So Popular?

You may wonder to yourself, “What’s so special about getting chased down by a substandard meme-centric image?” You have Garry’s Mod to thank for that. The title in question sports desolate maps with an eerie, mysterious vibe.

Even if you don’t have a NextBot placed within these maps to hunt you down, walking along these venues all alone is going to creep you out—that’s a guarantee. Plus, if you pair your gaming session with friends, the fun doubles and triples. 

A Garry's Mod Map
A Garry’s Mod Map

Gargitron And How It Does What It Does

Gargitron has been modified to stand out as the most “unnerving NextBot AI,” right in accordance with the ambitions of developer Gargin. It’s set to be the ultimate NextBot featuring a distinctive AI script. As opposed to just chasing you, at first sight, Gargitron isn’t too curious to kill you just yet. 

Instead, it tactically employs one out of three different courses of action: Stalking, chasing, and hiding. When it comes after you, the volume will be pumped up loud and the speed swinging at full throttle. However, the “Stalking” pattern will function differently. 

When it decides to stalk you, Gargitron will stay in the shadows. The noise that the NextBot makes will become clearer and clearer as it zeroes in on you. That’s the perfect moment to gear up for running away. In addition, this is the default behavior of Gargitron as it starts out when you load the map.

Lastly, hiding is plain and simple. Moreover, it’s also one of the most innovative. Quite on the contrary with mainstream NextBots that run toward you at full speed as soon as you get spotted, Gargitron just might not do that. Instead, it’ll look at you but hide straight away. Don’t worry though. It’ll come clawing at you sooner or later.

Learn all there is to know about Gargitron in Gargit’s video ahead. He nicely describes the backstory of NextBots and even showcases a gameplay video getting chased down by Gargitron. 

YouTube video

Do let us know what you think of Gargitron, NextBots, and Garry’s Mod in general down in the comments section. In the meantime, we’re about to fend off and have a heart attack by Gargitron chasing us. 

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