Silent Hill Domain Expired And Someone Bought It To Troll Konami is now owned by someone after Konami let it expire

Fans have been waiting a long time for the new Silent Hill game but Konami seemingly doesn’t want to make one. The immensely popular Horror series is just lying in dust at the studio with no concrete plans for it’s future. The publisher really doesn’t care much about the Silent Hill franchise. But, this negligence went to another level on Sunday when the company let the official domain expire.

The official domain of Silent Hill,, expired recently and someone else bought this official site for themselves. Konami forgot to renew the domains license and that resulted in it’s expiry. Someone with a lot of money took advantage of this opportunity and got the domain before Konami. Now, the Silent Hill domain shows a tweet from Masahiro Ito saying, “I wish I hadn’t designed fxxkin Pyramid Head.”

Silent Hill domain page
The Silent Hill domain now after some stranger bought it.

Masahiro did tweet this a few days back and didn’t state the reason. That is very Masahiro of him but the new buyer of the domain using this tweet is very funny. Some say that Konami aren’t making a new Silent Hill because of Pyramid Head’s popularity. The character was only meant to be for James but Konami want to use it for every game due to it’s fame. Hence using this tweet as the front is somewhat poetic from the buyer.

This is also not the first time Konami have let the domain for Silent Hill expire. also appeared on sale for $9,835 back in 2019. Konami had let the domain lapse and it went on sale. But, in that case nobody could grab it before Konami and the company bought it back. That is obviously not what happened this time and someone was faster than the publisher.

Having said that, the most shocking part in all of this is Konami’s lack of focus on Silent Hill. How a huge publisher like Konami didn’t realize that they had let the domain expire two times is beyond everyone. And, this isn’t some minor series you can let go. it is Silent Hill. It’s one of the biggest and most famous horror series in gaming and Konami is treating it like some after thought.

This treatment of Silent Hill doesn’t limit to the domain but the whole series. This fiasco is just one example of how the series has been abandoned. From cancelled projects, potential sequels not getting of the ground and irrelevant re-releases, Silent Hill has been going through a tough time. And the culprit of that is Konami and their gross mistreatment of the cult franchise. We can only hope that the IP goes to some other studio or Konami realize what they have to do with it to make amends.

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