War Thunder Gets Review Bombed As Devs Announce To Reverse Economy Changes

The fans have grown increasingly tired from the recent major economy changes in recent months.

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  • War Thunder has received an onslaught of review bombing attacks by angry fans on Steam because of a recent economic change.
  • The new and free-to-play players have been struggling to enjoy the game because of the changes over the years, and the recent update has proven to be the final straw.
  • The developers eventually tried to explain the changes to the community, but to no avail, as it only added more oil to the fire. The team eventually decided to reverse the changes.
  • The economy changes will be reversed in a future update that will arrive in mid to late summer, and the team has also asked users to fill a survey for feedback that will be implemented.

War Thunder has recently become the target of a massive review bombing raid that lasted over a few days. The main cause behind such a flare can be credited to the recent polemic choices made by the team, causing massive changes in the game’s economy. After a failed attempt to make the users understand by trying to elaborate on the new system, the devs eventually gave up and announced a reversal of the economic changes.

War Thunder harbors a lot of negative reviews due to the recent review bombing raids.
War Thunder harbors a lot of negative reviews due to the recent review bombing raids.

Thus, the recent review bombing has reduced the rating to “Overwhelmingly Negative” on Steam. The main complaint players have is that the “free-to-play” nature of the game has devolved over the years, costing more real-life money to buy the premium currency Golden Eagles in the title. The recent update pushed by the team further contributed to the contempt of the users, causing many to review bomb the title.

For the first few months the game was extremely fun but after tier 4 or even 3 the repair costs and research needed to unlock new vehicles made me stop playing,” said Steam user Pjena in their review.

The economy awards you with two expendables; Silver Lions currency to buy vehicles, modifications, and repair damaged vehicles after games. Research points can also be used to research items, including vehicles before buying them. The process makes it much harder to progress through the entry without paying real-world money, and the update made it even worse since it increased the repair costs of vehicles and aircraft.

While the premium vehicles and aircraft retained their low repair costs, the researchable items saw a severe increase, serving as the community’s final straw. The flurry escalated to an exceptional scale, eventually causing the team to announce a reversal of its economic changes. The update will arrive mid to late summer because of its sheer scale.

We heard your recent feedback on the changes planned to the economy of War Thunder and, as you already know, have decided to cancel them. This has been our first step in addressing your concerns, and it will not be the last,” said War Thunder’s team.

Moreover, the devs have ensured the fans that it laments its decision, and the studio also claims that it will better communicate with the players from now on before making any major changes, which has calmed the fans’ blaze to some extent. In fact, the developers have issued a survey that the users can take to present notable feedback, which will be featured in the update.

The upset fans express the repair costs are too much to enjoy War Thunder. After the recent update, the premium vehicles and aircraft seem to retain the low repair costs, while the searchable ones saw a major increase, serving as the final straw for most of the community. The explanation by the studio in an attempt to calm the players.

The explanation by the studio in failed attempt to calm the players.War Thunder has grown to new horizons over the years, garnering newer players as the veterans relish the free-to-play experience with every new update. No doubt there have been ups and downs within the community, but recent decisions by the devs at Gaijin have left the fans in disarray, leading many to attack the entry with angry reviews.

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