Lost Ark Frostfire Island: Location, Quests & Rewards

Our detailed guide has everything you need to know about The Frostfire Island, its quests, the rewards it offers and all the Mokoko Seeds locations.

Lost Ark is a 2.5D adventure game with challenging gameplay and a compelling story. With a vibrant setting and beautiful lands to explore, Lost Ark lets you collect items like tokens from Frostfire Island.  

Key Takeaways
  • Lost Ark’s Frostfire Island is accessible via ship, located in the northwest part of the Geinah Sea in the Shushire Island region.
  • Known for its excellent mining spots, the island features a powerful boss named Brealeos, who drops the Frostfire Island Token upon defeat.
  • Players need an item level of 460 to access Frostfire Island.
  • Rewards upon completion include materials, engraving recipes, and the Procyon’s Eye Compass.
  • Mokoko seeds and Leapstones can be found on the island.
  • Considered one of the best locations for farming Tier 1 materials in Lost Ark.
  • Quests like The Great Ordeals, The Protection Of The Sirius, and Fire Demon’s Rage are available on the island, offering various rewards.

What Is The Frostfire Island In Lost Ark? 

Frostfire Island is said to be the remnant of the Flame Demon Corps and God Of Ice and has one of the most important tokens in Lost Ark. Fire never goes out, and the ice never melts in Frostfire Island. Additionally, you can build Rapport in Lost Ark using the items you find on the Island.

frostfire island location in lost ark
Frostfire Island

Frostfire Island is accessible by ship, so take the best blueprints of ships out and get ready to collect some rewards and tokens. The island is relatively small, Mokoko seeds are tough to find here, and there are no missions for you to do. You won’t find much to do here, but getting the Island Token is important for progressing in the main campaign.  

frostfire island in lost ark
Visuals of Frostfire


You can find the Island located in the Northwest Geinah Sea, in Shushire Island. There would be a huge amount of ice that would be blocking the roads. It is considered one of the best places mining spots in Lost Ark.

what is frostfire island in lost ark
Map Location

Traveling would be fairly hard here, so it is recommended that you stock up on all the necessary equipment you will need. Moreover, we suggest taking the Sturmbrecher ship or any of the best ships in Lost Ark.  

How To Access The Frostfire Island 

In order to access Frostfire Island to get the token, your item level should be a minimum of 460. You will be facing a powerful boss here, so an item level of 460 is necessary.

Frostfire Island Token

Lost Ark lets you collect around 95 Island Tokens to collect on your journey. These tokens reward you with different items like Stat Potions, Mounts, and even Skill Point Potions. The Frostfire Island Token comes in an RNG Drop. You will get it by defeating a world boss called Brealeos. He is even harder to fight than Achates in Lost Ark.

frostfire island boss location in lost ark
Brealeos, the monster of Frostfire Island

The Island itself can be cleared at any point. However, the world boss will spawn on certain days—Head towards the center of the Island, where Brealeos will spawn. Brealeos is a damaged sponge. While he can be tricky with its attacks, his mechanics are not difficult to overcome.

frostfire island token location in lost ark
Defeating Braleos and getting the Island Token

After defeating Brealeos, you will get a lot of rewards and several engraving recipes. The Frostfire Island Token will come in a random drop, so you might need to defeat it a lot of times before you get the Island Token. Additionally, you will have to consider the Procyon’s Eye Compass Spawn Time to fight the boss as well. 

Island Rewards 

The Frostfire Island Token will not be the only reward you will be getting for completing the Island.

Following are the rewards in Lost Ark you will get upon completing the Frostfire Island:

Uncommon Engraving Recipe Selection Chest 

It is a class-exclusive item, and you can find up to four of these on Frostfire Island.  Once you pick it up, you can access it on your inventory roster. When you get the item and use it, you will be rewarded with one Uncommon Engraving Recipe that is class-exclusive.

It cannot be dismantled, and you will have the option to choose between many items like The Berserker  Mayhem Engraving Recipe x1, Esoteric Skill Enhancement Engraving Recipe for Wardancer x1, The Enhanced Weapon Engraving Recipe for Deadeye x1, and many more. Engravings in Lost Ark act as a power-up for your character and buff your attacks.

The Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch 

You can get eight of these on Frostfire Island, and the item cannot be dismantled. Once you pick it up, you can use it by accessing your Inventory. It will reward you with one Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe for Lost Ark. You can choose from more than 30 recipes like the Spirit Absorption Engraving Recipe, Grudge Engraving Recipe, Super Charge Engraving Recipe, and many more. 

Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack 

The item is indestructible and cannot be dismantled or sold. Moreover, it will appear automatically in your inventory roster once you pick it up.

Once you have this pack, you can choose from the following card packs in Lost Ark:

  • Legendary Card Pack x1 
  • Rare Card Pack x1 
  • Epic Card Pack x1 
  • Uncommon Card Pack x1 

Epic Rapport Chest 

The chest contains Epic items available in Lost Ark and is one of the most sought-after drops in Frostfire Island. It will be bound to your inventory roster when you get it, and it cannot be dismantled. 

You will get a chance to obtain items like Rethramis Holy Water, Yudia Natural Salt, Hawk Claws, Stalwart Cage, Prideholme potato, and several other Epic items. 

Frostfire Island Mokoko Seeds

You can find three Green Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark scattered around the land of Frostfire Island. When you collect the seeds, they will glow. The seeds themselves are elementary to equip; however, finding them is a hefty task. 

One of the seeds is located in the northernmost part of the island. Moreover, it can be attained easily. On the other hand, the rest of the two seeds are fairly difficult to locate. If you’re planning to visit Frostfire Island, make sure you have the best crew for your ship to make traveling more convenient. 

other bosses
Other monsters of Frostfire Island you will face while collecting the Mokoko Seeds.

You will find the two seeds in the South of Frostfire Island. It is to be noted that this side of the map is covered with monsters, and it is recommended to stick to the wall while you look for the seeds. Killing the monsters is important to get the seeds, but you should stick to the wall and stay lowkey when attacking them. 

The boss and other monsters will attack you if you directly run past them. So, it is better to be sneaky when attacking them. 

Mokoko Seeds location 

You will find three Mokoko Seeds here. 

Seed #1  

The first Mokoko Seed in Lost Ark’s Frostfire Island can be found easily:

mokoko seeds location
Mokoko Seed

Seed #2 

The second Mokoko seed is found in the Frost part of the region and can be found easily. You will be battling many monsters here, so keep an eye out for them. 

frostfire island mokoko seeds location in lost ark
Mokoko Seed

Seed #3  

The final Mokoko Seed is present in the same region and is surrounded by a lot of tough monsters. After you have obtained all three Mokoko Seeds of Frostfire Island, you will be able to gain a lot of XP as well as the Island Token.

Finding Mokoko Seeds can be quite hard, so make sure you have your Mount in Lost Ark with you to make things more convenient.

 mokoko location
Mokoko Seed

Frostfire Island Quests

Visiting Frostfire Island is a part of many side quests, and the main quest in Lost Ark. Following are the quests that require you to farm items and rewards on Frostfire Island. 

The Great Ordeals  

You will encounter the NPC named Banri in the quest. The main objective of the quest is to talk to the Elemental Guardian of Frostfire Island. 

Prerequisites For The Quest 

Following are the two prerequisites for the quest:

  • The Protection Of Sirius  
  • Fire Demon’s Range 


You will get the following rewards upon completing the quest:

  • Roster XP x105 
  • Epic Rapport Chest x4 
  • silver x15000 

The Protection Of The Sirius 

For the quest, you will meet the NPC named Aidan. You will need to follow the NPC’s instructions in order to get the protection of Sirius. Additionally, it is important to complete the Great Ordeals Quest first before you start The Protection Of Sirius. 


  • Courage x1 
  • Roster XP x195 
  • Uncommon Engraving Recipe Chest x4 
  • Silver x28000 
  • Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x4 

Fire Demon’s Rage 

The NPC Kianan will give you instructions on how to obtain the Rage of the Flame Legion Commander in this Quest. You will have to complete the Great Ordeals quest as a requirement to unlock Fire Demon’s Rage Quest. 


  • Roster XP x195 
  • Legendary- Uncommon Card Pack x6 
  • Silver x28000  
  • Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x4 

Final Words

There are many other locations like Heartbeat Island and Shangra Island in Lost Ark.. Additionally, Ryndon in Lost Ark has a lot of Tokens, Quests, and Rewards to keep you engaged. You can also buy and sell various items online in Lost Ark Market. 

Oblivion Isle and Snowpang Island in Lost Ark are also considered a good place to farm gold and other items. There are a lot of things that the game offers. 

This concludes my extensive guide on farming rewards and tokens in Frostfire Island of Lost Ark. Completing the Frostfire is a crucial step in the main campaign of Lost Ark. Many players come here to farm rewards and items. You can complete the Frostfire Island solo or tag along with a party.

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