BEST Lost Ark Auto Dismantle Settings

Looking for the best Lost Ark auto dismantle settings? It’s easy to see how this action-adventure MMORPG does a bad job at telling people how to play the game. This compels enthusiast gamers to resort to their own style of play and discover what does what themselves.

However, this guide by eXputer isn’t going to leave you making shots in the dark. We’ll go over the working mechanism of the “Dismantle” functionality and discuss the most robust settings there are for when you need to turn to auto dismantle.

Let’s get started without any further delay!

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Lost Ark Auto Dismantle Settings 

While the best auto dismantle settings might purely come off in a subjective tone, we’ve done our best to keep things as neutral as possible and high-yielding in benefits no matter the personal preference.

To get started, press the “I” key while in-game to pop open your inventory. Once done, click on the “Dismantle” button that’s shaped like a hammer and follow it up by selecting “Auto-Dism. Stg.” Check out the following screenshot. 

Accessing Auto Dismantle Settings in Lost Ark
Accessing Auto Dismantle Settings in Lost Ark

After accessing the dedicated section of auto dismantle settings in the game, you should be met with a whole host of different options comprising this characteristic feature of the title.

Here, you’ll be able to visualize what items will be instantly wiped from the system after acquiring them in your particular session and in what manner. Let us now take a deep dive into the best auto dismantle settings in the game.

First off, we have the equipment type option that needs to be attended to. Make sure to toggle on the following options on your end.

  • Helm
  • Shoulders
  • Chestpiece
  • Pants
  • Gloves 
  • Weapon
  • Necklace 
  • Earrings
  • Ring

Next up we got Item Rank to worry about. For nothing but the best results, set the Item Rank to Rare which should be denoted by blue-colored text.

The adjustment that will take us forward is Item Tier,” which should be set at “Tier 3.” The “Item Quality” should be slated for “Do not consider” while selecting “Upon gaining” for “Apply Auto Dismantle.” 

Furthermore, make sure to enable the auto dismantlement for the following combat statistics and keep the rest toggled off: 

  • Domination
  • Endurance 
  • Expertise

Before you go, make sure that you’ve ticked off the “Skill Tree Notification Exclude Equipment”  for an added experience. After you’ve selected everything as instructed above, you should be seeing the following on your screen.

Click on the “Go” button once you’ve double-checked everything to apply the changes and leave the menu effectively, knowing that the best auto dismantle settings are now underway. 

Best Lost Ark Auto Dismantle Settings
Best Lost Ark Auto Dismantle Settings

Aside from this, you can also choose to keep accessories that come with specific Engravings. Of course, turning the “Exclude gear with Engravings in Favorites” feature on will ascertain that no engraving-ready accessory is removed or dismantled from your inventory, no matter its rank, tier level, or quality. These three metrics do not matter when you’ve enabled the aforementioned optional tweak up and running. 

Alternative Best Lost Ark Auto Dismantle Settings

There are certain tried-and-tested variations of different Lost Ark auto dismantle settings, but there’s one that’s worth mentioning in this guide with a separate section.

In contrast to the mix of options we’ve talked about above, the settings ahead are nothing but helpful for a variety of different players engineered toward a specific use case. 

If you’re looking to set up your auto dismantle settings easily while preventing an overload of your inventory with unworthy accessories and other items of whatever Quality, Rarity, or Tier, use the following on your end of the game. 

Lost Ark Auto Dismantle Settings
Alternate Best Lost Ark Auto Dismantle Settings

The gist of it is that you have to toggle on all the mentioned items that can be dismantled, including the Ability Stone. In addition, the Item Rank for this setting will go to “Relic” while the rest of the settings up until the Combat Stat bonuses will remain the same.

Of course, the latter lot includes the Item Quality, Apply Auto Dismantle, Item Tier, Domination, Endurance, and Expertise. Make sure not to check Swiftness, Crit, and Specialization, since those are some of the most well-established statistics in the game.

Moreover, one major change that these alternative Lost Ark auto dismantle settings comprises relates to the inclusion of Engraving or Engraving Effect.

These along with Ability Stones serve as add-ons to boost a wide variety of equipment characteristics, including an increase in the overall attack damage, enhancing your speed, and decreasing the cooldown time for the various skill moves of your character. 

Now, if you want to avoid dismantling your accessories and items that arrive at your inventory with certain Engravings on them, you’ll have to favorite the latter to continue.

This can be done painlessly by pressing the “Alt” and “I” keys together. Doing so will make the Engraving Effect menu pop up on the screen, allowing you to click on the “Star” button beside each Engraving to save it to your list of “Favorites.” 

Clicking on the "Favorite" Button for Engravings in Lost Ark
Clicking on the “Favorite” Button for Engravings in Lost Ark

After putting the relevant Engravings in the “Favorites” section, feel free to return to the “Auto Dismantle Settings” area and finalize your string of best settings. To do this, simply click on the checkbox beside “Exclude gear with Engravings in Favorites.” Top it off by selecting the “Skill Tree Notification Exclude Equipment” checkbox as well and you’ll be done with this facet of the action RPG for the most part. 

Lost Ark auto dismantle settings
Preventing the Engraved Accessories From Being Dismantled

You won’t ever have to worry about losing your precious accessories that way since we’ve already engineered our Lost Ark auto dismantle settings above to work in our favor. That’s about it for this whole tutorial. 

What is the Dismantle Feature in Lost Ark?

Dismantling in Lost Ark is a core game feature, similar to Foraging in the grand scheme of things. Its primary purpose is to break down the items stored in your inventory, so you can create some space and even yield favorable items from dismantling. It’s an easy-to-access functionality of your character in Lost Ark, so you should be able to get to grips with it as soon as you start your journey out. 

The “Dismantle” feature can be accessed from the player’s inventory in-game. It is marked by an icon of a hammer striking on an anvil.

If you hover your cursor over it, the button will also say “Dismantle.” As soon as you select the feature, a menu will appear right alongside your inventory called “Dismantle item,” allowing you to select items from the latter and get rid of them without breaking a sweat. 

Lost Ark auto dismantle settings
The “Dismantle Item” Menu in Lost Ark

The user interface that allows players to get around the Dismantle system in Lost Ark can come across as fairly perplexing. However, on the surface level, it’s pretty easy to navigate. When you click on the “Dismantle” button though, you’ll find it undemanding to pick an item off of your inventory and send it over to the “Dismantle item” menu. As you’re completing the process, you’ll get your reward for dismantling the item in your inventory. 

Now this reward can range anywhere from a commonplace Useful Equipment Piece to higher-level rewards that fall under the epic category.

People usually wonder whether it’s beneficial to dismantle items they no longer need or simply sell them to a nearby vendor. The right decision here is always dependent on the item under the guillotine, and, of course, your luck because there’s no telling what you may or may not get.

Additionally, all the above pertains to manual dismantling in Lost Ark. What this article focuses on is automatic dismantling, which is a relatively advanced in-game feature geared toward improving the user experience. The main concept behind this phenomenon is the addition of repetitive items in the game, mostly those that you know you’ll sell or dismantle later. 

In this case, you’d certainly want to deal with these trivial in-game resources as quickly as you can while biding your time in more fun, important activities. This is where the Lost Ark auto dismantle settings come in, allowing you to get rid of junk accessories on the fly without breaking a sweat. That way, you’ll always have a clean inventory that’s ready to welcome substantial gear instead of unwanted stuff. 

Simply click on the “Auto-Dsm Stg.” button first, as shown in the previous section, and prepare to go to town with the functionality.

Doing so allows you to tweak the various options associated with the simultaneous dismantling of unneeded items. We’ve gone long and hard in the main compartment of this write-up regarding that, so you shouldn’t be left with any more questions from here on out. 

This is all about the basics that you can learn about dismantling stuff in Lost Ark. Keep on experimenting with different items using the provided Lost Ark auto dismantle settings and you’ll certainly become a pro of this in-game feature in no time. With that being said, it is now time to conclude the article.   

Our Take 

Lost Ark is one of the freshest releases of 2022. Although it has been around for longer than that, the action RPG was just recently launched on Steam in February this year.

Quite naturally, a whole host of players naturally gravitated toward the diverse offerings of this large-scale title and have been hooked ever since. From the best Lost Ark solo classes to engravings, crews, and trading skills, this IP is willing to get as expansive as it truly gets.

Just make sure you’re well aware of the best hunting spots in the game for an added, more profound experience. Lost Ark, on its own, is pretty moderate in terms of explaining things and giving players a nice, warm tutorial before they set out in the vast stretches of the in-game world.

Therefore, if you’re looking to get somewhere in Lost Ark, such as being able to discover the best mining spots and make other relatively bigger strides, what you require is a high-quality set of outlined instructions. 

Make sure to follow the guidelines as they’re implemented above for the best results. While you’re at it with the auto dismantle portion while inside a session, make sure you’re donning some tip-top Lost Ark skins as well to look good and be good.

As for this guide, we’ll have to bid you farewell as we write the concluding sentences of the tutorial now. Do let us know down in the comments section if you were able to work with the Lost Ark auto dismantle settings on your Windows PC.

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