Warhammer 3 Is The Second Most Played Installment Despite Being Review Bombed

Players continue to multiply and play the game despite the game getting review bombed.

Creative Assembly may have marked their spot in crafting strategic titles, but ultimately, the Total Warhammer series boosted the studio to the moon. The trio showered the game studio with rays of international fame. Warhammer III has been forged with an enormous amount of experience behind it. The legacy behind this title includes half a decade, two games, and numerous DLC expansions. This turn-based title merges real-time tactics alongside a story-oriented experience. 

Total War Warhammer III Sales And Player Concurrency

The latest title came out on February 17th and has satisfied the cravings of its loyal player base. All the goliaths have given favorable reviews. Considering the unprecedented hype surrounding the title, Warhammer III ought to break records in the strategy genre. 

Total War: Warhammer 3 has garnered an elevation of 166,754 players on the charts, as seen on SteamDB. The player base is ascending at a steady pace at the time of writing. The number was achieved in just a day and established the new title as the second-highest consistent player peak of any Total War game. Total War: Three Kingdoms currently hold the crown, which acquired an all-time peak of 192,298 concurrent players. Conceivably Warhammer III may reach the biggest rise of concurrent players in the near future.

Total War Warhammer III Critical Success And Criticisms

The game is set in the same good ol’ Warhammer‘s fictional universe. The new game sees a lot of new factions, excelling in just about every regard. The amalgamation of tactics with a story-driven campaign has left players with a belly-full of fun. Diplomatic sections have seen massive improvements this time around. Despite all the positive reviews, there have been some valid criticisms.

The pacing of the new campaign may be fast-paced to some. Your own goals can be pursued. However, squeezing time for that despite the chaos may end up being troublesome. The title also obtained a bit of criticism regarding its optimization. Alongside with a poor choice from developers before the release.

The game faced some issues with the Chinese community before its release. The game is currently being review-bombed by the player base in that territory, ostensibly for negligible reasons. The players showed criticism to promotion about how some streamers in a Chinese streaming site spoiled parts of the campaign. The players targeted the previously released titles to review bomb them.

Ahmed summed up the situation by making the following points in his tweets.

  • Early access version was given to too many random streamers, both big and small.
  • These streamers who knew nothing about the game or how to play were generally disinterested.
  • These streamers spoiled parts of the game.

The first two installments enjoyed global success, although the latest title has evolved the series to its best shape. Warhammer series boasts a healthy player base that has remained consistent throughout the years. This time though, Creative Assembly has transcended the limitations of the Total War series to the far lands. What are your thoughts regarding the latest installment? Let us know in the comments below!

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