Report Suggests Children Are Gambling Millions On Roblox Casino Sites

Gambling sites are approaching children as young as 14.

Story Highlights

  • According to a recent report, there is a myriad of underground Roblox casino sites where players can gamble millions of Robux.
  • The websites in question put zero to no effort into verifying the ages of these users as the majority of these users are early teenagers and children.
  • Gambling sites are approaching underage influencers to attract more children into the unauthorized online casino business.

A recent report has dug out some casino sites within Roblox that let players bet on Robux, the in-game Roblox currency. These sites do not appropriately look into the ages of the users signing in. The majority of the users gambling on these platforms are found to be early teenagers. These sites are freely approaching and recruiting young content creators to advertise and lure more children into the online casino business.

The information was revealed on Sharpr, by Cody Luogno in his newsletter. The website is dedicated to esports and gambling exclusives. Sharpr asserts that there isa handful of black market casino sites aggressively targeting the franchise’s youthful audience and facilitating illegal gambling services.”

According to the newsletter, a number of casino sites are allowing users to sign in with their Roblox accounts. Players can deposit both in-game items or Robux currency, and then gamble in a variety of “luck-based casinos and head-to-head games.”

Considering that 60% of the Roblox population is said to be 16 or even below, it is very likely that the majority of these Robux gamblers are children. Sharpr also talked with the owner of a popular third-party Roblox trading site, who under anonymity claimed that “90 percent of the people promoting are underage,” and it is evident from the type of content they create. This anonymous insider further revealed that these gambling sites don’t do any due diligence in asking for the age of the people they’re promoting with.”

One of these gambling sites, BloxFlip has a Discord server where they raise your roles based on the amount you bet. Users will be called “Whales” once they have bet more than one million Robux. Bloxflip is allegedly approaching underage content creators to advertise for them in exchange for a fixed rate for views and affiliate codes. Recently, a 14-year-old Roblox influencer was contacted by BloxFlip with the aforementioned offer.

More into the newsletter, it is estimated that Roblox itself receives a 30% commission on all the transactions taking place on these casino sites. However, Sharpr got to talk with one of the Roblox representatives who ensured that the company is working on taking down such sites but refused to elaborate any further. 

Bad actors make illegal use of Roblox’s intellectual property and branding to operate such sites in violation of our standards. Roblox has teams and processes in place to investigate these websites to protect our brand and platform, including, where possible, having the websites removed. In some cases, we engage with law enforcement as part of our efforts.”

-Roblox Spokesperson

They further explained that maintaining a safe online experience is “a core tenant of the company,” and Roblox will continue to combat any entities that violate the company’s policies and endanger the safety of Roblox’s community. 

Additionally, Roblox has been in hot waters ever since. The website was accused of baiting children into “casino level” spending by a US parent organization in 2021. Recently the website faced a massive data breach leading to a leak that publicized the personal information of more than 4000 developers

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