Metroid Dread Gameplay Leaked Ahead of Release

The leaked footage shows the game's opening and around 50 minutes of gameplay

It appears that a handful of players have gotten copies of Nintendo’s upcoming Metroid Dread ahead of its release on October 8th. An hour-long footage of the game has also been leaked on Youtube today. The footage shows the game’s opening as well as an extensive look at the game’s first area “Artaris”. It also shows a fair bit of Metroid’s side-scrolling action as well as its level design and environments. Nintendo has already started to take down the footage appearing online and it’s safe to say that other sources will also be taken down in due time.  

Metroid Dread has been one of the most anticipated games of the year ever since its announcement. The game was announced on a Nintendo Direct earlier this year and has garnered massive attention, especially considering that this is the first original entry in the Metroid series in a decade, the last one being Metroid Other M back in 2010. This is of course excluding the 3DS-only Metroid Samus Returns that was more of a remake of the original Metroid 2 and also Metroid Prime Federation Force, but we don’t talk about Federation Force. Here is a second video that leaks the gameplay ahead of release as well. 

There is also an overwhelming amount of anticipation for Metroid Prime 4 which is the first addition in particularly the Metroid Prime series in over a decade. The Metroid Prime trilogy is highly regarded to consist of some of the best games of all time, with all 3 games having an over 90 score on Metacritic and the first game having a whopping 97% on the site. 

While little is known about Metroid Prime 4, Metroid Dread comes out October 8th and is going to serve as a great respite for the fans to bide time until Metroid Prime eventually makes its return. While you are here, also read about Metroid Prime development.

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