Civilization 6 Xbox Series X DLC On Sale; Game Unplayable For Months

The fans are infuriated because of the terrible and ignored state of the game.

Civilization 6 is among the best turn-based strategy titles that condense all of human history. It is chock-full of rich features providing the ultimate digital board game experience. Raise and destroy empires, compete for specified victory conditions and ward off aggressive leaders to ensure the prosperity of your kingdom.

The game is a fan-favorite strategy experience full of depth and variety. It is no wonder that Civilization 6 has a large community even after half a decennium. The game has retained its glory by releasing numerous DLCs and expansion packs over the years. It is an upgrade over its predecessors but a welcomed one.

Civilization 6 is going through tough times as it has become neglected by Microsoft. Players on the Xbox Series X have complained about the bad state of the game for months on end but to no avail. The game crashes every few rounds without any warnings, halting the progress any further. Some have labeled the game to be “unplayable.”

All the collective voices raised for assistance have been ignored on Microsoft’s support form and on various social media. To put more salt on the wound, Civilization 6 Anthology Upgrade Bundle has been given a 50% price discount instead of giving any heed to the terrible crashes concurrent players are facing because of it.

The community has also voiced concerns on Reddit. The players have exclaimed that the issue has plagued the community for well over two months. One player replied in comments, “It’s been a hell of a lot longer than two months. I stopped playing it on the console over a year ago because the crashing was so bad. Game saves would eventually become completely unplayable because they would crash while loading every single time.”

Despite Being Unplayable For Nearly 2 Months, DLC for Civ 6 Is Now On Sale from XboxSeriesX

The furious community pleads to either remove the game from Xbox Store altogether or the developers address the issue. The crashing only happens when the expansion packs like the Anthony Upgrade Bundle are installed and included in the game.

Another player states in a thread on ResetEra discussing this issue, “With any of the two expansions installed, the game starts crashing continuously after turn 50-100.” The player continues, “If I keep pressing on, it gets to a point where the game will crash after every second or third turn, making it literally unplayable.”

The issue can be resolved by simply removing the expansion packs and playing the game’s vanilla version. However, it is horrible news for the gamers who have bought the packs in the past. 2K Games has recognized the issue, much to the unfamiliarity of the community. There are no estimates provided by 2K Games when the issue will be fixed, but the developers are looking into the constant crashes.

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