Shadow Warrior 3 Allegedly Coming To Xbox Game Pass, Hints Microsoft

The rumor stems from a push notification from the Game Pass app.

Shadow Warrior 3 accumulated adequate reviews upon its anticipated release last year in March. The title was praised for its fantastic blend of fast-paced gunplay featuring non-stop action alongside the pleasant addition of satisfying melee combat. However, it fell short in its gameplay due to a plethora of technical issues.

Despite the discordant reviews, the title has aged nicely and still garners a fanbase. Shadow Warrior 3 fans have long been asking for the game to be available on the biggest gaming subscription service in the world. It appears that the game is finally slated to arrive on the Xbox Game Pass, as teased in a mysterious push notification.

Many users around various Reddit forums have reported sighting a push notification regarding Shadow Warrior 3 by the Game Pass application.

Major Takeaway

  • Shadow Warrior 3 could allegedly be coming to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service soon, as teased by Microsoft in a new push notification through the mobile app.
  • Several Reddit users on different Reddit forums reported the notification, and it discusses the prospect of the title’s appearance on the Game Pass despite no official confirmations.
  • The developer Flying Wild Hog or the Xbox Game Pass Twitter handle has not yet officially confirmed the prospect. 
  • We suggest taking the news with a grain of salt, as it may have just been a mistake by Microsoft.

The string of rumors stems from the r/XboxGamePass subreddit where the user u/alpacaccino first reported seeing a bizarre notification from the Game Pass app on their phone. The message by Microsoft concerned Shadow Warrior 3 arriving on the subscription service.

The title of the notification reads, “Survive Intense New Challenges.

The rest of the push notification states, “Scavenge a post-crash future in Stranded Deep or take on the smart-mouthed action of Shadow Warrior 3 now!

According to the Reddit user, the notification could not be seen in the app, hinting that it was likely an accident by the giant American conglomerate, Microsoft.

As per the notification, Shadow Warrior 3 could soon be slicing and dicing its way into the alluring subscription service. Whether this was an accident or an intentional tactic used by Microsoft to draw attention remains to be answered.

However, it is not the first time we have seen such an anomaly on the Xbox Game Pass mobile app. The Indie open world survival game, Stranded Deep, and many other titles in the past have seemingly used the same strategy to draw attention and to quietly sneak on the subscription service.

Shadow Warrior 3 may arrive on the prominent subscription service anytime from now. We could see the hack-and-slash FPS experience arriving in the store later today or in the next few days. Regardless, it is worth noting that there have been no official mentions of the game’s arrival on the Game Pass.

The official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account handle has been pretty quiet concerning the baffling notification. Microsoft or the developer Flying Wild Hog has yet to guarantee Shadow Warrior 3’s arrival on the subscription service. We will have to await the Shadow Warrior 3’s official release date for the Game Pass.

It is also a possibility that this was a genuine mishap by Microsoft, and we could see an official announcement in the near future. We suggest taking this rumor with a slight grain of salt, as the stellar fast-paced FPS venture may never end up on the subscription service.

Shadow Warrior 3 is a hit-or-miss experience and slightly differs from the first two iterations by changing the feel of its gameplay. It’s the perfect title to indulge in frantically, something like Doom Eternal, where killing each enemy feels as satisfying as it gets. The game also features an alluring campaign that is worth experiencing.

We could see the title skyrocket in popularity as a new wave of players will experience Shadow Warrior 3 for the first time. That is if it actually arrives on the Xbox Game Pass service.

What are your thoughts about the seamless action FPS mixing fast-paced melee with rousing gunplay, Shadow Warrior 3, arriving on the Xbox Game Pass in the near future? Do you think the game will see a revival in popularity after slating its way to the huge Game Pass? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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