Xbox Could Be Working On New Hardware, Suggests Industry Insider

Xbox Game Studios may have some promising hardware to showcase soon, according to the accredited industry insider, Shpeshal Nick.

Gaming studios are always trying to innovate something new and leave the competition behind. The race to innovate something that we haven’t seen before is what makes the industry progress. Everyone pushes each other and this results in exciting new inventions every year. Studios at the core of such ideas are Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. They are responsible for producing groundbreaking hardware year after year to keep consumers happy. Now, one of these companies is, again, working on some brand new hardware according to a new report from an accredited industry insider.

Industry insider, Shpeshal Nick, has made a huge claim that Xbox Game Studios is potentially working on some promising new hardware that might be shown very soon. He talked about this on his The XboxEra Podcast while discussing some rumors circulating around the gaming world. “Xbox has some hardware that they want to show that they’re going to show that falls into a different bucket than people are expecting”, Nick mentioned.

Furthermore, he claims to know what the hardware actually is but it’s not the type we think it might be. Nick used the words “different bucket” while describing this new hardware from Xbox Game Studios. However, we got no hints about what it might be from the industry insider; just that it won’t be what people might be expecting and some information about the announcement.

Another tidbit about this hardware that Nick gave was the time of its reveal. The industry insider was very careful in wording his sentences about this. He mentioned that the reveal should take place this year but that might not be the case. Many delays have taken place in the industry due to some situations. We see more of these every day, and it is not astonishing given the circumstances. Hence, Nick said that even though the reveal should happen this year, players shouldn’t be surprised if it gets delayed by the company.

Nick didn’t tell any further details about this topic, unfortunately. However, it is really exciting anyway because of the possibilities in front of us. We can now intensely theorize about what this new mystery hardware from Xbox Game Studios may be. Some players speculate that it may be the new Xbox Kinetic, which was a big part of the Xbox 360 era, so why not make a big return. Another guess by the players is a new handheld console from the company. While this is not bad conjecture considering the new trend in the industry, it is much less plausible. However, all of this is speculation right now, so do take it with a grain of salt.

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