5 Reasons You Should Be Excited About Hollow Knight: Silksong

The critically acclaimed Hollow Knight sequel is in the works, and fans expect it to top the already perfect first game.

Story Highlights

  • Hollow Knight gave the players an experience unique to the side-scrolling platformer genre. 
  • With Hollow Knight: Silksong right around the corner, fans expect great innovation and updates to the original formula.
  • The first game lacked features we didn’t know we wanted until we saw the Hollow Knight: Silksong trailer.

Hollow Knight is an action-adventure platformer game by Team Cherry that was released in 2017. It quickly became one of the most successful Metroidvanias. The game provides players with a beautiful level design and a challenging yet rewarding combat system, which causes fans to want and return for more.

Hollow Knight: Silksong is the upcoming sequel to the first game, showcased to the world on the 14th of February 2019. It has been five years, and we are still waiting to release it. So far, two trailers and two OSTs have been released for the upcoming game, showcasing some of its innovative ideas. Here are five reasons you should be excited about the sequel.

Run For Your Life

Hornet Coursing Through The Streets
Hornet Coursing Through The Streets | Image Source: Team Cherry

One of the main changes brought to the new game is a simple mechanism, yet sprinting is crucial to the series. In the first game, sprinting was not an option, so you had to walk back to your destination at a slow pace. This new yet simple mechanic will make the traversal fun and feasible for the players.

Hornet Can Fly, Quite Literally

The Parkour In The Game Looks Exciting
The Parkour In The Game Looks Exciting | Image Source: Team Cherry

In the Hollow Knight: Silksong trailer, you can see Hornet doing parkour, which would affect the game in various ways. It would unlock new ways to traverse and allow new creative approaches to beating enemies and bosses. This would also enhance mobility, like climbing, sliding, and leaping across surfaces.

YouTube video

The new parkour system in the game would also bring complex platforming to the table, requiring players to utilize the utmost of Hornet’s skill. It has also been shown in the trailer that some puzzle-solving would revolve around parkour, with obstacles in mind to be dealt with creativity, much like the game Celeste.

The Beauty And Depth Of Pharloom

The Beautiful Kingdom Of Pharloom
The Beautiful Kingdom Of Pharloom | Image Source: Team Cherry

Hollow Knight: Silksong is set in the kingdom of Pharloom, a new region entirely different from Hallownest’s. Pharloom also seems filled with NPCs and feels full of life compared to the barren land of Hallownest. Though its style continues the hand-drawn art style, its aesthetic gives it a new look.

YouTube video

From the trailer’s looks, we will see areas with vibrant and pungent hues. New color palettes integrated into the immersive 2d platformer would be something to look forward to.

Agile And Fluid Combat

Complex Combat And Super Powers In Silksong
Complex Combat And Super Powers In Silksong | Image Source: Team Cherry

Let’s start by saying that the protagonists of the two games have entirely different styles. The Knight in Hollow Knight has a code and conduct sort of gameplay, and by that, I mean the player has a nail. It has to dodge the enemy attack and go for the offense when an opening occurs.

However, the Hollow Knight: Silksong trailer clearly shows that Hornet has more speed and agility. This would create more dynamic and fluid combat with multiple attacks, quick dodges, and movements.

Hornet seems to wield a needle and a thread as her primary weapon, which can open up various approaches to dealing with the enemy.

Possibly the biggest reason I’m excited for Silksong
byu/PhantasmShadow inHollowKnight

New strings and strategies are also implemented in the game, as Hornet can use ‘’Silk’’ heal, she has superpowers, and last but not least, the crafting system. Yes, you heard that right. In Silksong, there would be a crafting system through which you can create weapons, tools, traps, and much more with the materials you gather from the overworld.

The Aftermath Of Hollow Knight

Level Design Focused On Verticality
Level Design Focused On Verticality | Image Source: Team Cherry

Hollow Knight Silksong follows Hornet’s story after the first game’s events. Hornet is captured and has to fight her way out of the kingdom of Pharloom. In the first game, the narrative was to cleanse the world of the infection, something which the protagonist did in the end. The Knight in the first game is also very silent and non-vocal. In comparison, Hornet looks pretty vocal and expressive; this time, the narrative is about escaping her fate.

byu/Delta889_ inSilksong

Overall, Hollow Knight: Silksong seems very promising, and I can not wait to get into my gaming chair and discover the depths of Pharloom for hours and hours.

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