Bloodborne’s Potential Remaster Continues To Be Sony’s Biggest Missed Opportunity

FromSoftware has basically said the ball is, and always has been, in Sony's court.

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  • FromSoftware has clarified that it is up to Sony to give the go-ahead on a Bloodborne remaster.
  • Sony is missing a big opportunity by not releasing the title and by keeping fans waiting.

Recently, Hidetaka Miyazaki, president of FromSoftware, did a series of interviews for Elden Ring’s upcoming DLC. As you’d expect, interviewers over at Eurogamer couldn’t help but ask him about the possibility of a Bloodborne remake or remaster. To this, Miyazaki gave a response that most of the fanbase had already known. He said that since it’s not an IP FromSoftware owns, he’s got “nothing to say” about it.

This goes to show that the decision to fund a remaster, one that is done either by FromSoftware, or some other company, is one that only Sony can make. Despite this, Sony has consistently put off the issue. And despite the rumors of a remake and a potential PC port, fans are still left thoroughly underwhelmed by Sony’s inaction. It’s safe to say that this might be the biggest missed opportunity for Sony. Here’s why.

Bloodborne Is One Of FromSoftware’s Greatest Games

I don’t think it takes a lot of effort to see just why Bloodborne is so widely regarded by gamers. Many believe it to be an absolute masterpiece, and easily among the best games ever released on the PS4. FromSoftware has made critically acclaimed titles like Dark Souls 3, Sekiro, and Elden Ring, after Bloodborne. However, to most fans, Bloodborne still remains their greatest game.

Bloodborne is the best from software game.
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Its fast-paced combat, based on the much-adored Souls series, coupled with the Victorian era England vibes, and deeply rich and disturbing lore has made the title one of the best in its genre. Ever since the jump to PS5, fans have been outright begging Sony to re-release the game. The studio has a tendency to release remasters for games like The Last of Us, that barely need an update

On the other hand, Bloodborne, a title that’s essentially free for the taking, has been left in the dust. For a long time, fans thought this was because of FromSoftware not having the time on their hands to take on the project. But now, we know from Miyazaki, that it’s really Sony’s lack of action on the matter. If the studio truly wanted a Bloodborne remaster, then it could have gotten a company like Bluepoint to make it too.

Remastering Won’t Involve A Lot of Work

Unlike Demon’s Souls, which needed a proper remake, Bloodborne is a relatively new title. Graphically speaking, the game isn’t too far off from the likes of Dark Souls 3, or even Elden Ring. This is thanks to FromSoftware’s excellent art direction. This gives the title a timelessness that ultra-realistic graphics really wouldn’t have been able to capture.

Bloodborne's amazing level design and art direction at display.
Bloodborne’s amazing level design and art direction at display.

As a result, all Bloodborne really needs is a basic remaster that allows players to play at 60 frames per second. Maybe as a part of this, FromSoftware could add in some additional goodies or content to keep fans excited about the title’s return. But I’m sure, most fans would be more than happy to step foot into the game’s horrifying world, even without any new content.

This just goes to show that if FromSoftware were to work on the title, it wouldn’t be that much of a time investment for the studio. I’m sure they already have their next project lined up after Elden Ring’s DLC concludes. They likely won’t want to tread back on something they’ve already done. Especially with how long it took Sony to realize the potential of this franchise.

But still, considering it’s just a remaster that involves basic tweaks, I think it’s definitely possible that FromSoftware could work with Sony to bring the game to the fans. Especially considering how adored the title is. From a business perspective, this would be a relatively small investment from Sony, leading to major returns. Especially when you consider the fact that the title could come on PC too.

The PC Community Could Give A Second Life to Bloodborne

There’s no denying that the PC gaming community has been quite vocal about their love for Bloodborne. Many have been eager to see the game get ported to PC finally. But it seems that despite rumors and leaks of this potentially happening, there isn’t any concrete confirmation just yet. The sad part is that I’m sure the game would see a huge resurgence in player count if it were to be released on PC.

Not only would new people, who never got the chance to try it before, play it. But long-time fans of the title would also get to try out Bloodborne in new and improved ways. Let’s not forget the FromSoftware modding community is among the most active on websites like NexusMods. Games like Elden Ring and Dark Souls 3 have thousands of mods, that go beyond just visual or cosmetic changes.

Take the Elden Ring Reforged or Dark Souls 3 Convergence mods as examples. These are entire overhauls that aim to add new bosses, armor sets, weapons, and even areas to the existing games. In a lot of ways, these feel like full-fledged DLCs, but are of course, fan-made and free. If Bloodborne were to be released on PC, it would allow fans to make content like this for the title. 

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And as a result of this, fans could once again be getting new content for the game, even though, it’s been quite a few years since the original title came out. Ultimately, it’s up to Sony to set their priorities right and give fans what they truly want. The demand is quite vocal and clear. But it’s just a matter of whether or not the folks over at Sony are paying attention. 

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Bloodborne came out on the PS4. It is owned by From Software. What missed opportunity? I am sture the people at From Software know what they are doing. Especially since they are hiring devs instead of laying them off. Maybe do an article about that instead of writing a hit piece on them acting like they don\'t know how to run their business.

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