Dragon Quest 3 Is Just The Beginning, The Entire Series Deserves The FF Treatment

If the whole Final Fantasy lineup can receive ports and remasters, why not Dragon Quest?

Story Highlights

  • After years of waiting, the DQ 3 HD-2D remake has finally announced its very real existence.
  • The entire Dragon Quest series is just as legendary, arguably even more, but the gems are still lost.
  • Square Enix gave the entire Final Fantasy series a worthy revival, it’s about time DQ got it too.

Square Enix is a pretty important name for all JRPG fans around the world. Before it was Square Enix, the two distinct units were responsible for some of the most influential and revolutionary games of the genre. Square had Final Fantasy, Vagrant Story, and Parasite Eve, while Enix had Dragon Quest. All these gems were the foundation of the genre’s explosive growth.

Now being Square Enix, both Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest exist under the same roof. Speaking of the latter, I’m desperately waiting for the 12th entry, but that doesn’t mean the HD-2D remake of DQ 3 is any less exciting.

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Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Is Finally Here

Square Enix may have multiple IPs under its banner, but there’s no doubt that Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are the most popular and recognized ones. Their decades-long run time is a testament to their never-ending prowess, as they continue to gather a dedicated following. 

Square Enix has frequently revived its classic titles in the form of remasters and remakes, but it was majorly the old FF games. When Dragon Quest got a chance at this revival, I was overjoyed. 3 years ago, Square Enix announced an HD-2D remake of DQ 3 in the style of Octopath Traveller, but then nothing. Now, the company has finally broken radio silence and presented the remake to reassure it wasn’t just me dreaming.

Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D is coming !
byu/Ok_Health_6132 indragonquest

As I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, Dragon Quest is among the pioneers of the JRPG genre as we know it, and many of its conventions became the guiding light for subsequent titles. With Party-based structures, RPG elements, and iconic turn-based battle mechanics, Dragon Quest’s influence on the genre is undeniable.

Seeing Dragon Quest 3 return is a sublime feeling | Source: retroanduwu24 (Reddit)
Seeing Dragon Quest 3 return is a sublime feeling | Source: retroanduwu24 (Reddit)

And there’s no doubt that Dragon Quest 3 is an exquisite adventure. Technically, it is the first chronological game of the series. DQ 1-3 is a connected trilogy, and Dragon Quest 3 is the first game in the story chronology. Bearing an extremely simple premise of a hero gathering allies to defeat the big bad villain, it’s the journey to accomplish it that forever immortalizes this masterpiece.

Playing through DQ3 for the third time. Hopefully I finish it before the remake comes out.
byu/Vonovix indragonquest

What About The Rest, Square Enix?

Now that modern audiences can finally experience this legendary originator, there’s another integral problem. Dragon Quest 3 may be the first in chronological order, but that doesn’t mean you start with it. The trilogy is still experienced the best if you start with the first game. But how will today’s gamers do that when the other two are still missing?

This is precisely why I believe Square Enix should’ve released the entire trilogy as remakes, or even simple remasters or ports. At least the entire saga would’ve been available. Besides, why just stop there? The subsequent Dragon Quest games are equally legendary, or perhaps even better. Why not let the masses thoroughly enjoy this crown jewel of a series?

Square, why don’t you release all the Dragon Quest games on PC?
byu/redfalcon1000 indragonquest

If I start discussing every individual entry, I’ll probably be going on for days, so I’ll keep this simple. Every single Dragon Quest is a heartwarming and memorable adventure, one leaving you craving for more once you’re done. I think you’ll know what I mean if you give the brilliant DQ 11 a try. That game is nothing but pure quality, and I was as shocked as I was happy to know that all the modern touches and technological advancements haven’t taken away the series’ soul.

Dragon Quest 11 is an undeniable masterpiece | Source: Steam
Dragon Quest 11 is an undeniable masterpiece | Source: Steam

If you enjoyed Dragon Quest 11, I can assure you, you’ll enjoy DQ 8 and 9 equally or even more. Unfortunately, they’re still stuck on defunct platforms, which has to be a crime.

Dragon Quest Deserves The FF Treatment

It’s truly a shame that the past Dragon Quest games which are nothing less than a genuine masterpiece are out of reach now. My question is, why hasn’t Square Enix done anything about it? It did for the Final Fantasy series. FF got pixel remasters which were extremely well done, and available on modern platforms. Why can’t the same be done for Dragon Quest?

Can Square Enix do the same for Dragon Quest 🙂 I want to play DQ more on PS4/5…
byu/LucciLucilfer indragonquest

If you go and give the FF pixel remasters a try, you’ll see that I speak the truth. Pixel remasters breathe new life into the series. They’ve become the definitive way to play these classic games now, both for long-time and new fans. There’s not a single entry left of the Final Fantasy mainline series now which isn’t available. Final Fantasy got the exposure, and Square Enix got the sales, it was mutually beneficial.

Bring DQ back like this, too, Square Enix | Source: Square Enix
Bring DQ back like this, too, Square Enix | Source: Square Enix

I say this again, why not Dragon Quest then? It’s true that out of the two, Final Fantasy is probably the more popular one, but that doesn’t diminish Dragon Quest’s quality in any way. I’m sure this DQ 3 HD-2D remake will prove this to Square Enix. When it does, I sincerely hope the company will consider similar projects for the rest of the series.

Dragon Quest should be played by each and every gamer out there, not remain stuck on platforms no one has access to now.

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