How Genshin Impact Is Dying In 2024 And Why Hoyoverse Is Responsible

The RPG once exploded onto the scene, but is it now fizzling out?

Story Highlights

  • Genshin Impact’s updates have declined in quality, leading to increased player dissatisfaction.
  • The developers have taken their fanbase for granted, and continue to remain silent on player outrage. 
  • Players feel cheated of deserved rewards despite extensive gameplay.

If you are reading this right now you probably played Genshin Impact when it was initially released in 2020 and have the same question as me, “Is Genshin Impact dead?” At that time, I was burnt out from Battle Royale games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, so Genshin was a breath of fresh air when the world was closed off due to Corona.

The conditions of the world were definitely one of the major reasons for Genshin’s explosive popularity. But now that time has passed, players are getting tired of the game. 

Players started finding the game boring long before today.
Players expressing boredom with the game in 2021 on Hoyolab discussions.

The Quality Of Updates

After every major story update, the game gets a dry patch with some events. That wouldn’t really be a problem but almost every event is boring and unenjoyable with mediocre rewards. This has been the case since the game came out. Even the recent 4.5 update changed nothing.

The scriptwriting for the main story is decent but for everything else like world and side quests it is an absolute pain to sit through. Not having the ability to skip the dialogue completely leaves me feeling drowsy at times because of the amount of dialogue there is for something I have absolutely no interest in.

The co-op events are good when they come out but the problem is that they rarely ever do. Windblume Festival was one that was enjoyed so much by the community that it got a re-run.

This has led players to voice their discontent on the community forums and has been one of the main reasons people think Genshin Impact is dead.

Genshin Updates
The community is tired of meaningless updates.

Lack Of Developer Communication With The Community

The developers have proved time and time again that they don’t really care what the community wants. Initially, they will acknowledge a problem and will give the “We’re looking into it” robotic response and then do nothing to fix it.

However, prepare to be surprised! They might just “fix” the thing you never even knew was broken.

They came out with a new “Training Guide” system to help new players build their characters in the 4.5 patch and it doesn’t even work well. This system has essentially put the content characters who make character-building guides out of their job.

Training Guide Discussion
Players getting infuriated by another useless feature known as the Training Guide

Diversification Between The Chinese And Global Community

This has been another major point that has left players with a sour taste in their mouths. Hoyoverse is primarily a Chinese company and it tends to cater to the Chinese community a lot more than global.

This would be okay if they also acknowledged the global community’s concerns and gave them the same level of importance. 

The only thing that brought the two communities together was the recent anniversary reward situation which brings me to my next point.

The Joke Known As Genshin Rewards 

The players were given abysmal rewards for the past two anniversary events. A mere 10x wish for playing the game for a year each time. That’s a single ten pull to pull on a character you have a 0.6% chance of getting! Not only that, the other rewards were stuff like 100 primo gems for 1000 people out of millions of players that play the game every single day.

The most amusing part was when they gave out fowl to people as a reward. Something you can get in a second in-game. 

Anniversary Rewards
Players criticizing how the “Returnee Rewards” are better than the anniversary.

This year they gave 3 pulls to the players which was the final straw. Both the Chinese and the global community rioted on the community forums.

Anniversary Pulls
The annual dog bone thrown by the developers

If you compare these rewards to the ones that their sibling game Honkai Star Rail gives out, it seems like an absolute joke. They give a 10-pull every patch and even gave a free limited 5-star character for winning an award.

Their first-anniversary event gives 30 pulls to the players and also has events that are extremely enjoyable. I don’t understand how two games from the same company can have such a difference in their developer teams. I highly recommend it to players who are tired of Genshin’s antics and want a better alternative.

Lack Of End-Game Content

The lack of end-game content has been something the players have been asking for a long time. Not having anything to do besides the Spiral Abyss leaves much to be desired. Even Spiral Abyss isn’t that hard. A new mode of some sort with co-op like raid battles would be something thoroughly enjoyed by the community.

However, when the developers of Hoyoverse finally addressed this point after many years, they said that it was because they didn’t want to cause the players anxiety.

Maybe if they came out with a challenge with decent mechanics to learn, the players would have a good time and not have to worry about Genshin Impact being dead. 

Ending Remarks 

I genuinely think the game can be great again if the developers actively listen to their community. The people absolutely adore the characters that the company has made and the stories surrounding them. 

Players would feel way more hyped about the game’s future if the devs just talked to us straight. Maybe some cool rewards would be nice too, but really we just want to see them fix things and listen to what we’re saying. However, if that doesn’t happen then I see games like Wuthering Waves and Azure Promilia truly killing Genshin.

The developers of Wuthering Waves are very closely connected to the community and even the gameplay is top-notch. It’s exciting to see how the gacha space evolves from here and what decisions are made for Genshin.

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