With Some Much-Needed Updates Inbound, Now’s A Great Time To Revisit Genshin Impact

Can you believe it? The game finally has a new endgame mode and a Resin extension.

Story Highlights

  • With the launch of Wuthering Waves, Genshin Impact has also decided to step up and listen to the fans.
  • After 4 long years, Genshin has finally decided to add endgame content and a resin extension.
  • With Genshin’s strong suit, a new open world region Natlan upcoming, revisiting it can be entertaining.

So, you’ve been having a blast playing Wuthering Waves, haven’t you? Don’t worry, I’m in the same boat. With delicious rewards, feedback implementation, compensation, and a better gacha system, who wouldn’t want to give it a try? I know someone who won’t like this betrayal: Genshin Impact.

The revolutionary giant that started it all now has strong competition, and thus even the smallest of mishaps can be lethal. Genshin ignored its fans’ plights for a long time, but it looks like it’s ready to make amends now and make your return worth your while.

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Genshin’s Making Some Good Changes

Being someone who has dedicatedly followed and extensively played Genshin Impact since the launch day, let me tell you a little about my journey. 

I was already experienced in gacha games, but a full-blown 3D open world like this was a first, even for me. When it was released, the first few months were downright magical. Getting to experience this rich world first-hand and playing around with versatile characters was a blissful journey.

Genshin impact raised the bar for the open world games.
byu/NarrowBackground inGenshin_Impact

But when I reached the endgame, that’s when my daily experience became more akin to a chore. With endless grind and little novelty left in Genshin’s barren endgame, this was bound to happen. Every time a story quest or a new region appeared, I enjoyed the hell out of it, but soon the same emptiness remained. In the endgame, issues start springing up like mushrooms, problems Hoyoverse neglected to address in 4 years

I was tired of this monotony | Source: Genshin Impact
I was tired of this monotony | Source: Genshin Impact

However, to my absolute shock, the game finally decided to bring some innovation and QoL changes players have been asking for years now. Whenever we demanded something, Honkai: Star Rail got it instead. Thus, you can imagine my bewilderment when this happened. What caused this? It was Wuthering Waves’ growing popularity, I’m sure. Whatever the reason, I’m glad to be finally heard after all this time.

Everything wrong with Genshin Impact, Community and Mihoyo
byu/iT__jUsT__WoRks inGenshin_Impact

Natlan Is Upon Us

I may have a thousand complaints about Genshin Impact, but I can assure you, the open world is not one of them. In fact, Genshin’s open world is its strongest aspect, an unrivaled depiction. I think the Zelda rip-off accusations have no merit now. Yes, it started as one, but the moment Sumeru and Fontaine entered the equation, this illogical slander lost all footing.

I know I’ve praised Wuthering Waves extensively, to the point that you might think I consider it better than Genshin. In certain aspects like the combat and gacha system, it is. But when it comes to the depth, the wonder of discovery, and the exploration incentive of the open world, Wuthering Waves can’t even hold a candle to Genshin Impact for now.

new open-world games just don’t have the same level of magical appeal as genshin
byu/syzons inGenshin_Impact

Just take a look at Sumeru and Fontaine’s design. With lush green fields right next to a vast desert and an even larger underground landscape, Sumeru was the beginning of Genshin’s open-world supremacy. Then, along came Fontaine, and all doubts were washed away by the overflowing water. Fontaine’s underwater design and exploration philosophy is Genshin Impact at its peak.

Genshin's open-world design is still unrivaled | Source: eXputer
Genshin’s open-world design is still unrivaled | Source: eXputer

The time when a new region arrives is when Genshin’s the most enjoyable, and now that time is upon us. Fontaine is concluded, and the next region inbound is Natlan, the massive Volcanic turn filled with lava and scorching heat. Just imagining it gives me shivers. After the overwhelming Fontaine, I’m eager to see what’s next.

You can be sure that it will be filled with something out-of-the-box like Fontaine’s underwater approach. Plus, all the new mechanics and exploration objectives to enjoy. Oh, and never forget all the new, fascinating characters of the next region. Who knows we even get a DPS as absurdly OP as Neuvillete? You wouldn’t wanna miss it, right? Then I suggest you start saving Primogems now or consider going for Genshin top-ups to compensate for all the lost time.

Finally, More Endgame Content

If a new, blazing region was not reason enough to convince you, which it should’ve been, let me give you a more long-term one. If you’re someone who left the game because you got bored of the repetitive content between updates, this good news is for you.

Genshin Impact finally has a new endgame mode called Imaginarium Theater. Yes, I’m completely serious. The obstinate Genshin Impact has finally decided to listen to your demands and create more versatile and possibly entertaining content.

Imaginarium Theater is essentially a combat challenge with a little more going on than just “kill enemies in time.” It’s divided into seasons represented by elements, you can select a diverse and extensive lineup of characters, the challenge has specific buffs, and these benefits will be applicable outside the mode, too.

Finally, a breath of fresh air | Source: Genshin Impact
Finally, a breath of fresh air | Source: Genshin Impact

With a refreshing structure and up to 18 characters selectable on top of the peculiar yet interesting-looking design, it’s a new game mode that has a lot of potential. 

A thought experiment: Which 3 element combination for Imaginarium Theater would screw you over the most? Which combination would be your strongest?
byu/solidfang inGenshin_Impact

Oh, and here’s another shocking news for you. I’m sure you were as annoyed by the low Resin cap as I was, and continued to demand an extension for years, only to be frustrated when Star Rail got it instead. If that’s indeed the case, rejoice, for Genshin Impact has finally decided to increase the Resin cap to 200. A low change, but it’s a start. It’s a sign that the game is honest in its desire to improve.

Time To Start Preparing

With all these welcome changes, and more on the way, I believe it’s high time to consider returning to the revolutionary pioneer. Genshin Impact still has the plus points no one else can match. It’s just its obstinacy and disregard was reprehensible. But if it plans on changing, I think giving it another chance isn’t going to hurt.


Thus, if you plan to return, I suggest creating a plan of action immediately. Start building your characters, catching up on the content you missed, and farming the new artifact domains. Natlan will be a blast, I’m sure of it.

With all that said, I hope I have convinced you. See you at Natlan’s release.

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