Genshin Impact: Keqing Best Weapons [Top 2 Picks]

I spent 2000+ hours playing and here are my recommendations for the best weapons for Keqing!

Keqing is a borderline overpowered character in Genshin Impact, boasting immense strength, agility, and versatility. This guide will cover the Keqing’s best weapons available in the game for both Electroqueen and Auto Keq, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Players might want to know the best Keqing weapon in Genshin Impact.

Important: Keqing requires a good hydro applicator to properly proc the Electrocharged reaction.
Key Takeaways
  • Genshin Impact has a lot of characters to choose from and one of the strongest characters is Keqing, which is a 5-star and wields the electro element.
  • Keqing’s weapon of choice is swords and sword rarities range from 1 star to 5 stars but it is best to give a character like Keqing a sword rarity of 4 stars and above for her to perform optimally.
  • To know which sword suits her best, first, you have to know what playstyle of hers suits you best whether it be physical damage or electro damage Keqing.
  • The best 5-star Keqing swords are Primordial Jade Cutter, Summit Shaper, Aquila Favonia, and Mistsplitter Reforged.

Genshin Impact Best Keqing Weapons 

Below listed are the summarized versions of the best weapons for Keqing:

No.WeaponRarity Base AttackCritical RatePassiveBest For
1Primordial Jade Cutter5 Stars44 - 5429.6% - 44.1%- ATK Bonus 1.2% - 2.4% of your max HP
- 20% - 40% HP Increase
2The Black Sword4 Stars42 - 510
6% - 27.6%- 20% - 40% normal and charged attack boost
- 60% - 100% of DMG regenerated as HP from critical normal & charged attacks
F2P players

1) The Black Sword

The Best Crit Weapon.
Black Sword
Black Sword (Image By Me)
  • Why I Chose This Weapon: Crit rate stat can help enhance the damage output for Keqing. 
Rarity Base Attack Critical Rate Passive 
4 Stars 42 – 510 6% – 27.6%
  • Normal and charged attacks boosted by 20% – 40%
  • Regenerates 60% – 100% of damage as HP from critical charged and normal attacks

Although the black sword is a 4-star weapon, when paired with Keqing, this weapon takes a close second to the jade cutter. The black sword has an extremely good base attack with a solid critical rate sub stat. The sword also has a passive which gives you a 20% boost on normal and charge attacks at refinement rank 1.

The pros and cons for the Black Sword are mentioned below: 

  • Charged attacks get increased by 20%. 
  • Good damage output. 
  • Better options available. 

2) Lion’s Roar

The Best F2P Weapon.
Lion's Roar
Lion’s Roar (Image By Me)
  • Why I Chose This Weapon: Lion’s Roar is a great f2p option with high damage potential. 
Rarity Base Attack Critical Rate Passive 
4 Stars 42 – 510 9% – 41.3%
  • Deals 20% – 36% more damage to opponents affected by Electro or Pyro

The Lion’s Roar is a solid weapon with a decent base attack, boasting sub stat and passive made for Keqing. The reason this weapon seems so perfectly designed for Keqing is the fact that it is her lore weapon. The bane of fire and thunder passive allows for a 20% increase in damage to enemies affected by electro which makes it an almost constant buff for Electro Keqing in my opinion. 

The pros and cons for Lion’s Roar are below in my opinion: 

  • Good damage output. 
  • Solid f2p option.
  • Better options available with four star options. 

My Thoughts On Best Keqing Weapons In Genshin Impact

After spending 2000+ hours playing Genshin Impact, I can conclude that the best weapons for Keqing includes weapons like Lion’s Roar, as well as the Black Sword since it can increase her damage output. 

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