Genshin Impact: Keqing Best Weapons Guide

How to pick the most effective weapons for Keqing

Released over a year ago, Genshin Impact has been making headlines all throughout the year as the next action role-playing success to bless 2020. Keqing is a borderline overpowered character in the game, boasting immense strength, agility, and versatility. This guide will cover the Keqing’s best weapons available in the game, for both Electroqueen and Auto Keq, as well as advantages and disadvantages for them; so, relax and enjoy our list of offensive juggernauts for this character. 

Starting off the list with the best weapons for ElectroKeqing, we will now dive into the wide array of options present, and the clear-cut superior pieces that you should strive for with your Electroqueen build.

1. Primordial Jade Cutter

Keqing's Best Weapons: Primordial Jade Cutter
Primordial Jade Cutter

The first, and the absolute best, weapon that you could attain for your Electro Keqing build is the Primordial Jade Cutter. This blade offers a ridiculous amount of critical damage with 44.1% at level ninety. This paired with Keqing’s mobile style of play makes this piece the best partner for our build. This, however, isn’t all as the passive for this weapon also gives a major attack bonus summing up to 1.2% of your max HP.

2. The Black Sword

Keqing's Best Weapons: The Black Sword
The Black Sword

Although the black sword is a 4-star weapon, when paired with Keqing, this weapon takes a close second to the jade cutter. The black sword has an extremely good base attack with a solid critical rate sub stat. The sword also has a passive which gives you a 20% boost on normal and charge attacks at refinement rank 1. This, in itself, is enough to place the black sword on this list, however, it doesn’t stop here. The passive also grants your Keqing the ability to heal herself 60% on critical normal and charge attacks making this sword one of the best weapons to wield with Keqing.

3.Summit Shaper

Keqing's Best Weapons: Summit Shaper
Summit Shaper

The summit shaper possesses an outstanding base attack at 608 and a huge 2nd stat attack boost of 49.6%. This sword could be an excellent weapon for your Keqing build, but the shield strength increasing passive makes the weapon a slightly poorer fit for this character. The passive also provides a tiny attack percent buff which is stackable and can be quite useful. The attack buff mentioned prior can also be doubled with the presence of a shield on your Keqing. There are no particular criteria to which shield is supposed to be used so it is relatively easy to make use of this passive. Overall, the weapon’s base damage paired with the buff provided by the passive makes it one of the best weapons for your Keqing. 

Honorable Mentions

Aquila Favonia

Keqing's Best Weapons: Aquila Favonia
Aquila Favonia

This 5-star weapon holds the highest base attack in the game at 674. The sub-stat boosts physical damage to a whopping 41%. For a physical Keqing, this weapon is the way to go. Aquila Favonia also grants the wielder a crazy attack that can occur every 15 seconds and a small healing bonus as the cherry on the cake. Overall the weapon is more suited towards a physical Keqing, but can be equally effective in the hands of an Electro Keqing.

Lion’s Roar

Keqing's Best Weapons: Lion's Roar
Lion’s Roar

 The Lion’s Roar is a solid weapon with a decent base attack, boasting sub stat and passive made for Keqing. The reason this weapon seems so perfectly designed for Keqing is the fact that it is her lore weapon. The bane of fire and thunder passive allows for a 20% increase in damage to enemies affected by electro which makes it an almost constant buff for Electro Keqing. The sub stat also presents an insane attack increase to 41%. This allows the weapon to even beat out Aquila Favonia, its 5-star counterpart.

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