7 Ways To Level Up Fast In Genshin Impact

Leveling Up Can Take Some Time

The recently released Genshin Impact has taken the world by storm. As I write this, millions of different players are working hard at levelling up their characters in the game.

And you can quickly level up your characters in the game as well. All you need to know about are all of the most significant sources of experience in the game.

So here are 7 ways to level up fast in Genshin Impact:

1). Fight Lots Of Enemies Out In The World.

If you enjoy throwing yourself into every combat scenario you come across in Genshin Impact; you’ll be able to level up your characters in no time at all. But remember, the key here is to jump headfirst into a lot of different fights.

Level Up Fast In Genshin Impact
Fight Enemies

And while killing monsters rewards you with Experience, in this title in particular that isn’t the intended method to level up after the first few hours with the game.

2.) Engage Higher Level Enemies.

While out in the world, you’ll occasionally come across enemies that are a higher level than your characters. And while the most common tactic here should be to run away until you are strong enough to deal with them, a bit of patience and skill can yield you a bunch of Experience.

Higher-level enemies are a bit harder to deal with, but once you take them down, you’ll get much more experience than you would from an enemy that is at your current level.

A word of advice, though. Fighting enemies that are at a lower level than you is pointless since the amount of Experience you get from them is almost inconsequential, so ignore them whenever possible.

Level Up Fast In Genshin Impact
Lots Of Chests In The World

3.) Explore The Map.

Exploring the world is a perfect way to find enemy camps and hideouts, and not only do these contain foes that will give you Experience when killed, but they also have Treasure Chests in them.

Apart from regular items, Treasure Chests have a good chance to contain EXP Materials, plus these are the primary items that you use to level up in Genshin Impact. Using these items rewards characters with set amounts of Experience, and you’ll need quite a bit of them to level up fully.

4.) Complete Missions.

Now, playing through the primary campaign of Genshin Impact will help you level up quite a bit.

Level Up Fast In Genshin Impact
Follow The Main Questline

Different quests will reward you with EXP Materials for completing them, and defeating the many monsters; you come across while completing your tasks will also help out a bit.

Nonetheless, don’t rely solely on main missions to level up and try to complete as many side objectives as possible. There’s a limit to how much experience you can gain from the main quests.

5.) Clear Abyssal Domains.

Domains are Genshin Impact’s versions of instanced dungeons and completing them often rewards players with EXP Materials that they can use to level up their characters.

A number of these unlocked at different levels, so tackle them as they become available.

Level Up Fast In Genshin Impact
Hero’s Wit Is The Highest Tier EXP Material

6.) Complete Ley Line Outcrop Challenges.

Ley Line Outcrops are different challenges scattered around the world of Genshin Impact. Opening these spawns a few waves of monsters that the player has to defeat, and upon doing so, a Ley Line Blossom will appear.

Players can then use 20 of the Original Resin currency to open these Blossoms up, and they will be rewarded with both Experience and EXP Materials.

Level Up Fast In Genshin Impact
Ley Line Outcrop

7.) Spend Money On The Battle Pass.

Now there’s no way to sugarcoat this, but Genshin Impact is at its core a gacha game with in-game purchases. You can enjoy this game for a long time without ever having to buy anything, but after a certain point, you’ll either have to drop some cash on the game or start grinding a whole bunch.

Moreover, If you do decide to spend some money on the game, a worthwhile purchase is the Gnostic Hymn tier upgrade for the Battle Pass.

The regular Battle Pass is free for all players by default. Still, by purchasing the Gnostic Hymn upgrade, players can unlock an entirely new tier for it that rewards them with the most valuable EXP Materials in the game, effectively speeding up the rate at which they level up.

These are our 7 ways to level up fast in Genshin Impact. Each method has its own merits and detriments, but the best way to figure out what works for you is to try these out for yourself.

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