Genshin Impact Tier List: All Characters Ranked With Comparison

We ranked all characters in Genshin impact in this tier list. Each of them are divided into tiers based on their abilities.

Genshin Impact is one of the most trending RPGs in the gaming world. Genshin Impact has released 78 characters amazing characters. Judging which ones are the best and the worst can be a tough task. Hence, I have curated a complete Genshin Impact Character Tier List that ranks all the characters that have been released in the game!

Key Takeaways
  • Genshin Impact offers 78 unique playable characters with distinct abilities.
  • Rankings based on specific abilities, elemental attacks, and elemental bursts.
  • Top-tier characters: Itto, Diluc, Raiden Shogun, Xiao, Ganyu, Bennett, Ningguang, Yanfei, Ayaka, Venti.
  • These characters excel in damage and support potential.
  • Weaker characters: Lisa, Traveler (Anemo), Thoma, Traveler (Electro), Diona, Traveler (Geo), Amber.
  • Lower-ranked units perform weakly and may not be worthwhile in specific situations.

The play style of every character is unique, with their specific abilities, elemental bursts, and elemental attacks. Getting these characters in your team requires you to spend primogems though some of the characters can be obtained for free.

Genshin Impact Tier List Characters Ranking Table 

Tiers  Characters 
S-Tier  Itto, Diluc, Raiden Shogun, Xiao, Ganyu, Bennett, Ningguang, Yanfei, Ayaka, Venti, Alhaitham, Nahida, Nilou, Neuvillette and Furina
A-Tier  Klee, Hu Tao, Albedo, Childe, Zhongli, Rosaria, Yoimiya, Xinqui, Kazuha, Eula, Sucrose, Kirara, Baizhu, Faruzan, Kuki, Tighnari, Yae Miko, Lyney and Wriothesley
B-Tier  Noelle, Xiangling, Razor, Shenhe, Keqing, Qiqi, Beidou, Jean, Mona, Kokomi, Yun Jin, Chongyun, Collei, Cyno, Ayato, Layla, Mika, Wanderer, Yaoyao, Charlotte, Traveler (Dendro) and Lynette
C-Tier  Barbara, Kaeya, Xinyan, Aloy, Kujou Sara, Fischl, Gorou, Sayu, Candace, Kaveh, Heizou, and Freminet
D-Tier  Lisa, Traveler (Anemo), Thoma, Traveler (Electro), Diona, Traveler (Geo), Amber, Dehya, Dori, and Traveler (Hydro)

All Genshin Impact Characters

Here’s a comparison between the characters and their stats in Genshin Impact:

CharacterTierWeaponVisionBase HPBase DEFBase ATK
Raiden ShogunSPolearmElectro12907.0789.0337.0
Hu TaoAPolearmPyro15552.0876.0106.0
Traveler (dendro)BSwordDendro10874212682
Yun JinBPolearmGeo10657.0734.0191.0
Kujou SaraCBowElectro9570.0628.0195.0
Traveler (Anemo)DSwordNone10875.0683.0212.0
Traveler (Electro)DSwordNone10875.0683.0212.0
Traveler (Geo)DSwordNone10875.0683.0212.0
Traveler (hydro)DSwordHydro10874212682


Genshin Impact tier list

These are the best characters in Genshin Impact. They have almost no flaws and can deal great damage in all situations, hence we have added these characters to our Genshin Impact S Tier.

Ganyu Cryo Bow user, top-tier DPS. Charged bow attacks are lethal, strong against tough bosses. High base critical damage reduces reliance on artifacts. Elemental burst deals strong AoE damage and triggers Cryo reactions.
Xiao Adeptus protecting Liyue, Anemo polearm user. High DPS potential, even at C0. Elemental burst converts damage to Anemo, boosts jump height and AoE damage.
Raiden Shogun 5-star Electro polearm user. Versatile in attack and support. High damaging Electro attacks effective against bosses.
Diluc 5-star Claymore user with high attack. Among top damage-dealers. Ascension boosts crit rate, enabling immense critical damage. Pyro skills trigger elemental reactions for extra damage.
Itto 5-star Claymore user specializing in Geo attacks. High critical damage with ascension. Burst enhances attack speed and damage output significantly. Elemental skill summons a damaging baby bull.
Venti 5-star Anemo Bow user, excels in crowd control. Massive Anemo damage, burst pulls enemies in and deals damage. Mix elements in burst for additional damage.
Ayaka 5-star sword user, top Cryo DPS. High base critical damage, effective against enemies. Unique sprint ability useful in combat and exploration. Burst deals strong Cryo damage, triggers reactions.
Yanfei Highly damaging 4-star Pyro catalyst user. Suitable for both short and long-range attacks. Popular DPS option.
Ningguang 4-star Geo catalyst user, versatile DPS. Geo damage increases with ascension. Burst deals great damage and charges quickly.
Bennett Versatile 4-star Pyro sword user, excellent support. Can act as DPS, healer, and support. Pyro skills deal damage and heal.
Alhaitham Sword wielder with exceptional prowess. Unique skill inflicts Dendro-type damage and amplifies damage potential with Chisel-Light Mirrors.
Nahida Formidable Dendro catalyst user, potent support. Skill marks enemies with dendro energy, causing explosions upon impact. Burst boosts elemental mastery for all characters within its field.
Nilou Hydro character with a diverse skill set. Elemental Burst, Lunar Prayer, deals significant Hydro damage in a wide area.
Neuvillette Hydro Ludex of Fontaine, Catalyst wielder. Strong DPS with HP scaling attacks and versatile kit.
Furina Hydro Archon with a diverse and fun playstyle. Skills provide healing and buffs for other characters.



Best A-tier characters
A-TIER Genshim Impact Characters

The Genshin Impact characters in the A-Tier can pack a great punch and prove useful in many situations. Even though they are not as good as the S tier, It doesn’t mean that they are not worth it for your team.

Zhongli Geo polearm user, versatile support and DPS. Strong shields protect against enemies, capable of powerful Geo attacks.
Childe Hydro bow user, adaptable for melee attacks. High damage potential, especially against multiple enemies. Elemental skill recharge time is a downside.
Albedo Sub-DPS specialist, boosts damage of other characters. Geo burst deals significant damage and increases elemental mastery. Elemental skill summons elevator for exploration.
Hu Tao 5-star Pyro character with immense damage potential. Deals heavy Pyro damage with burst and skill, but consumes HP. Requires good healing support.
Klee Explosive 5-star Pyro catalyst user with high base damage. Suitable for short or medium-ranged combat, but positioning attacks can be challenging.
Eula 5-star Cryo character excelling in physical damage. Grimheart ability allows for consistent, stacking damage.
Kazuha Support and sub-DPS character with high elemental mastery. Wide-reaching burst attacks and enables elemental reactions. Elemental skill aids in exploration by lifting him into the air.
Xinqui Hydro character with high DPS potential and some healing ability. Fast attack speed and consistent hydro damage with burst. Long elemental skill recharge time.
Yoimiya Pyro bow user dealing consistent Pyro damage. Burst provides party attack buff but does not affect herself. Fast burst recharge enables frequent use.
Rosaria Cryo character with consistent cryo damage output. Elemental skill and burst deal significant cryo damage. Elemental burst continues to deal damage off-field.
Sucrose Anemo support character boosting team’s elemental mastery. Excellent for crowd control with burst. Elemental skill has short cooldown but burst recharge time is long.
Baizhu Dendro catalyst user specializing in healing support. Elemental skill summons healing sprout, burst inflicts dendro damage and status.
Faruzan Anemo bow user serving as powerful support. Elemental skill inflicts AoE Anemo damage, empowering next charged shot.
Kuki Electro support with healing capabilities. Elemental skill creates Electro ring to heal over time.
Tighnari Dendro archer known for AoE dendro damage. Elemental skill summons Vijnana Stormheart, reducing Wreath Arrow charging time.
Yae Miko Sub-DPS character focused on elemental reactions. Elemental skill summons totems dealing periodic Electro damage. Burst delivers formidable Electro damage and summons lightning strike.
Wriothesley Cryo Catalyst user known for freeze-related DPS. Solid cryo application with catalyst punches, making him strong in freeze teams.
Lyney Pyro bow user with diverse playstyle and high damage output. Solid Pyro DPS character, valuable addition to any team.


Genshin impact tier list
B-TIER Genshin Impact Characters

These characters often require good builds to utilize their best potential. They can attack, support, and heal your team. You will have to work on them to reduce their flaws.

Keqing Fantastic electro-DPS character with fast sword attacks. Elemental burst deals immense electro damage and allows teleportation with elemental skill.
Shenhe Versatile DPS and support with increasing attack. Best for cryo teams, providing damage boosts and constant cryo damage with burst.
Razor Powerful four-star character with high base attack. Inflicts immense damage with physical and electro attacks. Burst boosts attack and defense.
Xiangling High attack speed polearm user. Elemental mastery increases for greater damage in elemental reactions.
Noelle All-rounder character capable of DPS, healing, and shield support. High defense stat boosts attack and healing. Elemental burst deals strong geo attacks.
Kokomi Top healer with burst and elemental skill providing continuous healing. Summoned jellyfish attacks and heals, applies wet status to enemies.
Mona Hydro support with high energy base stat. Elemental burst buffs team damage significantly. Sprint ability useful for exploration.
Jean 5-star sword user acting as DPS and healer. Normal attacks heal while dealing damage, burst heals party and deals AoE damage.
Beidou Electro main or sub-DPS with shield support. Elemental skill multiplies damage, burst provides strong electro damage.
Qiqi Strong healer with cryo damage and sub-DPS capability. Healing bonus increases with ascension, burst and skill heal team.
Chongyun Consistent cryo damage with elemental skill, fast burst recharge. Slow attack speed may hinder multiple enemy encounters.
Yun Jin Boosts team physical damage with burst, quick burst recharge. Creates high-damage absorption shield.
Collei Manipulates Dendro energy for various effects including healing, damage, and traps.
Cyno Scholar specializing in Electro element. Swift dash unleashes Electro damage, burst transforms him into Electro warrior for substantial damage.
Ayato Leader of Kamisato Clan with formidable swordsmanship and Hydro abilities. Elemental skill summons water clone, burst generates AoE Hydro damage and boosts attack speed.
Layla Specializes in Cryo damage and defense. Elemental skill summons shield absorbing Cryo damage, burst releases AoE Cryo damage and applies Cryo status.
Mika Diligent front-line surveyor proficient in Cryo damage.
Wanderer Aerial combat specialist with exceptional DPS capabilities. Windfavored state enhances Normal and Charged Attacks. Elemental burst inflicts widespread Anemo damage and generates vacuum.
Yaoyao Skilled healer focusing on Dendro damage application. Elemental skill calls dendro spirit for healing, burst unleashes AoE dendro damage and tends to allies’ wounds.
Charlotte Cryo catalyst user with low damage output but strong healing and support capabilities. Provides team-wide healing in clutch situations.
Lynette Sword user and Anemo vision keeper, solid support character available for free to players AR 25 or above. Diverse playstyle and support abilities.
Traveler (Dendro) Unlocked in Sumeru, provides off-field dendro application through burst.


Best C-tier characters
C-TIER Genshin Impact characters

These characters have the potential to be worthy of your team if built right. However, it is not recommended to use them unless they suit your team well.

Aloy Cryo character with increasing damage and decreasing opponent damage through elemental skill bombs. Quick-recharging burst boosts cryo damage.
Xinyan Shielder boosting physical damage with pyro and physical damage in elemental skill and burst. Requires proper artifacts for decent DPS. Not popular due to focus on physical attacks and multi-hit elemental skill.
Kaeya Cryo character with quick-recharging elemental skill and burst for easy cryo damage. Decent attack with skill multiplier. Not recommended for late-game compared to other cryo characters.
Barbara Good healer with elemental skill and burst providing healing. Low damage output, recommended only as healer.
Sayu Anemo claymore user with healing and anemo damage in burst and skill. Decent sub-DPS with useful elemental skill in explorations. Requires constellations for improved attack potential.
Gorou Excellent support boosting team defense and geo damage. Must-have for buffing geo team’s damage. With constellations, can heal team and increase Geo critical damage. Best suited for geo characters but not for other elements.
Fischl Fast attack speed with decent electro damage. Skill and burst remain on field after switching. Can trigger elemental reactions. Potential hidden in constellations but requires many to be effective. Long cooldown on elemental skill.
Kujou Sara Good electro support giving damage boosts and triggering elemental reactions. Burst deals great electro damage. Not as good as other support characters available but can boost attacks of electro characters.
Candace Polearm user with robust barrier elemental skill and area-of-effect hydro damage burst. Barrier absorbs damage based on max HP and enhanced effectiveness against Hydro DMG. Burst deals hydro damage based on max HP and grants prayer of Crimson Crown to active character.
Kaveh Exhibits mastery in crafting dendro constructs. Summon dendro construct with skill, detonates for larger area of effect. Elemental burst manifests colossal dendro construct dealing considerable damage and providing buffs to allies.
Heizou Unleashes devastating Anemo damage with martial prowess. Elemental skill delivers powerful kicks with additional damage. Elemental burst unleashes vast AoE of Anemo damage and can inflict Windmuster Iris effect, leading to supplementary elemental damage.
Freminet Cryo claymore user specializing in normal attack damage. Provides consistent cryo and physical attacks but overall damage output is low. Core issue is low DPS potential.


Genshin impact character tier list
D-Tier Genshin impact character

It’s not recommended to use these characters because of their poor Attack, support, and abilities. It’s recommended to replace them with better characters in our Genshin impact tier list as soon as you get them.

Diona Provides healing and shielding for the team with short cooldown on elemental skill for frequent shields. Slow-recharging burst heals immensely but not recommended for DPS.
Traveler (Electro) Not recommended for DPS due to low base attack and slow-recharging burst. Elemental burst can provide continuous electro damage even when off-field.
Thoma Mediocre attack and pyro-damage potential. Provides shields for team with elemental skill and burst, improving pyro resistance. Can boost party attacks at C6 but not worth it due to long cooldowns compared to other shielding characters.
Traveler (Anemo) Starting character with low base attack. Plays role as sub-DPS with elemental skill and burst for crowd control. Best replaced with other anemo characters for crowd control and heavy attacks.
Lisa Starter electro character with weak damage potential. Not suitable as main DPS but can serve as sub-DPS or support. Burst provides constant electro damage for triggering elemental reactions.
Amber Least popular character with long cooldown on elemental skill and overall low base damage. Not recommended due to weak performance. Elemental skill and burst deal pyro damage but won’t deal significant damage. Better to replace with stronger pyro character.
Dehya Pyro claymore wielder with Fiery Sanctum skill providing interruption resistance and damage absorption. Blazing Lioness burst grants Pyro-infused state for continuous fiery attacks.
Dori Electro claymore wielder serving as versatile hybrid healer support. Troubleshooter Cannon skill launches Electro-charged projectile and Healing Light burst heals linked characters based on max HP and replenishes their energy.
Traveler (Hydro) Hydro version of Traveler released with Fontaine. Offers little benefit as sub-DPS with clunky and hard-to-use playstyle.

Rankings Based On Experience And Research

The Genshin Impact characters on eXputer’s Tier List are ranked based on our experience with the game and our extensive research. We took into account the opinions of various pro players before writing this Tier list. After thoroughly researching their abilities and perks, various characters are placed into Tier lists.

Why Trust Us

We tried to create this Tier list with as little bias as possible. The characters were ranked based on their abilities and usefulness after thorough research. We have a lot of experience with the game, so we applied it to writing this Tier list. Still, You may have different opinions regarding the characters depending on your experience, and Tier lists are subjective.

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed are collective effort in creating this well-researched Tier List of Genshin Impact Characters. Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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