Genshin Impact Tier List: All Characters Ranked [September 2023]

We ranked all characters in Genshin impact in this tier list. Each of them are divided into tiers based on their abilities.

Genshin Impact is one of the most trending RPGs in the gaming world. The game has a huge fanbase and was a huge success across the globe. Genshin Impact has released lots of amazing characters. These characters are appealing in their looks and playstyle. There are a total of 70 characters in Genshin Impact.

Key Takeaways
  • You get 70 playable characters to manifest your power through in the Genshin Impact game. 
  • Since each character is unique in their own special way, ranking is based on every option’s offered specific abilities, elemental attacks, and elemental bursts.

  • Genshin Impact characters that are absolutely unrivaled thanks to their excellent damage and support potential include Itto, Diluc, Raiden Shogun, Xiao, Ganyu, Bennett, Ningguang, Yanfei, Ayaka, and Venti

  • Contrastingly, Lisa, Traveler (Anemo), Thoma, Traveler (Electro), Diona, Traveler (Geo), and Amber perform a little too weakly. 
  • Lower-ranked units feature poor-performing characteristics and will hardly seem worthwhile on specific Genshin Impact occasions. 

The play style of every character is unique with their specific abilities, elemental bursts, and elemental attacks. Getting these characters in your team requires you to spend primogems though some of the characters can be obtained for free.

These primogems are harder to farm, so it is important to know the characters’ worth spending on. So, in our Genshin impact tier list, we will rank various characters from best to worst.

Genshin Impact Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
Tiers Characters 
S-Tier Itto, Diluc, Raiden Shogun, Xiao, Ganyu, Bennett, Ningguang, Yanfei, Ayaka, Venti, Alhaitham, Nahida, Nilou
A-Tier Klee, Hu Tao, Albedo, Childe, Zhongli, Rosaria, Yoimiya, Xinqui, Kazuha, Eula, Sucrose, Kirara, Baizhu, Faruzan, Kuki, Tighnari, Yae Miko
B-Tier Noelle, Xiangling, Razor, Shenhe, Keqing, Qiqi, Beidou, Jean, Mona, Kokomi, Yun Jin, Chongyun, Collei, Cyno, Ayato, Layla, Mika, Wanderer, Yaoyao
C-Tier Barbara, Kaeya, Xinyan, Aloy, Kujou Sara, Fischl, Gorou, Sayu, Candace, Kaveh, Heizou
D-Tier Lisa, Traveler (Anemo), Thoma, Traveler (Electro), Diona, Traveler (Geo), Amber, Dehya, Dori

All Genshin Impact Characters

Here’s a comparison between the characters and their stats in Genshin Impact:

CharacterTierWeaponVisionBase HPBase DEFBase ATK
Raiden ShogunSPolearmElectro12907.0789.0337.0
Hu TaoAPolearmPyro15552.0876.0106.0
Yun JinBPolearmGeo10657.0734.0191.0
Kujou SaraCBowElectro9570.0628.0195.0
Traveler (Anemo)DSwordNone10875.0683.0212.0
Traveler (Electro)DSwordNone10875.0683.0212.0
Traveler (Geo)DSwordNone10875.0683.0212.0


These are the best characters in Genshin Impact. They have almost no flaws and can deal great damage in all situations.

Genshin Impact tier list
GanyuShe is a Cryo Bow user and is often considered one of the best DPS in the game. Her charged bow attacks are powerful and can be lethal to enemies. Ganyu has a great combat style, and she is strong against many difficult bosses.

She has a high base critical damage, so you can deal with strong attacks without much artifact farming. She can deal with strong AoE attacks with her elemental burst. You can trigger elemental reactions with her Cryo powers easily for greater damage.

XiaoXiao is an Adeptus who protects Liyue from various demonic spirits. He is an Anemo polearm user and one of the most popular characters in the game. Xiao has great DPS potential and can deal with strong Anemo attacks. He can deal massive damage even at C0.

Xiao wears a Yaksha mask in his elemental burst, giving him some unique abilities such as all damage would be converted into Anemo damage during his burst. Moreover, The elemental burst would allow him to jump higher and deal increased AoE damage. 

Raiden ShogunShe is a 5-star Electro character that uses a polearm. Raiden is well-versed in attacking and support, making her a contender for the S tier in our Genshin impact tier list. She can deal with highly damaging Electro attacks dangerous to enemies. She can help you in tackling various bosses and enemies.

You can deal immense Electro damage with her burst. Moreover, her burst recharges faster, so you can deal burst damage again and again. Her elemental skill can deal with both active and passive electro damage. As you switch to a different character during her elemental skill, the enemy will be inflicted by the electro damage every time you attack. Her elemental skill can allow you to trigger elemental reactions easily.

DilucDiluc is a 5-star Claymore user known for his high attack. He is one of the most damage-dealing characters in the game. He is one of the very few characters whose crit rate increases with ascension. This is helpful as you can damage your enemies immensely with critical attacks.

You can do great Pyro damage with both his elemental skill and burst. Moreover, you can trigger various elemental reactions with his Pyro skills for even greater damage.

IttoItto is considered one of the best DPS in the games. He is a 5-star Claymore user specializing in Geo attacks. He can deal with strong critical attacks that are dangerous to the enemies, as his crit-rate increases with ascension.

In his burst, he goes into oni mode which boosts his attacks greatly, dealing even greater damage. Moreover, his burst also increases his attack speed. His elemental skill summons a baby bull that attacks opponents and helps Itto stack up for even greater damage.

VentiVenti is a 5-star Anemo Bow user. He has an incredible combat style. Venti can deal with a massive amount of Anemo damage. Moreover, his burst can contribute towards crowd control, making it easier for you to attack.

His elemental burst can pull enemies towards it and deal damage. In addition, You can also mix in various elements in Venti’s blackhole for additional damage.

AyakaAyaka is a 5-star sword user. She is one of the best Cryo DPS in the game. Ayaka has a high base critical damage that would allow you to deal a lot of heavy attacks on the enemies. She can sprint underground which is useful for both combat and explorations.

Ayaka has high burst damage and can deal strong Cryo attacks through both her elemental skill and burst. You can trigger elemental reactions for greater damage.

YanfeiShe is one of the most highly damaging characters in the game. Yanfei is a 4-star Pyro catalyst suitable for both short-range and long-range attacks. She is easily obtainable and is one of the most popular DPS.

Her elemental skill can deal massive Pyro damage to enemies. With her combat style, she can help you take down many bosses. Moreover, you can trigger elemental reactions with her Pyro damage for an even higher attack. So she is one of the best characters in Genshin’s impact for great damage.

NingguangShe is a 4-star Geo catalyst and one of the most popular characters in the game. Ningguang can deal strong Geo attacks on your enemies as her Geo damage increases with her ascension. She is suitable for both short and long-range attacks.

Her elemental burst can deal great damage. Moreover, it charges up back fast. So, Ningguang is one of the best DPS in the game, considering her destructive potential.

BennettBennett is often known as the ultimate support character in the Genshin community. He is a four-star character with the potential of a five-star. Bennett can act as a DPS, heal, and support. He can deal with Pyro damage attacks with elemental skill and burst.

His burst is one of the most convenient in the games. Bennet will create a circular zone, and your team’s character standing in this area will get healed. Moreover, his burst would also provide attack buffs to a character standing in his burst zone.

AlhaithamAlhaitham wields a sword and is renowned for his extraordinary prowess. His unique skill, Universality: A Deep Dive into Form, grants him the ability to swiftly advance and inflict Dendro-type damage, creating Chisel-Light Mirrors upon striking foes. These mirrors temporarily amplify his damage potential and can be maintained in a set of three at most.

Through his elemental burst, Particular Field: Chains of Phenomena, Alhaitham summons a potent zone infused with Dendro energy, causing harm to adversaries within its bounds and producing Chisel-Light Mirrors which depend on his previous mirror count.

NahidaNahida is a formidable Dendro catalyst user, serving as a powerful support unit with a diverse skill set. Her Elemental Skill, All Schemes to Know, let her mark up to 8 enemies with dendro energy, causing them to explode and deal dendro damage to nearby foes when hit by her or her allies. Additionally, her Elemental Burst, Illusory Heart, creates a field that boosts the elemental mastery of all characters within it.

With her versatility, Nahida can seamlessly fit into various team compositions as a supporting character. When paired with allies proficient in dealing elemental damage, her elemental mastery enhancement becomes a valuable asset.

NilouNilou takes the stage as a Hydro character, captivating audiences with her elegant and graceful dancing as a performer in Zubayr Theater. Beyond the spotlight, she exudes warmth, smiles, and a friendly demeanor, resembling any girl her age.

Through her Elemental Skill, Pirouette, Nilou enters a state where her Normal and Elemental Attacks convert to Hydro damage. Additionally, her Elemental Burst, Lunar Prayer, unleashes a vast area of Hydro damage, showcasing her proficiency as a potent Hydro character capable of dealing significant harm to foes.


Best A-tier characters
A-TIER Genshim Impact Characters

These characters can pack a great punch and prove useful in many situations. Even though they are not as good as the S tier, It doesn’t mean that they are not worth it for your team.


ZhongliHe is a Geo element polearm user. Zhongli can act as both a support and a DPS making him one of the most useful characters in the game. He has one of the strongest shields in the game to protect you from various dangerous enemies. Moreover, he can make strong Geo attacks.

You can deal immense Geo damage with his elemental burst. In addition, his burst can petrify enemies, making it easier for you to attack. However, his elemental burst takes a lot of time to recharge. His elemental skill can deal a small amount of continuous Geo damage to the enemies.

ChildeChilde is often considered the strongest Hydro character. He is a bow user, but his elemental skill allows him to deal with melee attacks. He is suitable for both long and short-range combat. Moreover, his Hydro damage increases with every ascension. He can do constant Hydro damage with his melee attacks.

Childe is best suited to fight against multiple enemies because that would increase his damage based on his combat style. One downside of Childe is that his elemental skill takes a long time to recharge.

AlbedoAlbedo is best known for his sub-DPS skills. He can boost up the damage of your various characters. It would be best to pair him up with any of your strong DPS characters for maximum damage.

Albedo’s burst can deal serious Geo damage to the enemies. In addition, it will also increase elemental mastery. His elemental skill recharges faster. Moreover, it can also summon an elevator to make your exploration easier. 

Hu TaoHu Tao is a 5-star Pyro character. She is one of the most highly damaging characters. Hu Tao can deal immense Pyro damage with both his burst and skill. Her elemental skill allows her to deal great Pyro damage but takes up her hp. This can be harder to manage if you do not have a good healer on your team.

Her elemental burst can help you regain health, as she would attack her surrounding enemies with a summoned ghost draining their hp. Despite the Hp disadvantage, Hu Tao is one of the best characters in Genshin Impact.

KleeKlee is a little girl that can pack a great punch with her explosive attacks. She is a 5-star Pyro catalyst user. Her elemental skill and bursts can blow your enemies away. She has high base pyro damage.

She is most suitable for short or medium-ranged combat. However, it is difficult to position her attacks and requires you to attack from a shorter range. Overall, she is one of the strongest characters in our tier list.

EulaEula is a 5-star Cryo character though her physical damage is her strong point. She can deal incredible physical damage as it keeps stacking due to her Grimheart ability. Moreover, Grimheart will also allow her to attack consistently without interruptions by the enemies.

Her claymore attacks are faster than many other claymore users, and her destructive potential makes her one of the best characters in Genshin Impact. The only downside to using Eula is lesser elemental reaction damage because her playstyle is more suited to inflict physical damage on the enemies.

KazuhaKazuha is a good support character and can act as a sub-DPS. He has high base elemental mastery that can buff your entire team. His burst can attack enemies over a larger area. You can mix various elements in his burst for higher attack and elemental reactions.

Kazuha can also help in exploration with his elemental skill as it would allow him to rise in the air. Most of Kazuha’s attack potential depends on other characters and mixing up elements in the swirl.

XinquiXinqui is a hydro character who has immense potential as both a DPS and a supporting character, along with a little healing ability. Xinqui’s attack increases with his ascension. Moreover, he has a high attack speed that can devastate your enemies. You can do consistent hydro damage with his elemental burst.

Xinqui has a long elemental skill recharge time. So you cannot do elemental skills and bursts constantly. Yet, Xinqui is a worthy character to belong in the B tier in our Genshin impact tier list.

YoimiyaYoimiya is a Pyro bow user that can deal consistent Pyro damage with her elemental skill. She is not as strong as other Pyro five-star characters; however, if her attack and critical stats are well managed, she can deal immense Pyro damage to the enemies with her burst and Pyro skills.

She can act as support, buffing your party members’ attacks with her burst though this attack boost does not apply to herself. Her elemental burst recharges fast so that a player can deal with burst attacks consistently.

RosariaNot many cryo characters can inflict cryo damage on the enemies as consistently as Rosaria. Her talents increase her attacks and crit rate. Moreover, her attack increases with her ascension. Her elemental skill can greatly damage the enemies with her cryo damage. Her elemental burst can give constant cryo damage even when she is off-field.

Though Rosaria’s elemental skill is not effective against bosses, she is best suited to fight mobs and other enemies.

SucroseSucrose is an Anemo support character. She can increase your team’s elemental mastery. Her elemental burst is amazing for crowd control. Moreover, you can mix various elements in her burst for greater damage.

Her elemental skill has a short cooldown time. However, her elemental burst takes a long time to charge. She can do great Anemo damage as it increases with her ascension.

BaizhuBaizhu, a Dendro character, wields a catalyst and excels as a healer support. Through his Nature’s Gift Elemental Skill, he summons a healing Dendro sprout that tends to allies within its range. His Elemental Burst, Dendropathy, inflicts Dendro damage upon enemies and applies for a Dendro status, facilitating Dendro reactions when combined with other elements like Burning or Overgrown.

Baizhu’s passive talents further amplify his supportive prowess. His capacity to apply Dendro to enemies renders him an indispensable asset for squads seeking to unleash Dendro reactions to their advantage.

FaruzanFaruzan is a bow user and excels as a powerful Anemo support character. Her Elemental Skill, Manifest Gale, summons a polyhedron that inflicts AoE Anemo damage to nearby enemies and grants her the Manifest Gale state, enabling her next fully charged shot to become a devastating Hurricane Arrow. The projectile inflicts Anemo-type damage and triggers the Pressurized Collapse impact, resulting in the formation of a whirlwind that draws in nearby objects and adversaries.

Faruzan’s exceptional kit focuses on delivering AoE Anemo damage and crowd control, making her a valuable asset in any team composition, especially those with Anemo DPS characters.

KukiKuki Shinobu, an Electro support character assumes the role of the Arataki Gang’s deputy leader and a former shrine maiden of the revered Grand Narukami Shrine. Combining her healing expertise with Electro prowess, she exhibits remarkable versatility in combat. Her Sanctifying Ring elemental skill creates an enduring ring of Electro energy that diligently follows the active character, replenishing their health over time.

As a remarkably adaptable character, Kuki Shinobu seamlessly fits into diverse team compositions. Her capacity to provide consistent healing without monopolizing field time makes her an excellent choice for teams requiring effective sustainment.

TighnariTighnari stands as a distinguished Dendro archer. Hailing from Sumeru as a Forest Watcher, he is renowned for his mastery of dendromancy. His Vijnana-Phala Mine elemental skill unleashes the formidable Vijnana Stormheart, engulfing foes in AoE Dendro damage. Furthermore, Tighnari gains the Vijnana Suffusion effect, effectively reducing the charging time of his next Wreath Arrow by 2.4 seconds.

Tighnari’s elemental burst, Fashioner’s Tanglevine Shaft, delivers six Tanglevine Shafts tracking opponents and inflicting impactful Dendro damage. Remarkably, upon hitting their targets, these shafts generate an additional wave of Tanglevine Shafts, intensifying the assault

Yae MikoYae Miko is a potent sub-DPS character, best utilized in elemental reaction-focused teams. With her Elemental Skill, Sessho Sakura, she summons three totems that periodically deal Electro damage. These versatile totems can be strategically placed and relocated around the battlefield. Her Elemental Burst, Tenko Kenshin, delivers formidable Electro damage and calls forth a powerful lightning strike that targets nearby foes.

Yae Miko’s greatest advantage lies in her capacity to swiftly and consistently apply Electro. Nonetheless, she does have some drawbacks to consider such as the lengthy cooldown of her Elemental Skill and the high energy cost of her Elemental Burst.


Genshin impact tier list
B-TIER Genshin Impact Characters

These characters often require good builds to utilize their best potential. They can attack, support, and heal your team. You will have to work on them to reduce their flaws.


KeqingKeqing is a fantastic electro-DPS character. She can deal with super-fast attacks with her sword. Her elemental burst can damage multiple enemies. In addition, she can deal immense electro damage with her burst. Moreover, she can teleport with her elemental skill avoiding any damage.

Keqing has a lower defense, and it is preferred to use shield support to make her more viable. Keqing has a good base critical damage that increases with ascension. However, you would need to make extra efforts to bring out her Attack potential. She is an amazing electro character in our Genshin impact tier list.

ShenheShenhe can act as both a DPS and support for your team. Her attack increases greatly with every ascension. She is best used to support cryo teams giving them huge damage boosts. Moreover, her burst remains active even if you switch her out. Her burst provides constant cryo damage that can help you trigger elemental reactions.

While Shenhe is excellent support for cryo characters, she may not support characters of other elements well. Still, Shenhe should be on your team if you have a good cryo DPS.

RazorRazor is a powerful four-star character that can destroy your enemies with his high base attack. He can inflict immense damage on your enemies with both his physical and electro attacks. Razor’s burst will boost his attack while also increasing defense.

Most of the Razor’s attacks are short-ranged, and his burst effect will disappear as soon as you switch him out. You would have to keep him longer on the field to utilize his burst well. Still, he is one of the best characters in Genshin Impact for strong attacks.

XianglingXiangling has one of the highest attack speeds in the game. She can deal with rapid physical attacks with her polearm. Her elemental mastery increases with her ascension, which will give even greater damage when you trigger elemental reactions.

She can deal pyro damage with her elemental skill; she will summon Guoba, who would shoot fire attacks. However, Guoba does not deal consistent pyro damage. Moreover, her elemental burst has a high energy cost to recharge, Yet her elemental burst gives huge damage as she summons a ring of fire around her that stays even if you switch her out.

NoelleNoelle can act as a DPS, healer, and shield support for your team; she is truly an all-rounder, and hence she is a pretty good character in our Genshin impact characters tier list. She has a high defense base stat that increases upon ascension.

Her attack and healing increase based on her defense. With her elemental burst, she can deal strong geo attacks with her claymore, Though Noelle has poor damage when she is not c6, and you would need to gather more constellations to boost her damage potential.

KokomiKokomi is one of the best healers in Genshin Impact. She can heal your characters immensely with both her burst and elemental skill. Her elemental skill summons a jellyfish over a range that can attack and heal continuously. This skill would also apply the wet status to the enemies making it easier to trigger elemental reactions.

Kokomi is not suitable for combat though her hp increases her attack. Moreover, she cannot deal with critical attacks because of her negative crit rate. Her elemental burst takes a long time to charge. Still, she is a fantastic healer and worth it for your team.

MonaMona is a hydro support character that can be utilized as a DPS. She can sprint underground, which makes her useful for exploration. She has a high energy base stat that increases with ascension, allowing you to do constant bursts.

Her elemental burst buffs the damage of the team, increasing it immensely. Though Mona lacks attack potential, she is excellent support for your team.

JeanJean is a 5-star sword user that can act as a DPS and heal your party. Her normal attacks deal damage while also healing your team. Her elemental burst will heal your party while also dealing AoE damage to the enemies.

Though she may not be helpful as a DPS because of her low base attack, it would be best to use her as a healer, as her healing bonus increases with time. Her bursts take a long time to recharge, and you might have to focus on increasing her energy recharge stat.

BeidouAn electro character suitable to act as both a main and sub-DPS. She can act as shield support for your team. Moreover, she can cause decent electro damage to the enemies. Her elemental skill can multiply her damage, increasing her damage greatly.

Her elemental burst takes a long time to recharge but provides great electro damage. To utilize Beidou’s full potential, it is recommended to get her to C4.

QiqiQiqi is considered one of the strongest healers in the game. She can also act as a sub-DPS and her healing abilities. She can deal cryo damage to the enemies and can help you trigger elemental reactions. Her healing bonus increases with her ascension.

Qiqi’s elemental skill has a long cooldown time. So you can’t use it frequently. Still, she is a worthy healer as both her burst and skill can heal your team.

ChongyunChongyun can deal constant cryo damage to his enemies with his elemental skill and low cooldown time. Moreover, His elemental burst recharges up quickly and deals great cryo damage.

Though Chongyun’s attack speed is very slow, This can give him a disadvantage as it would be made tackling many enemies difficult. 

Yun JinYun Jin can boost up the physical damage of your team through her burst. She has a high energy recharge rate, so her burst will recharge quickly. Moreover, she can create a high-damage absorption shield for all elemental attacks.

Though not many players prefer boosting physical damage, she might not be used much. However, Yun Jin is an excellent support character. She is easy to build as her damage scales are based on her total defense. She is an interesting character to use for physical damage in our Genshin impact characters tier list.

ColleiCollei underwent experimental procedures conducted by the Fatui, resulting in the acquisition of her unique ability to manipulate Dendro energy. This newfound power empowers her to employ various effects, including launching Dendro arrows, creating strategic Dendro traps, and proficiently healing both herself and her allies. Although Collei’s powers are still evolving, her potential already showcases remarkable promise.

As a skilled archer, she adeptly harnesses her Dendro abilities, proving highly effective in combat scenarios. Beyond her formidable prowess, Collei’s character shines through her kindness and compassion, as she consistently extends a helping hand to others in need

CynoCyno, is an esteemed scholar of the renowned Sumeru Academia who is celebrated for his profound knowledge of the Electro element. Through his elemental skill, Secret Rite: Chasmic Soulfarer, he swiftly dashes forward, unleashing Electro damage upon adversaries encountered in his path. Additionally, his elemental burst, Sacred Rite: Wolf’s Swiftness, metamorphoses him into a formidable Electro warrior, capable of inflicting substantial damage upon foes.

Though not fully comprehended, Cyno’s powers undeniably exemplify a profound level of might. His extraordinary control over Electro energy grants him impeccable precision, rendering his attacks impactful against enemies.

AyatoAyato currently leads the Kamisato Clan, and as Kamisato Ayaka’s younger sibling, he showcases exceptional skill in swordsmanship and possesses formidable Hydro abilities. Employing his elemental skill, Kamisato Art: Kyouka, Ayato summons a water clone of himself, detonating after a brief interval to unleash Hydro damage upon surrounding enemies. Meanwhile, his elemental burst, Kamisato Art: Suiyuu, generates a substantial AoE of Hydro damage and augments the attack speed of all party members within the vicinity.

Ayato’s remarkable powers stem from his adept mastery of his Hydro Vision and the sword. With his elemental skill, he creates a valuable water clone capable of dealing Hydro damage and drawing enemy attention, ingeniously distracting foes and paving the way for Ayato’s attacks.

LaylaLayla, a student at Rtawahist Darshan, boasts a specialization in Theoretical Astrology. Employing her elemental skill, Curtain of Slumber, Layla conjures a robust shield capable of absorbing Cryo damage, thereby bestowing the Cryo status upon herself. Furthermore, Layla’s elemental burst, Radiant Star Trail, releases potent AoE Cryo damage while generating a field that blankets nearby adversaries with Cryo.

The wellspring of Layla’s powers lies in her profound connection with the stars. She firmly believes that the celestial bodies watch over her, guiding her toward the fulfillment of her ambitions. Both her elemental skill and burst draw inspiration from the stars themselves.

MikaMika Schmidt is a Cryo character who serves as the diligent front-line surveyor for Eula’s Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company, driven by his aspiration to become an esteemed cartographer one day.

Mika’s elemental skills showcase his Cryo prowess. With Curtain of Slumber, he summons a potent shield capable of absorbing Cryo damage and applying Cryo to both himself and his enemies. His elemental burst, Radiant Star Trail, deals remarkable AoE Cryo damage while creating a Cryo-infused field, allowing for the triggering of the Melt reaction and dealing substantial harm to foes.

WandererWanderer is an Anemo character employing a catalyst, excelling as a potent DPS option with an exceptional aerial combat style. Embracing the Windfavored state through his Elemental Skill, Hanega: Song of the Wind, he gains the ability to hover mid-air, significantly enhancing the impact of his Normal and Charged Attacks. Furthermore, his Elemental Burst, Kyougen Five Ceremonial Plays, inflicts widespread Anemo damage and generates a vacuum, drawing enemies toward its center.

His unmatched aerial capabilities grant Wanderer the advantage of sustained damage output. With remarkable mobility, he becomes evasive and elusive, posing a challenge for adversaries attempting to strike him. However, he must remain cautious against ranged assaults, as they could exploit potential vulnerabilities.

YaoyaoYaoyao wields a polearm and is a very skilled healer with a focus on Dendro damage application. Employing her Elemental Skill, Yaoyao’s Gift, she calls upon a diminutive dendro spirit that extends healing to allies within its vicinity. Meanwhile, her Elemental Burst, Nature’s Caress, unleashes widespread AoE dendro damage while concurrently tending to her allies’ wounds.

Yaoyao’s versatile capabilities render her a precious addition to any team, with particular prowess in groups that can infuse enemies with diverse elemental effects.


Best C-tier characters
C-TIER Genshin Impact characters

These characters have the potential to be worthy of your team if built right. However, it is not recommended to use them unless they suit your team well.

AloyAloy has weak cryo damage compared to many other characters. Moreover, her playstyle can be hard to get used to. Her elemental skill will scatter bombs; every time an enemy gets hit by them, Aloy’s damage increases and the opponent’s damage decreases.

Her elemental burst recharges quickly so it can be used consistently. Moreover, her cryo damage increases with ascension. So, she can be a decent damage dealer if built right.

XinyanXinyan can act as a shielder and boost the physical damage of your team. Her elemental skill and burst will give both pyro and physical damage. She can be a decent DPS if efforts are made to get the right artifacts for her.

She is not a popular character because not many players look forward to increasing their physical attacks. Moreover, her elemental skill would require you to hit the enemy multiple times for maximum damage.

KaeyaKaeya is a weak DPS compared to many other great Cryo characters. His elemental skill and burst recharge quickly, so you can do easy cryo damage on the enemies. His attack is decent, and his skill multiplies it.

It is not recommended to use Kaeya later in the game, especially if you have other good Cryo characters.

BarbaraShe can be a good healer for your team if you do not have any other healer. Barbara’s elemental skill and burst provide healing. Barbara has a low damage output, and it’s only recommended to use her as a healer.

Though Barbara’s elemental skill would take a long time to recharge, her elemental burst has a high cost. You would have to raise her elemental recharge to make her useful. Still, she is one of the best healers in our Genshin impact tier list

SayuSayu is an anemo claymore user. Her elemental burst can attack and heal, while her elemental skill can deal anemo damage. While her damage is not her strong point, she can act as a decent sub-DPS.

Sayu’s elemental skill is useful in explorations. Most of her attack potential can be improved if you get her constellations.

GorouHe is an excellent support character that can boost your team’s defense and geo damage. He is a must-have support character if you want to buff up the damage of your geo team.

With his constellations, Gorou can heal your team. At C6, he can increase Geo critical damage. Gorou is best suited to Geo characters but not suited to other elements.

FischlFischl has a very fast attack speed. She can deal decent electro damage to her enemies. Her elemental skill and burst remain on the field even if you switch her out. She can help you trigger various elemental reactions.

Though most of Fischl’s potential is hidden in her constellations, you would have to gather a lot of constellations to make her a worthy character. Moreover, her elemental skill has a long cooldown time. 

Kujou SaraShe is a good support for electro characters in your team. Sara can give damage boosts to your team. She can help trigger elemental reactions. Her elemental burst can deal great electro damage.

However, she is not as good of a supporting character as many other support characters are available. Still, you can add her to your team if you want to boost attacks of your electro characters.

CandaceCandace is a polearm wielder in Genshin Impact and exhibits her prowess through two distinct abilities. Her Elemental Skill, Shield of the Crimson Crown, showcases her capacity to construct a robust barrier, absorbing damage proportional to her Max HP, with an impressive 250% enhanced effectiveness against Hydro DMG. Additionally, her Elemental Burst, Divine Blessing, releases a potent area-of-effect Hydro damage calculated from her maximum HP and grants the active character the prayer of Crimson Crown.

Candace’s multifaceted skills designate her as a formidable support character, seamlessly providing both survivability and substantial damage output to her team. By crafting protective barriers, she ensures the safety of her allies during critical moments.

KavehKaveh exhibits unparalleled mastery as an architect, channeling his skills to craft potent dendro constructs. His Elemental Skill, Moroccan Bloom, summons a dendro construct capable of inflicting damage upon enemies, and when detonated, it creates a more expansive area of effect, intensifying its impact. Furthermore, his Elemental Burst, Palace of Alcazarzaray, manifests a colossal dendro construct, dealing considerable damage to foes and simultaneously providing valuable buffs to his allies.

With his formidable powers and expertly honed skills, Kaveh emerges as a dominant support character, serving many roles. His dendro constructs serve as potent tools to assail enemies, manipulate the battlefield, and augment the prowess of his allies.

HeizouHeizou employs his martial prowess to unleash devastating Anemo damage upon foes, while his Elemental Skill, Heartstopper Strike, delivers powerful kicks with additional damage. Emphasizing his might, his Elemental Burst, Windmuster Kick, unleashes a vast AoE of Anemo damage and can also inflict the Windmuster Iris effect, leading to supplementary elemental damage after a brief duration.

Heizou’s Paradoxical Practice allows him to accumulate Declension stacks by activating Swirl reactions, subsequently augmenting the damage output of his Elemental Skill.


Genshin impact character tier list
D-Tier Genshin impact character

It’s not recommended to use these characters because of their poor Attack, support, and abilities. It’s recommended to replace them with better characters in our Genshin impact tier list as soon as you get them.

DionaDiona has weak base damage, but she can heal and shield your team from enemies. Her elemental skill cooldown time is short so that you can create a shield again and again.

Her elemental burst recharges slowly but can heal your team immensely. It’s not recommended to use her as a DPS. 

Traveler (Electro)Not a good option if you want a good DPS. Traveler has a low base attack, and it’s often hard to increase the damage with the right artifacts. The elemental burst has a higher cost and would take a long time to recharge.

The elemental burst can be used for continuous electro damage, even when Traveler is off-field.

ThomaThoma cannot act as a good DPS for your team. He has mediocre attack and pyro-damage potential. His elemental skill and burst can provide a shield for your team. These shields can improve your pyro resistance.

He can boost up your party attacks when he reaches C6. Though his elemental skill and burst take a long time to recharge, so he is not worth it for your team, especially when they are a lot of other good shielding characters listed in our Genshin impact characters tier list. 

Traveler (Anemo)The starting character you get in the game. The traveler has a low-base attack. The most a traveler can do is play a role as a sub-DPS. Traveler’s elemental skill and elemental burst can help your crowd control.

Though it’s best to replace Traveler with any other animal character as soon as you can, many characters can give crowd control alongside heavy attacks.

LisaLisa is a starter electro character that you get for free early on in the game. She is the weakest electro character in the game. She cannot act as a main DPS, Though you can use her as a sub-DPS or support.

Lisa’s burst can give an enemy constant electro damage, allowing you to trigger elemental reactions.

AmberAmber is the least popular character among Genshin players. Her elemental skill has a long cooldown time. Overall, she has low base damage making her a very weak character.

Her elemental skill and burst can deal pyro damage but won’t deal much damage. It’s recommended to replace Amber as soon as you get a better Pyro character. 

DehyaDehya wields a mighty claymore as a Pyro character. Her Molten Inferno Elemental Skill conjures the Fiery Sanctum, bestowing characters with heightened resistance to interruption within its domain. When her allies suffer damage within the field, a portion of it is absorbed by Dehya, mitigating their burden. On the other hand, her Elemental Burst, Blazing Lioness, grants her a Pyro-infused state where she continuously unleashes fiery attacks.

Her exceptional powers and abilities designate Dehya as a formidable support character, adept at safeguarding her teammates and inflicting sustained Pyro damage. While she can serve as a main DPS character, her skillset shines brightest in the support role, bolstering her team’s overall prowess.

DoriDori is an Electro Claymore wielder who excels as a versatile hybrid healer support. Through her Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon Elemental Skill, she launches an Electro-charged projectile, generating two After-Sales Service Rounds that pursue foes and deal additional Electro damage. With her Elemental Burst, Lamp Spirit: Healing Light, Dori heals all linked characters proportionate to her Max HP and replenishes their Energy based on her Energy Recharge.

Her primary strengths reside in her remarkable healing and energy provision capabilities for her allies. Utilizing her Elemental Skill, Dori efficiently inflicts Electro damage upon adversaries, while her Elemental Burst ensures her comrades being and Energy reservoirs remain replenished.

Summary of the Tier List 

Genshin Impact Tier List
Summary of the Tier list

We have ranked all characters in Genshin impact in this tier list. A lot of them have great potential for your team.  There is a wide variety of characters, from damage-dealing strong DPS to support and healing characters. Each of them with their perks and abilities. Which one are you going to use? Who is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Best Characters For Spiral Abyss 

One of the end game modes in Genshin Impact is Spiral Abyss and you need some of the best players from our tier list in order to complete the game mode. It has two phases and the first phase occurs on the first of every month. However, the second phase will begin on the 16th of the same month. Whenever a new phase comes the players will have to adjust to a new set of buffs.

The game mode really tests the ability of players which is why it is necessary to have the best characters equipped. Following are some of the best characters from our list of 2023 that will help you win the Spiral Abyss mode in Genshin Impact. 


Great support especially for the spiral abyss, Zhongli Can you perform great in PvP modes even before his buffs? He can create an always active shield using the ability called Geo Archon. When the shield is active the resistance of any nearby enemy will be decreased. His overpowered shield makes him a capable character not just for Spiral Abyss but for any game mode Genshin Impact has to offer. 


Another popular choice when it comes to Spiral Abyss is Kazuha who is a great character in our Genshin Impact tier list for 2023. He is very useful against large enemies and has amazing buffs to utilize in battle. With amazing damage potential and flexibility, he can take down any enemy in the game. 


With the massive attack buff that Bennett is capable of providing, it will be no surprise that many players prefer using him in the Spiral Abyss mode. While the damage he deals with is not that much, he is a great support character and a healer as well. Pair him with Kazuha, to unleash a deadly combo upon the enemies. 

Genshin Impact Tier List Criteria

Genshin Impact has a huge roster of a variety of characters. Each of them has unique abilities and perks. There are different Elemental bursts, and their effects range from dealing heavy damage to support and healing. Moreover, Their elemental skills have a lot of different features as well. In this Tier list, we have ranked them based on their overall attack style, elemental damage, elemental burst, and various elemental skills. Characters with many convenient skills and greater damage are ranked higher than characters lacking in ability.

Rankings Based On Experience And Research

These characters are ranked based on our experience of the game and our extensive research. We took into account the opinions of various pro players before writing this Tier list. After thoroughly researching their abilities and perks, various characters are placed into Tier lists.

Why Trust Us

We tried to create this Tier list with as little bias as possible. The characters were ranked based on their abilities and usefulness after thorough research. We have a lot of experience with the game, so we applied it to writing this Tier list. Still, You may have different opinions regarding the characters depending on your experience, and Tier lists are subjective.

Changes Due To Updates

Last Update: Version 3.7

Here are all the additions, buffs, and nerfs that took place in recent updates. All Genshin Impace should be aware of these changes in order to get the most out of their playstyles.

New Character Added: 

    • Kirara is a new character that has been added to the roster of Genshin’s characters and she utilizes the dendro element and wields a sword. She belongs to the Inazuma region and she is a Youkai, who are special characters with human and animal infusions. The character is a good Dendro support unit if you have her at c6.
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