Best Artifacts In Genshin Impact: Electro, Pyro, Geo & More

Farming artifacts can be a menace. Use this best artifacts genshin impact guide to figure out the best builds for your characters!

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG game with gorgeous graphics, immersive gameplay, realistic environments, and exciting weather elements. With building artifacts, the best artifacts genshin impact guide is a must. We’re finding our sibling with the help of the Gods, also known as “Archons.” The player, the traveler, is accompanied by a companion known as “Paimon,” who is the game’s mascot. With the help of “Visions” that different characters have, there are more than 40 characters to choose from. Six elements are currently available, with a seventh one on the way. 

Key Highlights

  • Genshin Impact being an RPG game follows a system called “Elements,” and they have 7 of them currently.
  • Each element has its own set of artifacts, and the element of the character and artifacts must be the same for the artifacts to function properly.
  • The main purpose of artifacts is to strengthen your characters and enhance the power of character skills.
  • Each artifact set consists of five pieces; A Flower, A Feather, A Circlet, Sand, and A Goblet, and each piece differs in stats.
  • Artifacts also have rarities ranging from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best. You can access 5 stars artifacts after reaching AR45 and unlocking them through domains.
  • What makes an artifact set “best” depends on whether the artifact set effects resonate with your character’s element. However, you can follow the rest of our guide to know which artifact set is best for which element of characters.

With the beautiful gameplay that Genshin Impact provides, the combat aspect of the game itself is fantastic. The player uses “Artifacts” to make their character strong. We will cover the different Genshin Impact artifacts you can get. These can also work excellently with weapons. Also, consider reading our Genshin Impact Weapon Tier List.

Genshin Impact Artifacts 

To focus more on combat and make it stronger, artifacts are equipped to a character to make them stronger in domains and battles. With the release of Genshin Impact, the characters were released with different abilities. Some were healers; some were DPS, sub-DPS, shielders, archers, polearms, and catalyst users. While you’re at it, consider reading our Genshin Impact Characters Tier list.

Here are the stats for all the artifacts in Genshin: 

Artifact Set2 Piece Set Bonus4 Piece Set Bonus
Archaic Petra15% Geo damage bonusWhen casting "Crystallizes,"
it will provide a 35% damage
bonus for 10 seconds
Blizzard Strayer15% Cryo damage bonusGrants 10%Crit Rate buff, and if
affected by Hydro, 20%
Crit Rate.
Bloodstained ChivalryIncreases physical damageCharged Attacks receive a 50%
damage boost, no stamina
Crimson Witch of Flames15% Pyro damage bonusElemental reactions and Vaporize
damage increase by 40% and 15%
Emblem of Severed Fate20% Energy Recharge bonusElemental Burst damage increases by
25% of Energy Recharge percentage.
Gladiator's Finale18% ATK bonusNormal Attacks increased by 35% for
Claymore, Polearm and Sword users
Heart of Depth15% Hydro damage bonusCharged Attack and Normal Attack
receive a 30% damage buff for 15s
Husk of Opulent Dreams30% Defense bonusGeo attacks on opponents grant stacks,
increasing Defense and Geo damage
Lavawalker40% Pyro resistance bonusDamage is boosted by 35% when
hitting opponents with Pyro attacks
Noblesse Oblige20% Elemental Burst
damage bonus
Elemental Burst increases team
members' Attack by 20%
Ocean-Hued Clam15% Healing BonusHealing a teammate creates a set that
deals damage to enemies
Pale Flame25% Physical Damage
Elemental Skill increases ATK by 9%
for over 6 seconds, stacks twice
Retracing Bolide35% Shield Strength
Charged Attack and Normal Attack
gain a 40% damage buff when shielded
Shimenawa's Reminiscence18% Attack increaseElemental Skill consumes 15 Energy to
increase all forms of attacks by 50%
Tenacity of the Millelith20% HP increaseincreases own and party members'
Attack by 20% and provide a 30%
Shield Strength
Thundering Fury15% Electro Damage
Electro-charged, Overloaded, and
Superconduct damage increase by 40%,
Thundersoother40% Electro resistance
Enemies with Electro applied take 35%
increased damage
Viridescent Venereer15% Anemo Damage
Swirl dmg increased by 60%, opponent's
elemental resistance decreases by 40%
Wanderer's Troupe80 Elemental Mastery
Charged Attack damage increases by
35% or catalyst and bow users
Berserker's12% Crit Rate increaseWhen HP is below 70%, Crit Rate
increases by an additional 24%
Braveheart18% overall damage
Party members deal 30% more damage
to enemies with more than 50% HP
Defender's Will30% Defense increaseElemental resistance for each varying
element in the team increases by 30%
Gambler20% Elemental Skill damage
Chance for the character's Elemental
Skill to have no cooldown
Instructor80 Elemental Mastery
Elemental Mastery increases by 120 for 8
seconds after casting Elemental Skill
Martial Artist15% Charged Attack and
Normal Attack increase
Elemental Skill damage increases by 25%
for 8 seconds after casting Elemental Skill
Resolution of the Sojourner18% Attack increaseCharged Attack Crit Rate increases by
Scholar20% Energy Recharge
Energy particles grant extra energy to all
party members who use catalyst or bow
The Exile20% Energy Recharge
Casting Elemental Burst grants 2 extra
energyto all party members for 6 seconds

How Do Artifacts Work In Genshin Impact 

Artifacts range from 3 stars to five-star artifacts, starting with a +0 stat. Depending on the rarity, they come equipped with a “main stat” and 3-4 sub-stats. With the help of RNG, a few stats exist, such as Crit DMG, Crit Rate, Elemental Mastery, Flat HP, HP percentage, Flat ATK, ATK%, and elemental bonuses. 

The player can use “Mora” to upgrade artifacts. Every +4 that the player reaches will upgrade one sub-stat of the artifact. The player has zero control over the stats that they get, as RNG controls it. If the player is lucky, they can roll the stats into godly stats such as CRIT DMG, Crit Rate, ATK%, ER, and many others. 

Each artifact set consists of five main “pieces”:

  • Flower: The primary stat of this piece is HP, aimed at being the primary piece of a set. When equipped, the overall HP of the player increases, with the sub-stats changing. 
  • Feather: the feather, in essence, will be equipped with the primary stat “ATK,” aimed to increase the overall damage output of the player. Sub-stats are subject to change. 
  • Sands: with sands, the main stats can change, ranging from ER to ATK%, highly desired. Other main stats can include EM, HP%, and DEF less desired. Players can equip them with different characters to gain different buffs. 
  • Goblet: Goblets are always aimed to complement the “Vision,” or the element of the character such as Cryo, Hydro, Pyro, Anemo, Geo or Electro, and the primary stat that is highly prioritized will always have “(example) DMG Bonus.” 
  • Circlet: with circlets, they are aimed to increase Crit DMG or Crit Rate of Players, which is essential for higher damage output. 

How to Get Five-Star Artifacts Early-Game

Five-star artifacts are typically the highest grade of “endgame gear” that you can get when it comes to artifacts. When you are an early player and are in your earlier stages, such as AR 30 and below, it is nearly impossible to get genshin impact new artifacts. However, with the different available bosses, you can farm when you are early-game. 

At AR 30, two main bosses will appear weekly in-game, and you can collect rewards every week. 

  • Stormterror: The Anemo Archon’s buddy and one of the “Four Winds” of Mondtstat, the dragon, can increase the drop rate of five-star artifacts as early as AR 30. AR 30 can also be translated to world level 3, and as the AR increases, your chances of a five-star artifact will increase. Also, read our Genshin Impact Level Up Faster guide.
  • Lupus Boreas: A Wolf God residing in Wolvendom, the spirit resides there and guards the place. With the Cryo element in his possession, once a week, you can fight him to get lucky on a five-star artifact if you are AR 30 and above. 

Nine Pillars of Peace 

Another way that you can aim to know how to farm 5-star artifacts Genshin Impact when you are an early player such as AR 30 and below is through the “Nine Pillars of Peace” quest. This quest requires players to venture through Liyue and its subsidiary areas such as Minlin, Qingce Village, Sal Terrae, Mingyun Village, Qingyun Peak, Cuijie Slope, Nantienmen, and many others in the search for “Oculi” to place back to the “Statue of Seven.” 

After fighting through the domain, the domain will reward you with a precious chest that will contain five-star artifacts. These artifacts are significant when you are a new player as they can massively buff you. 

Getting End-game Five-Star Artifacts In Genshin Impact  

best artifacts genshin impact
artifact domain

Slowly but surely, when you reach endgame, which is usually regarded as being AR 55 and above, the question of “How to get 5 stars artifacts Genshin Impact” starts to simmer down, as domains are your next best option. As you advance each Adventure Rank, your chances of gaining a five-star artifact will increase until it’s always guaranteed. 

Below listed are all the domains that offer the best artifacts Genshin Impact

  • Midsummer Courtyard: A domain located in Mondstat and can provide five-star artifacts. The artifacts include the Thundersoother 2 piece and four-piece set and the Thundering Fury 2 piece and four pieces set. 
  • Valley of Remembrance: Domain located near Dragonspine, which can hand out five-star artifacts. Maiden Beloved 2 and four pieces set and the Viridescent Venereer 2 pieces and 4 pieces genshin impact artifacts
  • Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula: Domain residing in Liyue, it gives out Lavawalker 2 piece and 4 pieces set and Crimson Witch of Flames 2 piece and 4 pieces set. 
  • Ridge Watch: Located East of Dragonspine, the Pale Flame 2 and 4 pieces set is given out. The Tenacity of the Millelith is also given out as a 2 and 4 piece corresponding set. 
  • The peak of Vindagnyr: Located in the heart of Dragonspine, it gives out hydro artifacts Genshin Impact such as Heart of Depth and Blizzard Strayer, which is a cryo set. 
  • Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern: Located in Liyue, the domain gives out the Bloodstained Chivalry 2 and 4 pieces set, and the Noblesse Oblige sets. 
  • Slumbering Court: This domain located in Inazuma is one of the best genshin impact new artifacts, sets being the Ocean-Hued Clam and Husk of Opulent Dreams. 
  • Momiji-Dyed Court: Located in Yashiori Island, this domain will hand out the Emblem of Severed Fate 2 and 4 piece set and the Shimenawa’s Reminescne set. 

How To Fast-Farm Artifacts 

As you reach endgame, let’s say going above AR 50, you will start to hoard five-star artifacts but still aim to get to know how to farm artifacts’ Genshin Impact. There are a few essential techniques to farming artifacts, whether fodder or building newer characters. 

  • Resin/Condensed Resin: Resin is the primary source of domain clearing and earning rewards. Suppose you aim to fast farm artifacts for a particular character. Then using fragile resin can replenish your resin, and you can get some of the top-tier Artifacts in Genshin Impact.  
  • Chests: Chests will typically contain only one to two-star artifacts used to upgrade four or five-star artifacts, and they typically hold no value. 
  • Domains: As mentioned before, domains are one of the fastest ways to get newer artifacts, whether for when you are AR 40 or below or an end-gamer. 
  • Artifact Routes: These are infamous for being the perfect fodder routes, which players can farm every day, as they will respawn every 24-48 hours based on location in Liyue, Mond, or Inazuma. 

All Artifacts Maxed Stats 

Now, when you first start farming for Genshin Impact new artifacts, you will have many questions about what artifacts are. Therefore, we will condense down their stats, their set bonuses, their rarity, and where you can farm them, starting with five stars.  

Archaic Petra 

  • 2 piece set: upon equipping the 2 piece set, the geo artifacts genshin impact will grant the player an overall 15% Geo damage bonus.
  • 4 piece set: When the players cast their geo skill and it “Crystallizes,” the entire team will end up getting an overall 35% damage bonus for a total of 10 seconds. Elemental damage bonuses are limited to only one at a time and no more. 

Blizzard Strayer

  • 2 piece set: for characters with the Cryo vision, their overall Cryo damage increases 15%, massively impacting their Cryo damage.
  • 4 piece set: When the player hits an enemy with theri Cryo elemental attacks, their overall Crit Rate will receive a buff of 10%, and if the enemy is affected by hydro and then Cryo, it will increase the Crit Rate by 20% for a couple of moments. 

Bloodstained Chivalry 

  • 2 piece set: Best used for physical characters, these genshin impact artifacts are focused on increasing the overall physical damage of the particular character. 
  • 4 piece set: Once the enemy is obliterated, the character will receive a Charged Attack damage boost of 50%. The charged attacks will not consume any stamina.

Crimson Witch of Flames 

  • 2 piece set: Best suited for characters wielding the Pyro vision, this artifact set aims to buff up the character with an overall Pyro damage bonus of 15%.
  • 4 piece set: When elemental reactions such as Burning are cast, the damage increases by 40%. When Vaporize (Pyro + Hydro) is cast, the Vaporize damage increases by 15%. 

Emblem of Severed Fate

  •  2 piece set: overall Energy Recharge is increased by 20%, allowing it to go from the standard 100% to a total of 120%. 
  • 4 piece set: When the four-piece is equipped on a character and burst is cast, their Elemental Burst damage will experience a buff of 25% of the total Energy Recharge percentage. The overall limit for this damage buff is capped at 75%. 

Gladiator’s Finale 

  • 2 piece set: One of the original artifacts released in Genshin Impact is a universal set that aims to increase the overall Atk by 18%. 
  • 4 piece set: When the character is a Claymore, Polearm, or a Sword user, they are in luck, as this is one the best artifacts genshin impact as it increased their normal Attack by 35%. 

Heart of Depth

  • 2 piece set: One of the original Genshin Impact hydro artifacts, this is best used on Hydro characters, as its primary use is to buff the Hydro damage by 15%, greatly aiding in marking enemies with the “Wet” status. 
  • 4 piece set: When the wielder of the artifact set casts their Elemental Skill, it will automatically buff up their Charged Attack and their normal Attack by 30% for a total of 15%. 

Husk of Opulent Dreams 

  • 2 piece set: One of the newer geo artifacts Genshin Impact; for characters that are Defense based, they will feel their Defense increasing by 30%.
  • 4 piece set: When equipped on the team member, the artifact will place a “Curiosity” effect on them. When a geo attack is cast on an opponent, they will get one stack of the Curiosity effect. It can tick every 0.3 seconds. If they are not present in the radius, this 0.3 seconds is increased to 3 seconds. The Curiosity can stack four 4 times, and each singular stack can increase the Defense by 6%. The Geo damage is increased by 6% as well. 


  • 2 piece set: characters are wielding this artifact set will be protected from Pyro opponents as their Pyro resistance increases by 40%.
  • 4 piece set: when opponents are hit with a Pyro attack, the character wielding this artifact set will find their damage being boosted by 35%. This allows them to deal additional and increased damage to foes. 

Noblesse Oblige 

  • 2 piece set: one of the most overpowered artifacts, when any character wields this artifact set as a 2 piece, they will find their elemental burst damage facing a buff, increasing by 20%. 
  • 4 piece set: The character that wields this artifact set and cast their Elemental burst will cause all the other team members’ overall Attack to increase by a total of 20%.

Ocean-Hued Clam

  • 2 piece set: Mostly considered one of the hydro artifacts genshin impacts. When wielded on a character, it will increase the overall Healing Bonus by 15%. 
  • 4 piece set: If wielded on a character and heals a particular comrade in your team, 1 foam set will appear on-field. It will stay on the field for a total of 3 seconds, during which it will collectively take the entire HP that your party members regain and convert them back to attack and damage the enemies. The Attack is limited to 30000 overall damage, and it will disappear after a while. The overall cooldown of the foam is 3.5 seconds. 

Pale Flame 

  • 2 piece set: Mainly aimed to be used for physical-based characters, when wielded on a character, it will increase the overall Physical Damage by a total of 25%, allowing higher “white numbers” to appear. 
  • 4 piece set: when the character casts their elemental Skill, they will find a total of 9% increases in their ATK for more than 6 seconds. The overall attack buff can stack twice but has 0.3 seconds. If you want to take advantage of this set, use it, and the 2 set buffs will be doubled when stacked twice. 

Retracing Bolide

  • 2 piece set: Aimed to be used on characters that shield, it will increase the overall Shield Strength by a total of 35%, allowing them to stay shielded more on the combat field. 
  • 4 piece set: When the character has their shield on, their Charged Attack, as well as a normal attack, will receive a buff of a total of 40%, and they will find that they can attack a lot more. 

Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

  • 2 piece set: Holding the same effects as the 2 pieces Gladitator’s Finale, it aims to increase the overall Attack of the character by a total of 18%, so they can get out more damage. A universal set indeed. 
  • 4 piece set: Aimed for characters who have high ER, when the character wielding the 4 piece set casts their Elemental Skill, it will allow them to lose 15 Energy if they have it, and instead, all forms of attacks are increased by a total of 50%, in essence, the Normal, Plunge and Charged attacks for a total of 10 seconds. 

Tenacity of the Millelith

  • 2 piece set: This 2 piece set is considered one of the best artifacts genshin impact, with its main focus being to increase the overall HP of the character by a total of 20%, greatly aiding them in staying alive for longer. 
  • 4 piece set: When the character wielding this 4 piece set casts their Elemental Skill, and it hits the enemy, they will see that their Attack, as well as all party member’s attack, is honed by a total of 20%, and the character providing shield’s will see a buff b 30% in their overall Shield Strength. The time limit for this buff is 3 seconds, and you can only use the effect once every 0.5 seconds and no more. 

Thundering Fury 

  • 2 piece set: One of the most helpful genshin impact artifacts, this 2 piece set aims to buff the Electro Damage of Electro characters by a total of 15%.
  • 4 piece set: When the character wields this set, it will increase their Electro-charged ( Electro + Hydro), Overloaded (Electro + Pyro), and Superconduct (Electro + cryo) damage by a total of 40%, when these elemental reactions are cast, the overall Elemental Skill cooldown will be reduced by 1 second. This entire effect can only happen once every 0.8 seconds. 


  • 2 piece set: For characters that require a lot of Electro Resistance, the 2 piece set will increase the overall Electro resistance by a total of 40%, helping greatly against Electro enemies. 
  • 4 piece set: when wielding this 4 piece set, enemies with Electro applied to them will be taking damage 35% more than usual.

Viridescent Venereer: 

  • 2 piece set: Mainly aimed to be used for Anemo characters, when a character clasps this 2 piece set, the overall Anemo damage will increase by a total of 15%, helping the member deal a lot more anemo damage. 
  • 4 piece set: when the Swirl reaction is cast, the swirl damage will increase by a total of 60%, and the opponent’s elemental resistance will decrease by a total of 40%, and it does not matter what element is swirled; all elemental resistance will be decreased by 40% for a total of 10 seconds. 

Wanderer’s Troupe 

  • 2 piece set: a character that will use this 2 piece set will find their overall Elemental Mastery will be increased by a total of 80, which allows them to gain more control over their Visions. 
  • 4 piece set: if the wielder of this artifact set is a catalyst or a bow user, their overall charged attack damage will get buffed by a total of 35%. 

Moving on, let’s take a quick peek at some of the four-star artifacts that you can also use if you are unable to farm the perfect five stars. 


  • 2 piece set: Perfect for characters who might lake Crit Rate and need a boost. The 2 pieces set increases around 12% to your character. 
  • 4 piece set: If the Wielder’s total HP is below 70%, the overall crit rate will increase by a further 24%, greatly aiding members who severely lack the crit rate. 


  • 2 piece set: Honing the same stats as the 2 piece Gladiator’s Finale, this 2 piece set aims to increase the overall damage by a total of 18%. 
  • 4 piece set: Enemies that still have more than 50% HP, the overall damage of the party members will increase by 30%. 

Defender’s Will 

  • 2 piece set: For defense-based characters, their overall Defense will be increased by a total of 30%. 
  • 4 piece set: For every varying element that you have in your team, it will increase the overall elemental resistance for that specific element by a total of 30%. 


  • 2 piece set: characters that cast their Elemental Skill, the damage will increase by a total of 20%. 
  • 4 piece set: When any opponent is obliterated, there is a set percentage chance that the character on the field will have their elemental Skill renewed without needing a cooldown. 


  • 2 piece set: The overall elemental mastery of the character will be increased by 80, greatly helping the character. 
  • 4 piece set: when any character casts their elemental Skill, it will cause an overall increase bt 120 in the elemental mastery for a total of 8 seconds. 

Martial artist

  • 2 piece set: The character wielding this artifact set will have their charged Attack and normal Attack increased by 15%. 
  • 4 piece set: when casting elemental skills, these damages are increased by a furhter of 25% for a total of 8 seconds. 

Resolution of Sojourner

  • 2 piece set: having the same stats as the Gladiator’s Finale, the party member’s Attack is wielding this set is increased by 18%. 
  • 4 piece set: the crit rate for the charged Attack of the character is increased by 30%. 


  • 2 piece set: The character wielding this set will increase their energy recharge by 20%. 
  • 4 piece set: when the team member gains energy particles, it will grant 3 extra energy to all party members who are catalyst or bow users. 

The exile 

  • 2 piece set: The same stat as the Scholar set will grant a 20% increase to the character’s ER. 
  • 4 piece set: When the wielder casts the elemental burst, 2 extra energy particles are granted to all party members for a total of 6 seconds. 

Best Artifact Sets In Genshin Impact 

If you do not already know, each character in Genshin Impact has a specific “Vision” or an element. The seven available are Cryo, Hydro, Pyro, Anemo, Geo, Electro, and Dendro, which have yet to be released. Different artifacts will fit different characters, and you cannot simply put together any build. Genshin impact artifacts need considerate time and a strategic build to be adequate. 

To have genshin impact best artifacts for each character, we need to consider their best sets and their corresponding elements. 

Best Artifacts For Cryo Characters In Genshin Impact 

cryo characters artifacts genshin impact
cryo character artifacts

Cryo users will typically benefit from artifacts centered on working around them, whether to help with their overall combat, effective healing, or being an excellent sub-DPS or even a main-DPS. 


Kaeya being a sword user, can be the main DPS and a sub-DPS character. Being Cryo, he will be best used for his Skill or burst, but people who aim to main him can also use him. His best in-slot artifacts can be: 

  • Blizzard Strayer 2 or 4 pieces set: this can significantly help increase his overall cryo damage output and is the best set if you aim to use him as a Cryo support for your team. 
  • Noblesse oblige 2 or 4 pieces: Noblesse oblige is an entirely universal set that you can fit with Kaeya with ease. The Burst damage buff of the 2 pieces can significantly increase your overall damage output. 
  • Gladiator’s Finale 2 or 4 piece set: If you mainly aim to use him as a main-DPS, having the 2 piece gladiators is perfect since you can get an attack percentage buff and use him with ease. 
  • Mix and Match: you can mix and match each set based on your party’s needs. 


Qiqi is yet another sword user that has the Cryo vision. Her primary role in the party is to heal, and that too, she can benefit from two main artifact sets that can complement her well. 

  • Ocean Hued Clam 2 or 4 pieces set: The main aim of the two-piece set is a healing bonus, while the 4 pieces a Foam attack buff can benefit qiqi if you aim to run her as a healer or burst support. 
  • Maiden Beloved 2 or 4 piece set: Character Healing is the main focus of this set, and her burst can restore quite a lot of HP for your party members. 
  • Mix and match: You can either go for a 2 piece OHC and a 2 piece Maiden’s or the other way round. 


Diona’s main aim for the party is to offer excellent shielding and be a great healer. You can mix and match her with different team members to increase your damage output. Therefore, these artifacts are insane for her. 

  • Maiden’s Beloved: if you plan to run diona as a pure shielder and healer, then the four-piece set will be great for her. The character healing effectiveness and burst damage buff can do huge numbers. 
  • Noblesse Oblige: Best used when you aim to make her a sub-DPS as well as a shielder since the set will increase your Elemental Burst damage by 20%. 
  • Personal Choices: A 2 piece Maiden’s and 2 pieces Noblesse set can work amazingly together if you want to mix and match the artifacts. 


Ganyu is usually used as a Main DPS; as she is a Cryo bow user, her Elemental Skill and burst can do tremendous damage. Therefore these artifacts are best centered around her: 

  • Wanderer’s Troupe: The 4 piece set can work great with her since she can get a Charged attack buff by 35%, and it is best if you plan to run her as a main-DPS. 
  • Blizzard Strayer 2 or 4 pieces set: The Blizzard strayer set is also wholly centered around Ganyu since her 2 piece set can increase Cryo damage by 15%, and the four-piece can solve her Crit rate issue. 
  • Mix and Match: a choice between 2 piece sets and mixing artifacts can also work nicely. 


Rosaria can be the main DPS or a burst support Cryo application. She also has the viability to become a sub-DPS. Therefore, she will benefit high-time using these artifacts. 

  • Blizzard strayer 2 or 4 pieces: This artifact can be the perfect fit for her when you aim to use her as a Cryo application support. The 2 piece increases CRYO damage by 15%, and the four-piece increases the overall crit rate. 
  • Noblesse obliges 2 or 4 pieces: Since Noblesse is a universal set, you can use it for any support due to its elemental burst buff and overall attack buff. 
  • Pale Flame: for people who want to use Rosaria as a main physical DPS, the 2 piece pale flame is excellent due to the physical damage buff. 
  • Mix and Match: when needed. 


  • Gladiator’s Finale: with the attack buff of 18% that chongyun can receive, their normal Attack can increase by 35% with the four-piece set. 
  • Blizzard Strayer: Chongyun cannot be a physical damage dealer; therefore, the cryo damage buff is best for him with the 2 or 4 piece set. 
  • Mix and Match: Perfect for a sub-dps or a Cryo support chongyun. 


Ayaka is considered an excellent main or sub DPS. She can apply cryo extremely fast, making her viable to be an excellent character in your team. 

  • Blizzard Strayer 2 or 4 piece: Due to her burst and E and charged attacks that can consistently apply Cryo, it makes sense to use Blizzard strayer on her to get the highest Cryo damage buff possible. 
  • Gladiator’s Finale: If you plan to use her as a main dps, then the 2 piece finale is the perfect setting due to the overall attack buff by 18%. 


Eula, by all aspects, is an excellent main dps character, taking the crown for the most significant “white number” damage. These artifacts are her best in-slots and are irreplaceable. 

  • Pale flame 2 or 4 pieces: With the 2 pieces, you are sure to see a physical damage increase by 25%, and since Eula is a main physical DPS, she also benefits from the attack buff of the 4 pieces. 
  • Bloodstained Chivalry: the 2 piece providing the physical damage buff is an excellent fit for Eula due to her central DPS role. 
  • Mix and Match: People will usually want to settle for the 2 pieces Pale Flame and 2 piece Bloodstained Chivalry for a 50% damage buff. 


One of the most recent characters added to the game; she can benefit from some genshin impact new artifacts; her role in the team is to be a cryo support. 

  • Gladiator’s Finale 2 or 4 pieces: With the attack buff of 18%, Shenhe can be excellent support. 
  • Blizzard Strayer 2 or 4 pieces: the Cryo damage buff is excellent for Shenhe, who is aimed to be a Cryo support, as the buff can allow her to place down her Skill and deal significant damage. 


Aloy being a Cryo bow user, can be a Cryo support for your team while also making charged attacks and applying Cryo on opponents. 

  • Blizzard Strayer 2 or 4 piece: this set is perhaps her best-in-slot since it can allow her to make charged attacks on opponents, and when done, there is an increase in crit rate. 
  • Gladiator’s Finale: the attack buff is the perfect fit for her since she will face an overall increase in an attack by 18%. 

Best Artifacts For Electro Character In Genshin Impact 

best artifacts genshin impact
electro character artifacts


Sara, an Electro Bow user, can highly benefit from these genshin impact artifacts whether their role is to be a main-dps, electro support, or a sub-dps. 

  • Thundering Fury 2 or 4 pieces: The electro damage bonus is excellent for Sara as a sub-dps unit, and the four-piece can increase her overall damage. 
  • Noblesse oblige: As said before, the best universal set for any support character. 

Raiden shogun 

Our very own electro archon, the Raiden Shogun, can be an excellent main dps, and being a polearm, she wields these artifacts with grace. 

  • Emblem of Severed Fate 2 or 4 pieces: her best in slot artifact set, with the 2 pieces offering 20% ER increase and the 4 pieces increasing her overall damage output. 
  • Noblesse Oblige: An excellent set if you aim to use her to support DPS with an increase in the Elemental Burst of 20%. 

Electro Traveller 

With the electro traveler having the capability to be a battery for other characters, these artifacts suit best for her. 

  • Emblem of Severed Fate: With an ER increase, the traveler is sure to have her burst up the entire time, and the four-piece will increase her overall damage. 
  • Noblesse Oblige: Yet another excellent slot for the traveler to become a support DPS. 


Weidling a claymore, she can be a main or a sub DPS. Therefore, these are some of her best in slots. 

  • Thundering Fury 2 or 4 pieces: at her c4, she can provide excellent elemental damage to her team; therefore, the 2 piece electro damage bonus is an excellent fit for her. 
  • Gladiator’s Finale: If you aim to use her as a main dps, the 2 piece set is perfect due to the 18% attack buff.


A bow user, these are some of the best genshin impact Fischl artifacts, as she can be excellent support for your team. 

  • Thundering Fury 2 or 4 pieces: the 2 piece set can increase her Electro damage by 15%, making her excellent support. 
  • Gladiator’s Finale: The attack buff can benefit her with the overall 18% attack buff. 


Wielding a sword, Keqing can be a main or support in your team, consistently applying physical or electro damage. 

  • Thundering Fury: The electro damage bonus of 15% allows her to be an excellent sub-DPS in your team, and the four-piece can allow her elemental reaction damage to increase by 40%. 
  • Gladiator’s Finale: Her best in the slot if you aim for her to be a physical DPS due to the 18% attack damage buff with the 2 piece. 


An electrocatalyst user, she can be the perfect electro support for you, using her burst and Skill to her advantage. 

  • Thundering Fury: the 2 pieces can increase her Electro damage by 15%. The four-piece can increase her overall damage based on the elemental reactions. 
  • Noblesse Oblige: perfect for her if you aim to support the overall burst damage increase with the 2 pieces or the attack buff with the 4 pieces. 


The only male electro user in the game, wielding a claymore, is his best in slots. 

  • Pale Flame: As he is a hybrid character, the 2 piece allows his physical damage to be buffed by 25%, and the four-piece can allow his Attack to increase when his Skill is cast. 
  • Gladiator’s Finale: Another universal set for him. Due to its stats, his Attack can increase by 18% with the 2 piece and normal Attack by 35% due to its stats. 

Best Artifacts For Hydro Characters In Genshin Impact 

hydro characters
hydro character artifacts


She is an excellent Hydro healer in the game. These are the best genshin impact hydro artifacts since she is a catalyst user. 

  • Ocean Hued Clam: with the 2 piece set, her healing bonus is increased by 15%, and the four-piece will implement the foam, which will deal damage. This is one of her best in slot artifacts. 
  • Maiden’s Beloved: the same healing bonus can perfectly fit her with the 2 piece set, making her an insane healer in the game. 


One of the first free characters in-game, she can be an excellent healer and support your team. These are some of the best genshin impact barbara artifacts that allow her to be a great healer. 

  • Maiden Beloved: character healing effectiveness is increased by 15%, which allows her to be a great healer. The four-piece will increase the overall healing of the party by 20%. 
  • Ocean Hued Clam: probably her best in the slot; you can use the 2 pieces to increase the Healing bonus by 15%. 


Mona is excellent support for your team, and she can buff the damage amazingly. 

  • Noblesse Oblige: the 2 pieces can allow her burst damage to increase by 20%, and she can even buff the entire team with her elemental burst with the 4 piece set. 
  • Wanderer’s Troupe: the 2 pieces increasing her overall EM by 80 is an excellent set for her. 


The hydro bow character can be an excellent main or sub DPS. 

  • Heart of Depth: the hydro damage increase by 15% can make him an excellent main DPS, and the 4 pieces can increase his usual or charge by 30%. 
  • Noblesse obliges: the 2 piece benefits his elemental burst by 20%; therefore, a 2 piece noblesse and a 2 piece heart of depth are perfect for him. 


He can be the perfect addition to his artifacts by excellent support and wielding a claymore. 

  • Emblem of Severed Fate: probably his best in-slot artifact set with the 2 pieces offering ER by 20%. The four-piece allows for burst damage increase. 
  • Noblesse: Yet another universal fit for xingqiu. 

Best Artifacts for Anemo characters In Genshin Impact

best artifacts genshin impact
anemo character artifacts


Wielding a claymore says he can be an excellent healer and also be a support for your team. 

  • Viridescent Venerer: the 2 piece set can benefit her with an increase of 15% in her anemo damage, and the four-piece will increase her overall swirl damage by 60%. 
  • Ocean Hued Clam: as a healer, the 2 pieces can increase the healing bonus, and the 4 pieces can use the foam to turn it back to damage. 


One of the most broken characters, a sword user, and excellent support. 

  • Noblesse oblige: the 2 pieces can offer elemental burst damage increase by 20%, while the fur piece will benefit the entire party. 
  • Vv: 2 pieces will benefit the anemo damage by 15%, and the four-piece will make him excellent support with the Swirl damage increase. 


Yet another sword user who is a dedicated healer and an excellent main DPS for your team. 

  • Gladiator’s Finale: for people who aim to use her as a main DPS, the atk% buff by 18% can benefit her a lot. 
  • VV set: overall anemo damage bonus increase by 15% will make her viable with her Skill and burst, and the four-piece will increase swirl damage by 60%. 


An excellent polearm wielder, he can be a support and the main DPS. 

  • Gladiator’s Finale: the two-piece can increase the Attack by 18%, and the four-piece will increase the normal Attack by 35%. 
  • VV set: the 2 pieces can increase his anemo damage using his Elemental Skill, and the 4 pieces will increase overall swirl damage. 


Being one of the best supports in the game, her Skill and burst can significantly benefit from these artifacts: 

  • VV set: 2 piece set can increase her elemental skill damage, and the 4 pieces will allow even more excellent support.
  • Wanderer’s Troupe: She runs off of elemental mastery; therefore, the 2 piece set is perfect for her as it will increase by 80. 

Anemo Traveller 

The first character we get in the game can be an excellent main and sub DPS for your team with these best artifacts’ genshin impact

  • Noblesse Oblige: If you plan to make her support, then the 2 piece set is perfect for an increase in the elemental burst by 20%, and the four-piece will increase all party members’ attacks. 
  • VV Set: The same stats with the two-piece affecting her Skill and burst. 


He is an excellent crowd control character, and he wields a bow. 

  • VV Set: His Skill and burst can benefit significantly with the 15% anemo damage bonus. 
  • Noblesse Oblige: The burst damage will increase by 20% with the two-piece set, so it’s better to use 2 Noblesse and 2 VV. 

Best Artifacts For Geo Characters In Genshin Impact 

best artifacts genshin impact
geo character artifacts


One of the newest characters added to Genshin, these geo artifacts genshin impact are sure to be the best fit for her. 

  • Retracing Bolide: The 2 pieces can improve her second charge shield by 35%. The four-piece will incessantly increase her normal by 40%, making her an excellent DPS. 
  • Husk of Opulent Dreams: The 2 pieces will increase her overall defense. Since she is based on Defense, it can significantly benefit her. 


Weidling a bow and being geo, he is one of the best supports in-game. 

  • Husk of Opulent dreams: the 2 piece set can buff his Defense, and the four-piece will make him excellent support for your team. 
  • Emblem of Severed Fate: As a sub-dps or support, the energy recharge is an excellent buff from the 2 piece emblem. 


Perhaps one of the best main DPS characters in Gneshin, these geo artifacts genshin impact can make him an excellent main or support DPS. 

  • Husk of Opulent Dreams: since he is based on Defense, the two-piece will increase his DEF by 30%, and the Curiosity effect of the 4 sets will significantly help him. 
  • Retracing Bolide: the 4 piece set will increase his typical damage by 40% when paired with a shield. 


Albedo is excellent support with his Skill and burst, and the burst is aided using these sets. 

  • Husk Set: the 2 pieces will buff his Defense by 30%, and the four-piece will make him one of the best supports in your team. 
  • Archaic Petra: With the 2 pieces, he receives a geo damage buff, and his skill and burst damage can significantly increase. 


Ningguang can be an excellent main DPS with her damage output and an excellent sub-DPS. 

  • Archaic Petra: This is perhaps her best in the slot, as being the main DPS, she benefits from the 2 piece geo damage buff and the 35% damage bonus from her reactions.
  • Noblesse Oblige: Yet another fit for support or the main DPS and an excellent set for Ningguang. 


Noelle benefits from Defense, and she can be an excellent shielder and a healer; with these artifacts, she can be an excellent character. 

  • Husk of Opulent Dreams: the 2 pieces can give an instant defense boost to Noelle, which can make her highly viable with her overall Skill and burst damage. 
  • Gladiator’s Finale: for people who aim to make her the main DPS, the 2 pieces 18% attack buff can significantly make her the main DPS. 


He is one of the best supports, and his shields are one of the strongest in Genshin Impact. Therefore, these artifacts will fit best with him. 

  • Tenacity of the Milellith: Perhaps his best in the slot, the 2 pieces can give him an HP buff, enhancing his shield strength and burst damage. The four-piece will increase the shield strength as well. 
  • Archaic Petra: if you aim to use him as nuke-support, the 2 pieces can give him a geo damage buff by 15%. 

Best Artifacts For Pyro Characters in Genshin Impact 

pyro characters artifacts genshin impact
pyro character artifacts


Thoma, a shielder and a polearm user can benefit from these artifact sets to up his damage.

  • The tenacity of the milellith: the 2 piece benefits him a lot since his hp is increased by 20%, and the four-piece will grant a buff to all party members. 
  • Emblem of Severed fate: the ER buff is just what thoma needs to be excellent support with the 2 pieces. 


A character that is aimed t be the main dps, wielding a bow, these are the best artifacts genshin impact for her. 

  • Shimenawa’s Reminiscence: the attack buff from the two-piece set is of great benefit to her, so is the 4 piece set will buff her normal Attack by 50%. 
  • Crimson witch of flames: the two-piece set aims to buff her pyro damage by 15%. At the same time, the four-piece will increase overloaded and elemental damages. 


An excellent main dps and support DPS, she can be a great addition to your team. 

  • Crimson witch of flames: the two-piece can buff his pyro damage by 15%, and her elemental reactions can also gain a significant buff. 
  • Shimenawa’s Reminiscence: working alongside the Gladiator’s set can increase normal or plunge attacks by 50% while taking away 15 energy. 


Hutao is an excellent main DPS and support, and with these artifacts, she can do insane damage. 

  • Crimson witch: yet another universal set that is a perfect fit for hutao and can buff her damage a lot. 
  • Shimenawa’s Reminiscence: the two-piece is perfect as it will buff 18% of her Attack. 


One of the starter characters, wielding a bow, can be a support and buff her Skill. 

  • Emblem set: the 2 pieces set with the 20% ER buff can significantly make her a burst support character. 
  • Noblesse oblige: the same two-piece set can increase her overall burst damage by 20%, making her viable for use in your party. 


He is easily an SS tier character; he is one of the most incredible supporters in the game.

  • Noblesse Oblige: Yet another universal fit for Bennett, as it will significantly buff his elemental burst by 20%. 
  • Crimson witch of flames: the 2 piece set offers a stark pyro damage bonus of 15%, making him excellent support. 


Diluc can become the main DPS and excellent support, therefore using these artifacts on him. 

  • Crimson witch: this is his best slot, as the four-piece can increase all elemental reaction damage by 40%. 
  • Gladiator’s finale: the two-piece set is perfect if you aim to use him as a main DPS as his Attack will be buffed by 18%.


Being a catalyst user, she can be yet another excellent main DPS. 

  • Wanderer’s Troupe: Klee can benefit from elemental mastery; she can significantly use the two-piece set, which will buff her EM by 80. 
  • Crimson witch: the crimson set is the perfect setting for her since it will buff her pyro damage by 15%. 


Xiangling is one of the best burst supports in the game, and she can also be an excellent sub DPS. 

  • Emblem set: since she is mainly used for her Skill and burst, the ER buff can significantly benefit her. 
  • Crimson set: As we mentioned before, the crimson set is an excellent fit for her with the pyro damage buff. 


  • Bloodstained Chivalry: as she can be the main DPS, she can benefit from the physical damage buff that the 2 piece provides for her.
  • Noblesse Oblige: she can support the 2 piece set that will increase her burst damage by 20%.

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