Genshin Impact Best Pyro Characters Ranked

Become the ultimate damage dealer by picking our top 10 best pyro DPS characters in Genshin Impact and wreak havoc on your enemies.

The Pyro characters can be extremely useful for clearing Domains or Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact. Moreover, the pyro class of characters would be highly effective against all the cryo bosses and can also pair up well with your electro, cryo, and hydro characters as well to deal overload, melt, and vaporize damage to enemies. In today’s guide, we will discuss the Best Pyro DPS characters you should have in Genshin Impact.

Key Takeaways
  • Genshin Impact has up to 7 Elements and one of the strongest elements from the earlier days and still now is Pyro (Fire).
  • There are a total of 10 pyro characters, and of both rarities being 4 stars and also 5 stars.
  • The reason why Pyro is strongest is that it has many strong reactions with other elements, such as hydro (water) and cryo (ice).
  • Although 5 stars pyro characters will outdo 4 stars, there are some, such as Yanfei, if built correctly, that can be very strong.
  • The best artifact for most Pyro characters is the Witch Of Flame, found in the Liyue region.

Before we begin, let’s briefly check out the comparison between these Pyro DPS Characters:

CharactersWeaponHPAttackDefenseAscension Stat
YanfeiCatalyst2014.075.0126.0Pyro DMG Bonus: 0%
DilucClaymore2621.091.0158.0Crit Rate: 5%
KleeCatalyst2077.086.0124.0Pyro DMG Bonus: 0%
Hu TaoPolearm3141.045.0177.0Crit Damage: 50%
YoimiyaBow2053.088.0124.0Crit Rate: 5%
XianglingPolearm2342.072.0144.0Elemental Mastery: 0
XinyanClaymore2413.077.0172.0ATK: 0%
BennettSword2670.064.0166.0Energy Recharge: 100%
ThomaPolearm2872.079.0209.0ATK: 0%
AmberBow2038.071.0129.0ATK: 0%

Genshin Impact Best Pyro DPS Characters 

Our list contains pyro characters you might want to include in your team for better damage and gameplay experience. We have listed various characters with their advantages and disadvantages, along with the details about the elemental skills.


Best pyro characters in Genshin Impact
Weapon HP Attack Defense Ascension Stat
Catalyst 2014 75 126 Pyro DMG Bonus: 0%

A pyro catalyst that can deal continuous pyro damage to your enemies. She can cause immense destruction and is highly lethal to enemies. Yanfei is a 4-star character and is probably the best DPS Pyro character in Genshin Impact. She can be easily obtained by playing character events and standard banners, and she is a highly useful character for a free-to-play player who does not have a Pyro 5-star character.

Yanfei’s attack potential is on par with a 5-star Pyro DPS character. If you are a new player, it is highly recommended to have Yanfei in your team as her playstyle is easy since you can shoot fire attacks from far a distance. Yanfei is also suitable for players who prefer to avoid close combat encounters.

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She deals normal fire damage that stacks up as she attacks, and so her normal attack increases the charge attack damage as well. Her elemental skill and bursts deal strong pyro damage as well. Moreover, if you give Yanfei the Crimson Witch Artifact set, then you can deal with highly pyro-based lethal attacks with elemental reactions such as overload, vaporize and melt.


Best dps characters in Genshin Impact
Weapon HP Attack Defense Ascension Stat
Claymore 2621 91 158 Crit Rate: 5%

Diluc is a Claymore user and one of the first characters introduced in Genshin Impact and is still favored by many. He is considered a decent Pyro DPS character in Genshin Impact even now by many players. Acquiring Diluc in the game is not as hard as other Pyro 5-star characters as he is available throughout his standard banner and even in the character event banner compared to other 5 stars that are available only for a limited time.

A claymore is a weapon that gives the strongest damage compared to any other weapon. When a claymore is combined with Diluc’s pyro elemental skill, Claymore’s burst Attack becomes very strong and deals a decent amount of damage on enemies. If you give a Crimson Witch artifact set to Diluc, you can deal even higher damage with the fire elemental skills such as Overload, Vaporize and Melt, etc.

However, if you give him a Gladiator Artifact set, then you can boost his overall attacks and Claymore damage. All in all, Diluc is one of those characters whose attacks’ potential can deliver the highest possible damage.


Top dps Pyro characters in Genshin Impact
Weapon HP Attack Defense Ascension Stat
Catalyst 2077 86 124 Pyro DMG Bonus: 0%

Another amazing Pyro character if you want to deal heavy damage. Klee’s attack potential is higher than Yanfei, but that is also because she is a 5-star character. If you have her already, then it’s recommended to start using and leveling up Klee instead of Yanfei. Also, give her a Crimson Witch Artifact set so as to increase Klee’s fire damage output significantly.

She is a cute, energetic little girl who likes to bomb her enemies away. In her Elemental Skill “Jumpty Dumpty” she throws away egg-shaped bombs which blow up on the surrounding enemies when they come in contact with the bombs.

Klee can be useful in crowd control as she would attack enemies in a large area of effect via firebombs. Her elemental burst is another firebomb-based move that destroys all enemies on the ground within 10 seconds. You can get strong vaporization damage if you use a water support character like Xinqi, Mona, Kokomi, and Barbara.

Hu Tao

Genshin Impact top pyro characters
Hu Tao
Weapon HP Attack Defense Ascension Stat
Polearm 3141 45 177 Crit Damage: 50%

Hu Tao is a pyro polearm user, which gives her the advantage of rapid attacks and makes her one of the best DPS Pyro characters in Genshin Impact. Her elemental skill boosts up her attacks and also gives pyro damage. Hu Tao’s elemental burst deals pyro damage and drains HP from the nearby enemies. Moreover, her attacks become uninterrupted, and you can deal constant damage while she is in her elemental skill form.

Though she has a disadvantage, and her elemental skill eats up some of her HP. However, her attacks become rather powerful at the cost of HP. This can become a problem for the new Genshin Impact players who may not be able to manage especially those who do not have a good healer in their team.


Genshin Impact best pyro dps
Weapon HP Attack Defense Ascension Stat
Bow 2053 88 124 Crit Rate: 5%

Yoimiya is a 5-star Pyro bow user. She is mostly used as a DPS main but you can use her as a sub-DPS as well. She can be good at dealing good damage however her playstyle might be a bit difficult to get used to for newer players so it is recommended to use Yanfei or Diluc as their playstyle is much easier. Yoimiya is considered as a weaker 5-star character compared to other 5-star DPS characters in Genshin Impact. She can be useful in exploring and doing other activities in the game such as hunting and pyro puzzles.

In her Elemental Skill “Niwabi Fire Dance”, she shoots the enemies with Arrows that can deal pyro damage. Yoimiya can also hit a larger number of enemies over the field by shooting off fireworks on them through her elemental burst moreover her burst attack can mark one of the enemies with an Aurous blaze which causes the enemy to explode.


Genshin Best pyro dps character
Weapon HP Attack Defense Ascension Stat
Polearm 2342 72 144 Elemental Mastery: 0

Xiangling is a free 4-star character given to every player who clears the 3rd floor of the Abyss. Another Pyro polearm user whose attack combo is the fastest in the Genshin Impact as compared to other Pyro characters. It is recommended to level her up if you are a new player and if you do not have enough good Pyro characters in your team.

In her Elemental Skill, she summons a small Bear named “Guoba” who shoots out fire, giving pyro damage to the enemies. Xiangling’s elemental burst summons a pyro spiral around her that deals constant damage to all enemies who come in contact with her fire.


Best pyro dps characters in Genshin
Weapon HP Attack Defense Ascension Stat
Claymore 2413 77 172 ATK: 0%

Xinyan is a pyro claymore user who can shield your team pretty well. She has the highest base attack out of all other 4-star characters, and that is why she has the potential to be a very good DPS Pyro character in the game.

In addition to shielding your team, Xinyan can strengthen her shield to focus on her defense stat. She is not recommended for players new to Genshin Impact as she has a harder playstyle compared to other pyro characters in the game. A lot of her damage would depend on the way you level up and build her with specific artifact sets, and you cannot get those artifacts until you are a veteran player.

In her Elemental skill, she deals pyro damage to her nearby enemies and summons a shield that can protect your team from enemy damage by throwing off the enemies away from the sound vibrations in her shield. Moreover, she can deal larger field damage to multiple enemies with her Elemental burst that shoots up fire from her Guitar. Her burst can deal both pyro and physical damage.


Genshin Impact Best Pyro
Weapon HP Attack Defense Ascension Stat
Sword 2670 64 166 Energy Recharge: 100%

An ultimate pyro character that can Attack, Support, and heal, the all-rounder playstyle makes this character one of the best DPS Pyro characters in Genshin Impact. Bennett is a sword user who can deal decent damage if you build him as a DPS. His Elemental Skill can deal pyro damage to the enemy in contact. This move can be charged for greater damage.

His Elemental burst is one of the most helpful in games as it can boost up the attacks of any character of your team inside the Aoe field. Moreover, it can heal your team’s character standing in the AoE field. Since the elemental burst is so helpful you might want to focus on raising Bennett’s energy recharge level so you can use it again with lesser intervals.


Thoma pyro character in Genshin Impact
Weapon HP Attack Defense Ascension Stat
Polearm 2872 79 209 ATK: 0%

Thoma is the newest pyro addition in Genshin Impact. He is a 4-star character that can shield your team. Like Xinyan he has a Pyro shield which can give you Pyro resistance against various enemies Both his Elemental skill and burst can give you a Pyro shield with decent Pyro damage.

It is not recommended to build him as a DPS character as his damage isn’t really on par with other good characters in the game so he would not deal as much damage as other 4 star ones do. Moreover, his Elemental burst takes a long time to recharge.


Best pyro dps characters in Genshin
Weapon HP Attack Defense Ascension Stat
Bow 2038 71 129 ATK: 0%

Amber is a 4-star Pyro bow character and the first character a player gets automatically after starting and playing through the game for a while. Amber is the least appreciated character by the Genshin Impact community considering her poor playstyle and attack patterns. Her elemental kill takes a long time to recharge and deals little damage. Amber can be useful in completing puzzles and hunting while exploring but it is recommended to replace her as soon as you get a better character.

Amber’s elemental skill summons a stuffed toy-looking figure named “Baron Bunny”. This explodes after some time dealing pyro damage to nearby enemies. Her burst shoots down arrows from the sky dealing pyro damage over a decent field area.


You can also use Pyro supports for maximum damage and experience once you become a veteran player and are able to use Artifact sets to build your characters more efficiently. The Crimson Witch set artifact is suitable for almost all Pyro characters to improve your elemental damage. With the help of our best pyro DPS characters in the Genshin guide, you can choose a character suitable to your team’s needs.

There are several 4 and 5-star Pyro characters with good damaging potential. The key is to pick one that best suits your style. Yanfei is recommended for beginners especially if you do not have Diluc or any other good five-star character on your team. If you do not have Yanfei on your team, then focus on maining Xiangling, as her play style is very beginner-friendly.

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