Genshin Impact: How To Defeat All Hypostasis Bosses

The Genshin Impact Hypostasis Bosses guide tells you about the 7 elemental bosses, as well as how to defeat them with ease!

Genshin Impact has 7 Hypostasis bosses, representing the 7 main elements present in-game, each with their own weaknesses and strengths. Players might want to know what free characters to use and how to defeat all Genshin Impact Hypostasis Bosses! 

Important: The elemental bosses are immune to the same elemental attacks.
Key Takeaways
  • The Hypostasis Bosses features 7 elemental bosses, including Anemo, Cryo, Hydro, Pyro, Geo, Dendro, and Electro. 
  • The bosses are weak to opposite elements, such as the Dendro boss being weak to Hydro and Electro in Genshin Impact. 
  • The main way to defeat the bosses includes avoiding their incoming attacks and using the correct Elemental characters. 
  • Players must significantly use the best characters and best artifacts to have a solid build to defeat the bosses in Genshin Impact easily. 

All Hypostasis Bosses In Genshin Impact 

Below listed is a summarized version of all Hypostasis Bosses as well as where they are located: 

All Hypostasis Bosses In Genshin ImpactLocationBest Characters
Pyro Kannazuka region in InazumaMona, Ayato, Xingqiu, Barbara, Kokomi, Ayaka, Raiden, Nahida
CryoDragonspineHutao, Xiangling, Yanfei, Zhongli, Raiden.
ElectroCape Oath, MondstadtKaeya, Ayaka, Ganyu, Klee, Zhongli.
GeoGuyun Stone Forest, LiyueXiao, Hutao, Raiden, Ayaka, Neuvillette, Nahida.
AnemoMondstadtRaiden, Miko, Ayaka, Ayato, Neuivillette, Zhongli.
DendroDar al-Shifa, SumeruYae Miko, Raiden, Kokomi, Ayato, Neuvillette.
HydroWatatsumi Island, InazumaHutao, Klee, Ganyu, Kokomi, Ayaka.

1) Pyro Hypostasis

Pyro Hypostasis
Pyro Hypostasis (Image Taken By Me)

Firstly, the Pyro Hypostasisis, a boss introduced in Inazuma, is located in the Kan

nazuka region of Inazuma, first introduced in the 2.x patches. Players need 40 resin to claim the awards after defeating it, but it can be repeated repeatedly. 

  • The pyrostasis’s weakness lies in its loss against Hydro as it is Pyro itself, meaning any attacks carried out via a Hydro character can render it useless once its Ignited state is cut out. 

There are a few patterns to look out for when fighting the Pyro Hypostasis Bosses in Genshin: 

  • Exploding Ball: The Pyro ball charges a bit, igniting Pyro before exploding on you. 
  • Rolling Towards You: The hypostasis also rolls into a ball before running towards you as it did towards me, and the best way to avoid it is to strafe to the side. 
  • Hand Punch: It also forms a fist and slams onto the ground. 
  • Snake: It can also form a cobra, which can spit out fireballs. 

The best characters to use against the Pyro team Hypostasis are as follows: 

  • Mona, Ayato, Xingqiu, Barbara, Kokomi, Ayaka, Raiden, Nahida. 

2) Cryo Hypostasis

Cryo Hypostasis
Cryo Hypostasis (Image By Me)

When it comes to the Cryo Hypostasis, it has been there since the beginning of Genshin, as it is located in the Entombed City area in Dragonspine (one of the worst locations in my experience). You need 40 resin to claim it’s Shivada Jades. 

A few attack patterns that follow the Cryo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact are listed as follows: 

  • Tetris Clap: The cryo crystals form a Tetris shape and smash you in between them. 
  • Cryo Crystals: At some point, the Cryo Hypostasis starts to rain down Cryo crystals. 
  • Cryo Needle: It can also form a needle wheel that charges towards you. 
  • Cryo Cult: Another attack is its cult-like symbol that it forms, after which it targets you with Cryo attacks. 

The best characters to use against the Cryo Hypostasis are listed as follows: 

  • Hutao, Xiangling, Yanfei, Zhongli, Raiden, Noelle. 

3) Electro Hypostasis 

Electro Hypostasis
Electro Hypostasis (Image By Me)

As far as the Electro Hypostasis is concerned, it is once again one of the first bosses to be released upon the release. It is located towards the Cape Oath area in Mondstadt and requires 40 resin to get the Vajrada Amethyst Gemstones and shards. 

  • The Electro Hypostasis is very weak to Cryo characters since Cryo can beat Electro with ease. 

A few attack patterns that follow with the Electro Hypostasis bosses in Genshin are as follows: 

  • Punch: It can form an electric punch and punch towards you with the worst force, and the best way to avoid it is to strafe to the side. 
  • Symbol: Like the Cryo Hypostasis, it again makes the same symbol, and targets you with Electro Crystals. 
  • Laser: At some point, it forms a circle and continues to shoot out laser beams that I typically avoid by jumping over them. 
  • Surrounding Barriers: It can also form a surrounding barrier made of electro that traps you in and prevents you from escaping. 

The best characters to defeat the Electro Hypostasis are listed below: 

  • Kaeya, Ayaka, Ganyu, Klee, Kokomi, Zhongli, Albedo. 

4) Geo Hypostasis 

Geo Hypostasis
Geo Hypostasis (Image Screenshotted By Me)

Moving on, the Geo Hypostasis is yet another boss that can be troublesome, especially if you’re at a lower level, as it is located in the Guyun Stone Forest in the Liyue Region. It also requires 40 resin to claim the Prithiva Topaz stones needed to ascend Geo characters. 

  • The Geo Hypostasis isn’t weak or strong against any specific element; therefore, a wide variety of elements such as Cryo, Pyro, Electro, and even Anemo can work against it. 

The attack patterns for the Geo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact are listed below: 

  • Tetris: Like the Cryo Hypostasis, it can form the same Tetris structure and clap you in between, preventing you from escaping and hurting yourself. 
  • Hammer: It can also form a hammer if you don’t defeat it in a set time, practically smashing you. 
  • Geo Crystals Rain: It can also rain down Geo crystals like the Cryo Hypostasis. 
  • Tectonic Plates: The Geo pillars can also pulsate and repeatedly hit you with a Geo attack. 
  • Above Pillar: The Geo crystal can store itself on one of the pillars and target you with Geo attacks. 

The best characters that work like a charm against the Geo Genshin Hypostasis are below: 

  • Xiao, Hu Tao, Ayaka, Ayato, Raiden, Yae Miko, Neuvillette, Kirara, Nahida.

5) Anemo Hypostasis 

Anemo Hypostasis
Anemo Hypostasis (Image By Me)

As far as the Anemo Hypostasis is concerned, it requires 40 resin to get the Jades that Anemo characters need to ascend past certain levels. 

  • The Anemo Hypostasis is fully immune to Anemo attacks therefore characters like Xiao or Wanderer can’t work to defeat the boss. 

The attack patterns of the Anemo Genshin Impact Hypostasis Bosses are listed below: 

  • Tornado Burst: The hypostasis can go airborne and unleash deadly Tornado bursts against you. 
  • Targeted Attacks: Apart from this, the Hypostasis can also target you with Anemo attacks, which can be avoided by running to the side. 
  • Tetris: Like the Cryo and Electro Hypostasis, the Anemo boss can also form the same Tetris structure and lock you in between. 
  • Vacuum Push: If you get caught in between the vacuum hold of the boss, it causes you to go airborne and then throws you to the ground. 

The best characters to defeat the Anemo Hypostasis are listed below: 

  • Raidne, Yae Miko, Ayaka, Ayato, Beidou, Kokomi, Zhongli, Neuvillette, Nahida, Kirara. 

6) Dendro Hypostasis 

Dendro Hypostasis
Dendro Hypostasis (Image By Me)

Moving on, the Dendro Hypostasis is released in the Dendro patches, and it is located in the Dal al-Shifa in the Sumeru desert region (personally hated). You need 40 resin to get the Nagadus Emerald Gemstones to ascend Dendro characters. 

  • The Dendro Hypostasis is quite weak to both Electro and Hydro and is immune to Dendro attacks.

The attack patterns for the Dendro Hypostasis boss are mentioned below: 

  • Targeted Attacks: It can target Dendro attacks towards you, and they can keep launching towards you unless you run away from them. 
  • Ball Attack: It can form into a sphere and then smash down onto the ground 3 times, each targeting you. 
  • Branches: Apart from this, it can also strike down on you with the help of Dendro branches that continue to spike your pathway ahead. 

The best characters to deal great damage to the Dendro Hypostasis are listed here: 

  • Yae Miko, Raiden, Ayato, Kokomi, Ayaka, Neuvillette, Lisa. 

7) Hydro Hypostasis 

Hydro Hypostasis
Hydro Hypostasis (Image Taken By Me)

Last but not least, the Hydro Hypostasis is the last Hypostasis boss in Genshin Impact, and it is located on Watatsumi Island in Inazuma and requires 40 resin to unlock the rewards needed to level up characters fast. 

  • The Hydro Hypostasis is weak against Dendro and Electro Attacks but is immune to Hydro elements. 

The attack patterns that the Hydro Hypostasis follows are listed below: 

  • Water Explosion: It can store water and then explode water droplets at you. 
  • Hydro Rain: It can also rain down water on you, attacking you and depleting your HP. 
  • Fish attacks: The fish patterns can also hurt you as they come in and out of the water. 

My Thoughts On The Hypostasis Bosses 

Genshin Impact Game Time
Genshin Impact Game Time

After spending 750+ days playing Genshin Impact, in my opinion, the Hydro Hypostasis and Dendro Hypostasis are probably one of the easiest bosses to fight. From my experience, their attack patterns are easy to run from, and they are weak to Electro and Dendro elements. With that, let’s wrap up the Genshin Impact Hypostasis Bosses guide! If you want to know more about all the Hypostasis and how to defeat them, then check out this video by InceptGaming YT on YouTube!

While you’re here, why not read up on the Genshin Impact Unlock Co-Op guide which goes into detail about how and when Co-Op locks written by Huzaifa Durrani! Other than that, the Genshin Impact Weapon Tier List compiled by Irfan Ansari is a brilliant read that goes in-depth about all weapons ranked by tier!

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