Genshin Impact: Hydro Tulpa Location, Fight And Rewards

The Genshin Impact Hydro Tulpa Boss guide goes in-depth about the location and best fighting strategies to defeat it easily!

The Hydro Tulpa in Genshin Impact is a newly added world boss that can be encountered in the Beryl Region of Fontaine and is used to drop character ascension materials. The Hydro Tulpa boss is a pretty tough boss that fights, as it has a few specific moves that it can use against players.  It has been described as a human-shaped monster formed from the agglomeration of drops of water. 

Important: The Hydro Tulpa is immune to taking damage from Hydro characters and is weaker than Electro and Dendro.
Key Takeaways
  • The Hydro Tulpa boss is located in Fontaine’s western end of the Chemin de L’Espoir region in Genshin Impact. 
  • Players must head to the Chemin de L’Espoir waypoint, swim north, head into the cave entrance, swim down, and then cross onto land to encounter the Tulpa. 
  • A waypoint needs to be unlocked if players are to locate and fight the boss again. 
  • The Hydro Tulpa’s rewards include Varunada Lazurite, Water That Failed To Transcend, and Berserker’s or Gladiator’s Finale artifacts in Genshin Impact. 
Hydro Tulpa
Hydro Tulpa (Image Taken By Me)

Hydro Tulpa Location

Now, when it comes to the location of the Hydro Tulpa in Genshin Impact, follow the pathway listed below to get to it quickly:

  1. The Tulpa is located towards the Western side of the Chemin de L’Espoir and the far western end. 
    Chemin de L'Espoir
    Chemin de L’Espoir (Image Screenshot By Me)
  2. The Teleport Waypoint will be locked and, therefore, needs to be accessed through a cave entrance. 
  3. Head to the waypoint in the Chemin de L’Espoir region, as seen on the map screenshot. 
    Starting Out
    Starting Out (Image Taken By Me)
  4. From the waypoint, start swimming north and continue heading forth until you come across a broken archway. 
    Archway (Image Screenshot By Me)
  5. From the archway, head a little right and interact with the seals that are present there. 
  6. Keep heading straight, and head to the reefs towards the far end. 
    Reef (Image Screenshot By Me)
  7. A little bit to the left of the reef, enter a cave entrance to get to the Hydro Tulpa boss.
    Cave Entrance
    Cave Entrance (Image By Me)
  8. After entering the cave, swim down until you reach the sea bed. 
  9. From here, swim straight until you come across a water border. 

    Water Border
    Water Border (Image Taken By Me)
  10. The border allows you to rotate out of swimming and get back on land, after which you can find the waypoint and unlock it. 
    Teleport Waypoint
    Teleport Waypoint (Image By Me)

A pool of water can be seen in the middle of the arena, and the boss is located right in the middle of the pool. 

Strategy To Beat Hydro Tulpa 

After locating the Tulpa in Genshin Impact, head to the middle of the pool, and as you head close, it immediately takes form and emerges from the ground by rotating and taking the boss form. 

One of the main moves that it will carry out is to dive back into the water, and when it emerges, it brings out a smaller hydro mimic that continues to attack the player. 

  1. After that, it charges up a hydro spear that launches from its left side and then charges directly towards you. 


      Spear (Image By Me)
  2. Players can strafe to the side to avoid being attacked, and if you head back, it will charge up another spear and then launch it towards you again. 
  3. Another attack that it will use is to lift its hands and cause water droplets to emerge from the ground you want to avoid being hit by. 

    Water Droplets

      Water Droplets (Image By Me)
  4. These droplets will drop down as three spears marked by a circle on the ground and can be avoided by stepping out from them. 
  5. A point comes where the Tulpa will charge the same spear and cast it towards you three times, stopping before throwing the third one.


      Gauntlet (Image By Me)

Eventually, it dives back down before emerging in front of you, creates a gauntlet using Hydro, and launches an attack against you by swiping and hitting you. 

Raising Both Arms

    Raising Both Arms (Image By Me)

One of its final attacks is to become more prominent, raise both arms, carry out heavy attacks, and then swipe at you. 

Best Characters And Strategies To Use 

Lyney (Image Taken By Me)

Moving on, there are a few key strategies that you can have up your sleeve that helped me take down the Hydro Tulpa as listed below: 

  • Break Mimic Shield: Hydro mimics have a formidable shield; breaking it is essential to increase vulnerability.
  • Use Electro and Dendro: Employ Electro or Dendro elements for effective elemental reactions with Hydro.
  • Sprint Out: Evade marked attacks, such as spear throws, by sprinting out to safety.
  • Stay at a Distance: Prefer using ranged characters and maintaining a safe distance during the encounter

When it comes to using the best characters to tackle the Hydro Tulpa’s attacks in Genshin Impact, they are listed as follows:

Characters  Element  Class  Why Choose Them?
Ayaka  Cryo   DPS  She can freeze the Hydro Mimics and make them useless. 
Ganyu  Cryo  Ranged DPS  Excellent ranged charged attacks, can freeze mimics. 
Hu Tao  Pyro  Polearm DPS  It can cause Vaporize reactions for higher damage. 
Lyney  Pyro  DPS  Incredible damage output against Tulpa. 
Nahida  Dendro  DPS/ Catalyst Sub-DPS  Can target mimics with her Elemental Skill, Bloom reaction can maximize damage. 
Raiden  Electro Polearm DPS  High burst damage against mimics and Tulpa. 
Tighnari  Dendro  Ranged DPS  Elemental skill can confuse mimics with good ranged damage. 
Wanderer  Anemo  Catalyst DPS  High single-target damage. 
Yae Miko  Electro  Catalyst DPS  Totems can unleash great damage. 
Yoimiya  Pyro  Ranged DPS  Vape reactions cause HP to be depleted quickly. 

Hydro Tulpa Rewards

Rewards (Image Taken By Me)

After the boss has been defeated, the rewards can be claimed, which are listed as follows:

  • Varunada Lazurite Sliver 
  • Varunada Lazurite Fragment 
  • Varunada Lazurite Chunk 
  • Varunada Lazurite Gemstone 
  • Adventurer Artifact 
  • Berserker Artifact 
  • The Exile Artifacts 
  • Prayers For Destiny Artifacts 
  • Wanderer’s Troupe Artifacts 
  • Gladiator’s Finale Artifacts
  • Water That Failed To Transcend

And with that, let’s wrap up the Hydro Tulpa’s boss guide in Genshin Impact! For more tips on killing the boss, here’s a YouTube video that recommends several effective strategies.

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