How To Unlock And Play Co-op Mode In Genshin Impact (Updated 2022)

Playing With Friends Is Fun

Since well before release, Genshin Impact has been drawing comparisons to 2017’s critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and It’s not hard to see why.

The development team has gone on record saying that they hold the game in very high regard and that it was also their biggest inspiration when making Genshin Impact.

But one aspect in which Genshin Impact differentiates itself from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is in the fact that this game can be played together with a bunch of friends in co-op mode.

And while that’s great and all, the co-op mode is unfortunately not accessible to players right out of the gate.

How To Unlock Co-op Mode

To unlock co-op mode, players will need to have hit Adventure Rank 16, which takes quite a bit of time to reach in the game. It can take you anywhere from 8 to 10 hours to get this rank depending on the pace you play at.

However, the great thing is that it isn’t incredibly hard to get the Adventurer’s Experience (not the same thing as Character Experience) needed to level up your Adventurer Rank. There’s almost little to no grinding involved.

unlock coop in Genshin Impact
Complete Quests In The World

Just play through the game and complete the main questline. Maybe find some Statues of the Seven or clear out the Abyssal Domain dungeons. Open chests, explore, or cook, play through the game and you should reach Rank 16 before you know it.

How Co-op Works

Once unlocked, the co-op in Genshin Impact works the same as it does in a number of other games. One player acts as the host, and then up to three other players can join their world and explore the map and engage in the multiple different activities found in it.

Keep in mind before playing though, that multiplayer changes how party-switching works in the game and players cannot swap between 4 different characters whenever they want like in single player.

2 Player Co-op: When it’s just the host and another player, then both participants are limited to 2 characters each.

3 Player Co-op: When it’s the host and two other players, then only the host has two characters to swap between while the visitors are limited to just one.

4 Player Co-op: When playing in full four-player co-op each participant, including the host, only has access to one character.

unlock coop in Genshin Impact
Explore With Your Friends


Playing co-op doesn’t come without its own set of limitations and setbacks.

And while some of these drawbacks are understandable, some are just disappointing to see in 2020 and beyond.

  • Genshin Impact co-op is cross-platform, and PC, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android users can play together, but only if they all happen to be on the same regional server.
  • All players wanting to join a co-op session will have to have reached Adventure Rank 16, which is honestly quite an ask for a lot of players who will pick up Genshin Impact specifically to play multiplayer.
  • Story Quests cannot be accessed in co-op, and the host cannot get assistance in these from their visitors.
  • Spiral Abyss is a unique type of Abyssal Domain that is locked off in co-op, and this is a shame since this is an excellent end-game activity that players would have liked to undertake with their friends.
  • Guests cannot open chests, make offerings to the statues of the Seven, or even collect some handy items in co-op. On the one hand, this makes sense as it doesn’t allow visitors to steal critical articles from the host, but on the other, it’s inconvenient that item drops are not instanced for each player.

Now that you know how to start playing co-op with your friends, all of you should start making your way up to Adventure Rank 16.

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