Genshin Impact BEST Fontaine Teams [2000 Hours Experience]

I played Genshin Impact for 2000+ hours and after trying out various Fontaine teams, here are my recommendations for the top 3 best teams.

Genshin Impact Fontaine region release has expanded the possibility for the best Fontaine teams that players can select. With characters like Wriothesley, Neuvillette, and Lyney, players might want to know what the best team compositions might be for exploration as well as overall damage output. 

Important: These teams are highly invested and require optimal substats and weapons to work best in their respective teams.
Key Takeaways
  • The Genshin Impact Fontaine Teams are ranked based on their damage output and exploration combined with their usability during combat. 
  • The main advantage is that it makes progression in Fontaine more accessible, and doing abyss and fighting enemies becomes easier.
  • The main disadvantage of aiming to build a Fontaine team is that most characters are highly invested and need perfect artifacts to work well. 
  • Significantly, players farm for characters and use the correct weapon and the correct artifacts to maximize the damage output for each team. 

Best Fontaine Teams 

Below listed is a summarized version of the Best Fontaine Teams, alongside the characters and artifacts: 

Genshin Impact Best Fontaine TeamsCharactersArtifact Sets
Neuvillette HyperbloomNeuvillette, Nahida, Kazuha, Kuki ShinobuMarechaussee Hunter, Viridescent Venereer, Deepwood Memories, Gilded Dreams
Neuvillette Vaporize TeamNeuvillette, Xiangling, Kazuha, BennettMarechaussee Hunter, Emblem of Severed Fate, Viridescent Venereer, Noblesse Oblige
Lyney Mono Pyro CompositionLyney, Xiangling, Kazuha, BennettMarechaussee Hunter, Emblem of Severed Fate, Viridescent Venereer, Noblesse Oblige

1. Neuvillette Hyper Bloom Team 

Neuvillette (Image By Me)

First things first, one of the most broken characters is Neuvillette, who is a Hydro five-star unit that focuses on AoE damage, and below listed are some of the characters in his Team: 

  • Neuvillette: Hydro hyper-carry and main DPS that will deal the highest amount of damage. 
  • Nahida: She will act as a Bloom trigger by reacting Dendro with Hydro when used with Neuivillette. 
  • Kazuha: He triggers crowd control for the team by grouping the opponents during a battle and grants damage buffs. 
  • Kuki Shinobu: Electro support to activate hydro bloom cores and healer at C2. 


The first main carry will be Neuvillette, who focuses on dealing hydro damage by charging his main skill and using his ultimate to detonate enemies. 

Below listed is the Marechaussee Hunter 4-piece set, alongside the substations used to enhance Neuvillette’s role: 

PiecesStatsWhy Choose It 
Flower HP%Pre-determined
Feather Flat ATK Pre-determined
Hourglass HP% Neuvilette’s attack is based on his max HP. 
Goblet Hydro Damage % Maxes out his damage output as a hydro character 
Circlet Crit Rate/ Crit Damage Crucial as a main damage dealer 
Substats Crit Damage, Crit Rate, HP%, Energy Recharge Crit Damage: Enhances critical damage done to enemies. 

Crit Rate: Enhances the chance to land critical hits. 

HP: Increases attack output based on his HP. 

Energy Recharge: Charges up the ultimate skill. 

  • As for the weapons, players want to pull for the Tome of the Eternal Flow, as it is his best in-slot weapon; however, the Sacrificial Jade can be a suitable replacement as a four-star weapon. 


Moving on, Nahida will act as a damage dealer by using her elemental skill, but she will also be able to help trigger the Bloom reaction by having Neuvillette react with Hydro after applying her Dendro skill. 

Below listed is the Deepwood Memories 4 piece set with the optimal stats and substats to prioritize to maximize her damage output:

PiecesStatsWhy Choose It 
Flower HP%Pre-determined
Feather Flat ATKPre-determined. 
Hourglass Elemental Mastery Clashes well with her elemental reactions. 
Goblet Elemental MasteryMaximizes her reaction capability. 
Circlet Crit Rate or Crit Damage It helps boost her overall Dendro damage output. 
Substats Crit Damage, Crit Rate, Elemental Mastery, ATK%, Energy RechargeCrit Damage: Enhances critical damage dealt to enemies. 

Crit Rate: Increases the chance to land critical hits. 

Energy Recharge: Charges up the ultimate skill. 

ATK%: Useful for damage output. 

For her weapon choices, the best five-star option will be to use A Thousand Floating Dreams, while a good four-star alternative will be the Solar Pearl. 


Kazuha Team GI
Kazuha Team (Image Taken By Me)

When it comes to using Kazuha, I use him in the best Fontaine teams in Genshin Impact as a crowd-control unit, as she can prove useful by grouping the enemies. 

Kazuha’s best artifact set is the four-piece Viridescent Venereer set combined with his Freedom Sworn five-star sword as listed below: 

PiecesStatsWhy Choose It 
Flower HP%Pre-determined
Feather Flat ATKPre-determined. 
Hourglass Elemental Mastery Best substat for Kazuha as a support 
Goblet Elemental Mastery Same reason as above
Circlet Elemental Mastery/Crit Rate/Crit Damage Elemental Mastery to maximize reactions
Substats Elemental Mastery/ Crit Damage/ Crit Rate Crit Damage and Crit Rate boost his Anemo damage. 

Kuki Shinobu 

Kuki Shinobi GI
Kuki Shinobi (Screenshot By Me)

Lastly, Kuki Shinobu acts as a character to trigger hyperbloom cores and provide a bit of healing during battle. 

Below listed are the 4 Piece, Gilded Dreams artifact, set alongside the Freedom Sworn or Iron Sting: 

PiecesStatsWhy Choose It 
Flower HP%Pre-determined
Feather Flat ATKPre-determined. 
Hourglass Elemental Mastery Enhances elemental reactions for Kuki. 
Goblet Elemental Mastery 
Circlet Elemental Mastery 
Substats HP%, HP, Energy Recharge HP% can enhance the healing output while Energy Recharge is required for faster charging of elemental bursts. 

2. Neuvillette/Xiangling Vaporize Team 

Xiangling GI
Xiangling (Image Taken By Me)

Moving on, the second-best team revolves around Neuvillette and a team that centers around the use of a Vaporize reaction as listed below:

  • Neuvillette: Acts as a main DPS that deals hydro damage that can be enhanced with the Vaporize reaction. 
  • Xiangling: She can proc Vaporize for Neuvillette and deal insane Pyro damage to enemies. 
  • Kazuha: Acts as a crowd control unit that can gather enemies and deal detrimental Swirl damage. 
  • Bennett: Healer as well as main attack buffer that can benefit both Xiangling as well as Neuvillette. 


First, Neuvillette will be used as a hyper-carry that deals Hydro damage to enemies all around, can deal excellent AoE damage, and can be buffed with characters such as Xiangling and Kazuha, as well as Bennett. 

When it comes to his best artifact set, it will be the Marechaussee Hunter set with the Tome of the Eternal Flow weapon as listed below: 

PiecesStatsWhy Choose It 
Flower HP%Pre-determined
Feather Flat ATKPre-determined. 
Hourglass HP% Boosts his Hydro damage output. 
Goblet Hydro Damage Useful when using Neuvillette as a hyper-carry. 
Circlet Crit Rate/ Crit Damage Useful to enhance overall damage output. 
Substats Crit Damage/ Crit Rate/ HP%/ Energy Recharge Crit Damage/Crit Rate: Needed for critical hit boosts. 

HP%: Needed as HP boosts Neuvillette’s damage output. 

Energy Recharge: Required for ultimate burst. 


As far as Xiangling is concerned, she will act as a Sub-DPS through which her Elemental Burst can deal massive amounts of Pyro damage and proc Vaporize for Neuvillette. 

Her best artifact set for the Fontaine team is Emblem of Severed Fate with the Engulfing Lightning and the Catch, as can be listed below: 

PiecesStatsWhy Choose It 
Flower HP%Pre-determined
Feather Flat ATKPre-determined. 
Hourglass ATK%/ Energy Recharge ATK% for damage boost and ER for Elemental Burst. 
Goblet Pyro Damage Bonus To boost her pyro damage. 
Circlet Crit Rate/ Crit Damage Depends on the needs of her ratio. 
Substats Crit Rate/ Crit Damage/ Energy Recharge/ ATK%Crit Rate/Crit Damage: Needed to land crit hits. 

ATK%: Needed for a higher damage output. 


Kazuha In Fontaine Team GI
Kazuha In Fontaine Team (Image Taken By Me)

Moving on, Kazuha will come in handy as a support by acting as a crowd control unit, and his best artifacts are the Viridescent Venereer set listed below: 

PiecesStatsWhy Choose It 
Flower HP%Pre-determined
Feather Flat ATKPre-determined. 
Hourglass Elemental Mastery Needed for elemental reactions. 
Goblet Elemental Mastery Elemental reactions. 
Circlet Elemental Mastery Required for effective elemental reactions to be carried out. 
Substats Elemental Mastery/ Crit Rate or Damage/ ATK%Crit Rate and Crit Damage needed for attack output. 


Lastly, a crucial character to finish off this Fontaine Teams in Genshin Impact is Bennett, who will act as a healer and an excellent buffer. 

His best artifact in-slot will be the four-piece Noblesse Oblige and the Skyward Blade or the Favonius Sword, as listed below: 

PiecesStatsWhy Choose It 
Flower HP%Pre-determined
Feather Flat ATKPre-determined. 
Hourglass HP% Allows for healing. 
Goblet HP%Needed to provide healing and buffs. 
Circlet HP%Same as above. 
Substats HP%/Flat HP/ Energy RechargeEnergy Recharge is required to cast up his Elemental Burst. 

3. Lyney Mono Pyro Composition 

Lyney GI
Lyney (Image Taken By Me)

The third-best Fontaine team composition in Genshin Impact is with Lyney, a five-star Pyro character that deals Pyro damage, and the characters that work best with him are as follows:

  • Lyney: Main DPS who can deal Pyro damage and can be an excellent hyper-carry for players. 
  • Xiangling: Sub-DPS that can provide further Pyro damage using her elemental Burst and render enemies useless. 
  • Kazuha: Crowds control enemies as well as swirling Pyro damage. 
  • Bennett: Healing as well as attack buffer for Lyney and Xiangling. 


Kicking things off, Lyney will be the main DPS for the Mono Pyro team and can unleash excellent Pyro damage that can detonate enemies. 

He will make use of the Marechaussee Hunter artifact set and The First Great Magic five-star weapon, which is listed as follows: 

PiecesStatsWhy Choose It 
Flower HP%Pre-determined
Feather Flat ATKPre-determined. 
Hourglass Energy RechargeNeeded for Elemental Burst. 
Goblet Pyro Damage Bonus Required to unleash increased Pyro damage to enemies. 
Circlet Crit Damage/ Crit Rate Useful to have a balance in crits as a main DPS. 
Substats Crit Damage/ Crit Rate/ Energy Recharge/ ATK%ATK%: Needed to increase damage as a main DPS. 

Crit Damage/ Crit Rate: Required for increased critical hits. 


Xiangling In Fontaine Team GI
Xiangling In Fontaine Team (Image Captured By Me)

Regarding using Xiangling in Fontaine for some of the best teams, she will be a Sub-DPS who can allow for Pyro damage to be unleashed on enemies. 

For her artifacts, she can use the Emblem of Severed Fate set with the Engulfing Lightning or The Catch as her weapons of choice: 

PiecesStatsWhy Choose It 
Flower HP%Pre-determined
Feather Flat ATKPre-determined. 
Hourglass Energy RechargeNeeded for Elemental Burst. 
Goblet Pyro Damage Bonus Required for a higher Pyro damage output. 
Circlet Crit Damage/ Crit Rate Needed to land crit hits as a sub-DPS. 
Substats ATK%/ Crit Damage/ Crit Rate/ Energy Recharge Crit Damage/ Crit Rate: A balance is required to land more crit hits on enemies. 

Energy Recharge: It is required for faster charging of Elemental Burst. 


As far as using Kazuha is concerned, he will once again act as a support and provide crowd control for his team members. 

He will use the Viridescent Venereer four-piece set to contribute to the Fontaine teams as listed here: 

PiecesStatsWhy Choose It 
Flower HP%Pre-determined
Feather Flat ATKPre-determined. 
Hourglass Elemental Mastery Required for causing elemental reactions. 
Goblet Elemental Mastery 
Circlet Elemental Mastery 
Substats Elemental Mastery/ Crit Rate/Crit Damage Crit Damage or Crit Rate can increase his attack but is not required. 


Bennett In Fontaine Teams GI
Bennett In Fontaine Teams (Image Captured By Me)

Lastly, Bennett will come in handy when he is being used as a healing unit that can heal up teammates and buff up their overall damage output. 

For the artifact set, he uses the 4 piece Noblesse Oblige set with the Iron Sting as his weapon, as listed here: 

PiecesStatsWhy Choose It 
Flower HP%Pre-determined
Feather Flat ATKPre-determined. 
Hourglass HP%/ Energy Recharge Energy Recharged is required for faster recharge of his Elemental Burst. 
Goblet HP% Needed for healing 
Circlet HP% Same as above. 
Substats Energy Recharge/ HP% HP% is needed to increase Healing output. 

My Opinion On The Best Fontaine Team

My time spent in Genshin with Accolades (Image by Me)

After spending more than 2000+ hours playing Genshin Impact, I feel like using Neuvilette has been the highlight of Fontaine for me, as he provides exploration and excellent damage output.

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Other than that, I also recommend checking out the Level Up Fast Genshin Impact guide!

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