Genshin Impact: Completing Macaron Melange Web Event

The Genshin Impact Macaron Melange involves baking macarons three times, mixing almonds, adding sugar, and designing them!

Genshin Impact has planned to introduce Navia as a limited five-star Geo team character to all players, and with that comes her web event as a little treat. Players might want to know what the Genshin Impact Macaron Melange web event is, and how to complete it and get all endings!

Important: The Macaron Melange web event does not yield a high primogem award count. 
Key Takeaways
  • The Macaron Melange is a web event related to Navia that introduces her as a character and her personality in Genshin Impact. 
  • Players must complete the event 3 times to get all the rewards by mixing sugar, almonds, berries and more ingredients to make macarons. 
  • The web event yields 40 primogems as a reward delivered to players via their in-game mail in Genshin Impact. 
  • The only downside to playing the event is that it does not give a high reward count, and if it is skipped, then you miss out on the rewards. 

What Is The Macaron Melange Event?

What Is The Macaron Melange
What Is The Macaron Melange (Image By Me)

Kicking things off, when I saw the Macaron Melange event, even I was very confused. In short, the web event consists of a few small tasks that players must complete to familiarize themselves with Navia and her personality. 

  • It typically involves baking macarons and adding ingredients according to the correct recipe. 

Players can add a certain amount of sugar or not at all, and it determines the total sweetness of the macaron achieved at the end. 

How To Complete The Event

Completion for the Macaron Melange event in Genshin isn’t all that difficult, as it simply requires you to grind some almonds to the right consistency, add a little bit of sugar, and choose a few designs for your macarons. 

Moving on, let’s take a look at the steps I took to complete the web event successfully: 

  1. Log in to your Hoyoverse account using either your UID or you can use your account login details as well, including your username and password.
  2. Select the server that you’re from and click Start. 
    Choose The Server
    Choose The Server (Image By Me)
  3. It introduces players to Navia and her trainees, and she talks about the banquet celebrating Poisson’s reconstruction. 
  4. While the mixing table is out, grind a few almonds and click on the screen to grind them faster. 
    Grinding Almonds
    Grinding Almonds (Image By Me)
  5. After that, add the egg whites and beat them to the perfect consistency until they form soft peaks. 
  6. After that, you can choose how much sweetness you want to add to the Macaron Melange Genshin, depending on your taste.
    Amount of Sweetness  Number of Sugar Cubes End Result
    None At All  0 Average taste 
    Just a Bit  1 Mildly Sweet 
    Half Serving  2 Mildly Sweet 
    Full Serving  One Bottle  Good Sweetness
    Extra Servings Two Bottles  High Sweetness
  7. After selecting the sweetness, you can add a few fruit or sea creatures options. 
    Choosing The Fruits
    Choosing The Fruits (Image By Me)
  8. Choose from the fruits or Vegetables you add, such as Berries, Tomatoes, Lavender Melons, Bulle Fruits, or Tidalgas. 
  9. You can then add a Macaron Melange Design in Genshin, and the options range from a few different faces. 
  10. Bake the macarons for a little bit, 
  11. You should be able to view the completed macarons placed on a plate. 

To showcase your Macarons to fellow players, you can share them on Hoyolab or other sites. 

Repeating The Event 

After the Macaron Melange Genshin web event has been completed once, you must complete it 3 times to gain all the rewards. 

The steps are listed below as follows: 

  1. Add the almonds to ratio. 
  2. Click the screen faster to grind the almonds faster. 
  3. Select a certain amount of sweetness in Genshin Macaron Melange.
    Sugar (Image Screenshotted By Me)
  4. higher sweetness is preferred to Navia and makes her expressions appear happier. 
  5. Choosing a sweeter fruit like Berries or Melons makes her happier, too. 

The designs that are available range from the following: 

Designs (Image Taken By Me)
  • Two spectacles with an apostrophe for a nose and a small mustache. 
  • An angry face with bent eyebrows and a right-pointed nose. 
  • An open eye with eyelashes looking down with blushing features. 
  • A winking face with an apostrophe for a nose. 
  • An eye is looking up and down with a thick nose. 
    Delivering The Macarons
    Delivering The Macarons (Image By Me)

Repeat the event one more time and choose different designs. Navia delivered the macarons as a present to you, and Paimon herself presented them in a box, and I gained 40 primogems from the event. 

My Thoughts On The Macaron Melange Event 

Genshin Impact Game Time
Genshin Impact Game Time

After spending time and completing the entire web event, it ended up being very easy and enjoyable, as it simply required mixing a few ingredients, choosing designs for Macarons, and delivering them to the traveler. With that, let’s wrap up the Genshin Impact Macaron Melange guide! If you want to know more about completing the guide and getting all endings, check out the video posted by HDRsaputra on Youtube!

While you’re here, why not read up on the Genshin Impact Review by Moiz Banoori, which details about what kind of game it is and what to expect while playing it! Alongside that, the Genshin Impact Free Characters guide is one that you should not skip out on, as it entails getting your hands on free characters!

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