Killer Bean Took The “Overpowered Assassin” A Little Too Seriously, And I Love It

Watching a "Bean" steamroll ten other beans never gets old. Playing it is even better.

Story Highlights

  • The Killer Bean game got another trailer, and the iconic Bean Man is as overpowered as you remember.
  • For a game with such peculiar power scaling, the gunplay and mechanic fluidity seriously look exciting.
  • Considering its cult following due to the hilarious memes, it’s time to bring back the animated shorts.

Let me ask you a question. Do you like absolutely overpowered characters capable of eliminating anything? A disgraced and hunted assassin who single-handedly wipes out all competition? Who doesn’t, right? The adrenaline rush is insane. Now, let me ask another question. What about if all this was about a coffee bean in a world of coffee beans? 

No, I’m not kidding. That is the entire premise of Killer Bean. After mobile games and animated shorts and movies, this bizarre series is finally getting a full-fledged video game, and there are plenty of reasons to be excited.

YouTube video

Killer Bean — Origins

If you’re still confused as to if it’s all a prank, I don’t even blame you. Hard to accept, isn’t it? But once you do, you’ll find that this series is actually pretty enjoyable and humorous despite the cliche and obvious nonsense.

At this point, the Killer Bean series has garnered a cult following, simply because of how much of a meme material it is. It was created by Jeff Lew back in the 90s, with web shorts subsequently getting a movie called Killer Bean Forever.

Why Killer Bean is unironically my favorite series
by inCharacterRant

The premise was extremely simple and comical. In a world of beans exists an overpowered assassin called Killer Bean, who is sent on a quest to eliminate a criminal overlord, while being hunted down by mercenaries and killers himself. However, they can only wish they could touch him, as he swiftly and very comedically eliminates all adversaries, to the point where it doesn’t make any sense, yet is extremely amusing.

The dialogues and quippy interactions are to die for | Source: IMDB
The dialogues and quippy interactions are to die for | Source: IMDB

If you look at it logically, the movie was a total mess. However, it was so much of a mess that it was pretty good. You can’t help but applaud just how much the movie sucked, and that’s exactly why it gathered a strong following. With creative and hilarious memes flooding the internet, the comical character becoming an icon, and the ironic ridicule of the presentation created a highly beloved franchise. 

Oh, and the dialogues. Man, some of the interactions were downright hysterical (please don’t cancel me).

let me put it in a language you can understand [Meme]
byu/anime_is_sinful inyoutubehaiku

Killer Bean received a mobile game later, which is still pretty enjoyable for fans of the series, and subsequent animated shorts which were canceled midway to focus on this new video game. 

Killer Bean At His Best

When it was first announced back in 2021 that Killer Bean would be receiving a proper open-world game for PC and consoles, it turned a lot of heads. Soon after, the first trailer came out, and it’s safe to say that it blew all the expectations and images I had in my mind out of the water.

Killer Bean – Official Game Trailer
byu/VatoMas inGames

Now, we’ve received a second trailer on Summer Game Fest, showcasing some of the gameplay elements. As expected, the game is an authentic representation of Killer Bean. And by authentic, I mean as absurdly overpowered as possible.

We’re talking near-infinite bullet time, taking out 10 people with the iconic “gun-fu”, dodge-rolling through a bullet storm like you’re playing Dark Souls, throwing hands with an entire room of armed gunmen and coming out unscathed, and much much more all blown way out of proportion and logic.

Make way for the KILLER BEAN | Source: The Game Awards (YouTube)
Make way for the KILLER BEAN | Source: The Game Awards (YouTube)

But you know what the best thing is? As illogical and just “overpowered for the sake of it” as the game may be, it still looks like a very solid and refined title. With both first and third-person modes, the gunplay is actually looking good for a gag portrayal, characters’ animations and movements are quite fluid, the freedom of the open world looks inviting, NPC interactions and ragdoll feel legit and hilarious; it’s a great-looking game regardless of the comical approach.

More Animated Shorts, Please

Now that the game has become a reality, I think it’s high time to bring back the animated shorts and videos of the iconic Killer Bean. There are very few franchises out there that can make a serious-sounding and tense background as ridiculous and hilarious as this one. If you’ve seen the memes, you know exactly what I mean. I can’t get enough of it.

byu/William_Nicholls inKillerBean

If the game indeed becomes successful, and I sincerely hope it does, I’m looking forward to Killer Bean’s return as a toon. With all its cult following looking for more meme material, I’m sure they’ll jump at the opportunity. 

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