4 Video Game Missions That Are Gaming’s Gold Standard

Here is a list of some iconic missions where I felt like gaming couldn’t get any better.

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  • Missions and quests are the backbone of the video game narrative.
  • Here are a few examples of missions where gaming peaked and was at its very best.

Arguably the most popular terminology gamers use for checkpoints in gaming is the word “mission.” Games like GTA have popularised and ingrained this term in the minds of players, making it the quintessential way to address objectives.

There are some missions in gaming history that stand out from the rest because of their plot, entertainment value, and overall impact on the video game. I decided to put together a list of missions I think fit that category.

The Big Score From GTA 5

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The Big Score is the penultimate mission of Grand Theft Auto 5 and is the last heist that our three main protagonists undertake. Players can either take the “obvious” approach which, is based on breaking into the vault and fighting off hordes of enemies, or the alternate “Subtle” while conducting this heist.

Both of these variations are brilliant and require many prep missions, but the chaotic obvious play-through is what gives the big score its reputation. From Trevor flying a helicopter carrying tonnes of gold to Michael and Franklin fighting off hundreds of officers in the Los Santos financial district, the mission is an extreme final heist a title like GTA 5 deserves.

The Suicide Mission From Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 Suicide missions
Mass Effect 2 Suicide Mission Places The Fate Of Every Character In Your Hands | Source: TheGamer

As you can probably guess by the mission’s name, Mass Effect 2’s last level features a lot of death (which is avoidable). When Commander Shephard and his crew finally enter the Omega-4 Relay, they have to beat overwhelming odds to destroy the collectors and their human android. The entirety of Mass Effect 2 leads up to this moment, with Shephard needing to build a skilled crew throughout the game in addition to mining raw minerals for his ship.

Crew members and even our protagonist can die canonically during this mission if we fail to assign the right tasks or make the right upgrades. On the other hand, if you build trust with your crew mates during the game and focus on their strengths during the last mission, everyone can survive. Hence, your choices affect the plot and also lead to the game’s sequel. The high stakes, barrage of enemies, and action-packed sections of Mass Effect 2’s mission have made it one of the greatest in gaming history, and for the right reason.

Possession From The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 Missions Hym
The Hym From Witcher 3| Source: YouTube

It’s only right to pick one of The Witcher 3’s many brilliant quests and the one that makes the cut for me is Possession. This side quest follows Geralt as he heads to Svorlag to find Cerys the daughter of Cranch an Craite. After finding her, we find out that Cerys thinks that Jarl Udalryk is under a curse from his dead brother and she comes to his childhood home to find the family sword.

Basically, the Jarl’s younger brother got the family sword many years ago against tradition, which led to Udalryk questioning his father. For his actions, he was punished and a short while later a storm killed the younger sibling while Udalryk survived while they were fishing. Cerys believes that placing the sword with Udalryk’s brother will lift the curse, however, after Geralt does this the Jarl pokes out his eye.

Geralt figures out that Udalryk is being haunted by a Hym: a creature that latches onto a person’s guilt. The Witcher 3 gives you two options; trick the Hym or go the Witcher way. Whatever path you take, Geralt faces off with the Hym and banishes it. The storytelling, dark narrative, in-depth lore, and plot twists are what make The Witcher 3 one of the greatest titles in gaming history, and “Possession” captures it all perfectly.

Whodunit From The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

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Probably the best quest in all of the Elder Scrolls games is Whodunit from Oblivion. To trigger this side quest you need to kill an innocent man, which will get you invited into the Dark Brotherhood, which is a murderous cult. Ocheeva, the head of the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary, asks you to go to the Summitmist manner in Skingard and kill everyone in it as they are enemies of the Brotherhood.

The catch of Whodunit is that no one can know you killed them making stealth a necessity. As a result, you have to use mind games, turn people against one another, and delve deeper into each guest to achieve your goal. You have to figure out the interpersonal relationships all the guests have and try to manipulate them to do your bidding and kill each other. In addition, you can poison, bribe, and maim the guests if no one is watching.

This interesting premise, coupled with the brilliant dialogue, AI, and storytelling makes Whodunit from The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion a true highlight of the series.

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