Paying Homage To The Greatest Indie Games Ever Made

From the voids of Hollow Knight to the heights of Celeste, some of these indie titles go above and beyond to deliver something truly remarkable.

In this day and age, every AAA title wants to be flashy. They want to be fast, they want to be explosive, but in the end, this is what causes their downfall, repetition between these concepts ends up harming their franchises.

Games Like Overwatch brought hate to themselves by announcing the most unneeded sequel of all time, Battlefield went early access and never finished their game, but some developers decide they want to take their time, these indie developers work for years, on one single genre-defining game.

Although many indie titles end up going unnoticed by the mass majority of players and indie connoisseurs alike, there have been some titles almost every player finds interesting and very enjoyable.

However, there are only a handful of games that truly changed up the vision of indie titles as a whole today. Here are some indie games that took strides to become the greatest.

Hollow Knight

Hollow knight is a 2d platformer that dives into extensive lore and extremely timed combat, often so difficult it could give Elden Ring a run for its money. The story in the game is confusing to the player as there is no clear clue as to why we are there, but as the story progresses, we understand the bigger picture.

As we go through the story, we realize that the king of this realm decided to contain a certain virus using a being with no emotions. As we play the game we realize that the virus is seeping through the world, and we, as an emotionless entity can overtake the previous caretaker and fulfill the duty bestowed upon us.

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With the story drawing ever so closer to its conclusion, and the world being torn apart by some unknown deity, this title takes steps in the story, and in its extremely simple gameplay that has a surprisingly large learning curve,


Inscryption’s plot is simple yet captivating; four scribes carve cards out of physical things. These cards have wills of their own and battle with each other, which is divided into 3 acts. The first one is the battle with Leshy, a great introduction with foreshadowing. The second is in a pixelated roleplaying style. The third is against po3, a robot with ulterior motives.

The game takes leaps when it comes to intractability with the environment and your opponents. You just never know when the title is going to sway you, and where you are going to end up.


Every PC player should try out Inscryption and its reality-breaking experience. While the game messes with both the mind of the player and their PC, it also serves as a great card game filled with roleplaying elements and extremely unique boss fights and concepts fit for any player to pick up and relish.


Celeste is a 2D platform game with intense difficulty; it focuses on frame-perfect jumps and advanced movement mechanics which gradually get more complex with each stage. Having a pixelated style, the game is often jaw-dropping in visuals and sounds.

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In the current world of gaming, making a 2d platformer is a bad idea considering half of Nintendo immediately becomes your competition, but Celeste was able to go beyond that and destroyed that competition. From the story to its extremely difficult gameplay, it is a title that is beyond a masterpiece,


A seemingly innocent title, going around in a random cave finding treasure, exploring its charming world with comedic characters, and fighting cute little puppies, devolves into a game that so terrifying it cuts a mark deep into its player.

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The game is shifted by the decisions you make. If you decided to go a more pacifistic route, you’ll be treated fairly, but if you go for a Genocide run, I assure you, the conclusion is not one you would enjoy.

This game has been marked as one of the greatest psychological experiences out there, with some moments completely taking over your soul. Truly a title to admire.


Sometimes all we need is a simple rage-inducing and fun gameplay experience, all packed into one punch. Also including the multiplayer aspect of the game, there is much to do, if you can actually do it! The game is relentlessly hard and unforgiving, this is probably why it excelled in many people’s hearts.

Cuphead is a fantastic game and it is quite fun too. It is also one of the more popular Indie games to have ever been released, and being a platformer makes it all the more striking.

These are just some of the greatest Indie titles out there, with new ones coming out each year, we can only expect this list to grow to a new height, one that has never been seen before.

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