The Overwatch 1 Disc Finds Purpose Again, Gets Turned Into A Pizza Cutter

One curious fan isn't giving up on his Overwatch disc just yet.

It’s no secret that the gaming industry is home to some of the most creative minds on the planet, both on the side of consumers as well as producers.

Game developers, publishers, artists—everyone aspires to create rip-roaring IPs, franchises, and follow-up titles like the currently in-trend God of War Ragnarok while the playing community remains hard at work trying to explore all those games to the very maximum. 

One apparent fan who’s managed to think outside the matrix and give in to his creative freedom has turned the Overwatch disc into a pizza cutter, making sure that the legacy of the first-person shooter never dies out. Must have been feeling remarkably bored, this one. 

The Rundown: 

  • After the launch of the much-anticipated Overwatch 2, the developers announced that the first Overwatch game would no longer work. All the relevant servers for the game were pulled ahead of time and the title was officially declared defunct at the start of October.
  • Since the game’s both physical and digital editions are not functional anymore when you try playing any of them, one Redditor found something quite unique to do with the disc variant of the first Overwatch game.
  • Evidently, the man, the myth, the legend has turned Overwatch’s disc into a pizza cutter, so the next time someone gets a pizza over to the original poster’s house, they already have an insurmountable tool ready at their disposal.

Captioning the work of art with, “I did it boys, it’s real,” Redditor GoldNova12_1130 has had the following to share with the r/Overwatch subreddit in recent times. From the looks of it, due dedication has been put into the project. Bask in the glory of the image ahead. 

I did it boys, it’s real. from Overwatch

Apparently, GoldNova is a 3D printing enthusiast who has designed a 3D model for the handle of this novel pizza cutter. The individual involved also put up a listing on the Cults 3D repository, so interested people could get in on the fun just as well.

The OBJ file for the model costs €1.10 at the time of writing, currently offering a 15% discounted deal. If you’ve got yourself a 3D printer, you best get to work and show off your next-level pizza cutter just as well. One person commenting on the post says, “Make another one and I’ll buy it. Lol.”

To this, GoldNova gets back by saying that intrigued individuals can download the model for the 3D print and get it printed by a dedicated service provider. All of this would take somewhere around $10 to happen. Replying to just that, another Redditor writes, “That’s less than they’re charging for skins lmao.” Well, they’re not wrong.

This is the quality content that OW2 is lacking,” says another amused Redditor on the post. Speaking of Overwatch 2, though, the game’s cosmetic skins are too much to purchase at the moment.

People were on the fence at the time of the title’s release, asking whether Overwatch 2 is good or bad, but it appears we may now have the answer to that, given the broad consensus. 

Apart from the title suffering from several DDoS attacks on launch day and various other bugs, errors, and issues; multiple fixes have been rolling out for Overwatch 2 but quite a few of them were to no avail. At the present, however, the game seems to be in a playable state.

On the flip side, Overwatch 2 did manage to withstand its first week of controversy and break the first Overwatch’s peak concurrent player record, even amassing more than 25 million players just 10 days after launch

What do you think of Blizzard Entertainment‘s free-to-play hero-based shooter at the moment? Do let us know in the comments section ahead.

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