Sekiro’s Resurrection Mod Is More “Fun” Than I Can Handle

Resurrection Mod overhauls the base game of Sekiro and adds so much more that it fulfills my craving for more content.

Story Highlights

  • Sekiro was released in 2019, and it is the first FromSoftware to win the GOTY Award.
  • Despite that, it didn’t receive a proper DLC, and there is no news about a sequel.
  • The Resurrection Mod has added a lot more content in-game, and it feels like a DLC.

Even five years after its release, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice holds a special place in my heart as it was a different yet unique spin added to the Soulsbonre franchise. It is also the first ever FromSoftware game to win the Game of The Year Award at TGA 2019, yet it failed to fall under the developer’s radar, which resulted in it getting no DLC or any news regarding a sequel.

Due to that, I find this treatment extremely unfair for the level of brilliance Sekiro has displayed.  

Many might claim the developer did a similar thing with Bloodborne, but I would disagree. Bloodborne has a massive DLC, which Sekiro lacks. Sure, the latter one has some gauntlets, but those are just boss rush modes with a little enhancement in some bosses. 

However, there is a mod that added so much more content that fulfilled my craving for a sequel or a DLC. Sekiro Resurrection Mod was so fun yet extremely challenging for me.  

Sekiro Resurrection Mod Is A Must Try

Isshin, The Sword Saint In Resurrection Mod Is Extremely Hard | Image Sorce: Nexusmods

If you have yet to try this mod, then you are missing out on a lot. I know that the base game is extremely fun and has a lot of replayability, but the mod introduces a lot of new content. While there are not many new boss fights, there are some mini-bosses that can make your run a little more challenging. 

I have completed the mod, and believe me, it is way harder than the base game. I have over 100 hours in Sekiro, and still, the Resurrection Mod was extremely challenging for me. Many of the bosses have different movesets that are hard to react to, but with enough practice, you can surely master them.

The Resurrection mod is incredible!!!
byu/Repulsive_Dentist297 inSekiro

Modders have revamped almost all of the main bosses, and there are some new enemies. Other than that, there are a couple of new items, and the encounters with the enemies are scarier. While playing this, I can feel that it was made under the direct supervision of Miyazaki due to the traps and encounters I have faced. 

Of course, there are new mechanics, and you can do some counters after deflecting. Also, the Mist Raven Prosthetic Tool is a must-try, as upon its use, Owl will be summoned. After the summon, he will do a combo that deals massive damage. So, while the difficulty has been cranked up insanely, there are also some mechanics that are in your favor. 

Bosses That Will Make Your Rage Quit

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
The Mod Overahuls Sekiro And Adds A Lot Of New Things | Image Source: Steam

So, now comes the most interesting part of the mod. This mod has some of the bosses that will make your run kind of frustrating, but isn’t that what every FomSofware game does? That is why I urge fellow Sekiro enjoyers to try this mod. 

The first wall you usually hit during the first playthrough is Genichiro. The same is the case with this mod, too, as Genichiro is more annoying than ever. However, if you have mastered him, then you might not have much trouble with the new attacks.   

Has anyone played the Sekiro: Resurrection Mod?
byu/Lordof_NOTHING inSekiro

Remember how surprising the second phase of Gaurdian Ape was? Well, now you have one more phase to deal with. Again, if you have mastered the boss already, you might not have much trouble. However, the next bosses are a little different, and they will, without a doubt, require more practice. 

For me, the Great Shinobi Owl was an underwhelming boss. So, let’s say he isn’t an underwhelming boss anymore and move on to Owl Father. This boss fight literally made me rage quit because as soon as my poise broke, it was game over. Even veteran players like LilAggy had a hard time with this boss.

He will stab you over and over until you get the best of him. While I enjoy the overall mod, this fight made me realize I had so much more to learn. With this mindset, I went on to fight Isshin, The Sword Saint. Genichiro was pretty, but Isshin? I can only thank God that he didn’t have another phase. 

While there are some frustrating moments, overall, it is extremely fun and definitely something you should try out. FromSoftware has been unfair toward Sekiro fans, but the modders have been more than generous. There are tons of other mods, but either they are too hard or too unrelated.

That is why I consider Sekiro Resurrection Mod to be the best one of all. If you want to try out the mod, you can simply download it via Nexusmods

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