Mario Party Was Ingenious And Fun Before, But Jamboree Takes It To The Next Level

A bigger and better sequel in every way.

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  • Nintendo Direct announced the triumphant return of Mario Party with Super Mario Party Jamboree.
  • With more enjoyable content than any past entry, the latest Mario Party is bigger and better than ever.
  • Nintendo’s continued commitment to creative game design and fun factor deserves genuine applause.

What do video games mean for you? Do you consider a game good if it has photorealistic visuals? Is a profound and thought-provoking narrative your preferred factor? Or is it an all-encompassing power fantasy that makes you feel like the king of the world what you want in your games?

I’m sure you have your desires and conditions when picking a game up, but for me, the thing that matters the most is just how crazy fun this virtual world is. If it throws all logic and rationality aside, all the better. Games are meant to be fun, not realistic. And if a game lets you share this boundless enjoyment with your friends and family, can you ask for anything better?

Let’s see, what is a game that checks all these boxes? Oh, I know. It’s Mario Party.

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Mario Party Is Here To Entertain Once Again

If you’re a fan of party games that feature nothing but quality fun enjoyable with the whole family, or friends on the internet, there’s no way you haven’t heard of the Mario Party series.

The internet thing came to the series a lot later, but the prior still held true all the way back when the series first surfaced. There was no in-depth narrative, no photorealistic visuals, just a ton of fun, creative gameplay mechanics, exciting minigames, and everyone forgetting their worries to come together and have a laugh while beating the hell out of each other. In-game, of course.

Having Now Played all the Mario Parties, Here’s my ranking on how much I enjoyed them
byu/CozzaC4 inMARIOPARTY

As you’re aware, Mario is Nintendo’s poster boy and has received the treatment worthy of such an icon. With multiple spinoff series each opting for a certain gameplay design choice, there’s a Mario game for everyone’s tastes.

Mario Party has though transformed quite a lot over the years, it was and still is all about creative minigames. From monopoly-style board games and throwing darts to racing against your homies and competing in complicated (ahem) Maths challenges, the games just want you to have as much fun competing in the most stupidly enjoyable of things as possible.

Just a ton of fun | Source: Nintendo
Just a ton of fun | Source: Nintendo

It was only limited to your real-life friends before, but since that’s a pretty big hurdle these days (no offense intended to anyone), the last Super Mario Party on Switch decided to finally introduce online multiplayer capabilities. And now, we’re about to get something bigger and better than ever.

Mario Party Trilogy upcoming with online play!
byu/markalfred05 inMARIOPARTY

Super Mario Party Jamboree — Creative Fun To The Max

The recent Nintendo Direct was nothing short of magical reveals. From the absolutely shocking Mario and Luigi and the unprecedented new Zelda game to the Capcom Fighting collection and Metroid Prime 4, it was literally breathtaking (people seriously fainted). Among these revelations also existed Super Mario Party Jamboree, a sequel that’s raising the stakes immensely.

If you thought Mario Party was entertaining and just jam-packed with creative content before, wait till you see what Jamboree has to offer. It’s a perfect embodiment of the phrase “bigger and better.” Featuring stuff from the entire series’ golden history, the game promises a scale you’ve never witnessed before.

First, let’s take a look at what it has to offer. The last Mario Party had a whopping 80 different mini-games for you to try. Impressive, right? Super Mario Party Jamboree said that’s still nothing. Prepare for an insane 110 mini-game pool, with both new surprises, and all the crazy stuff you’ve grown to love over the years.

Let the games begin | Source: Nintendo (YouTube)
Let the games begin | Source: Nintendo (YouTube)

All the stuff it takes from its predecessors, the game adds its own layer of creative additions and makes a perfect blend of nostalgia and design variety. It makes sure to tell you that it’s definitely a new game, one learning from and in turn surpassing its predecessors.

Why Mario Party Jamboree will be the Best Game in the Series
byu/piantapedia inMARIOPARTY

There’s one more point that makes Super Mario Party Jamboree so superior. Super Mario Party Jamboree not only comes with an increased online focus than its predecessor but also raises the limit of the number of people you can play with. The game allows up to 20 online players to compete at a time. The pool of people you can share your joy with or competitively curse at just got a whole lot bigger.

Have many friends? No problem | Source: Nintendo (YouTube)
Have many friends? No problem | Source: Nintendo (YouTube)

Nintendo’s Creativity Isn’t Over Just Yet

All this is just one of the reasons why Nintendo’s extremely stable and sustained position in the gaming industry hasn’t changed even in these troubled times. Short and sweet adventures in between the big-budget ones, that’s the way to go.

Nintendo continued to deliver games that prioritize creative enjoyment and imaginative freedom first and foremost. Tears of the Kingdom introduced the Ultrahand, the new Zelda game is pushing the boundaries of creative approaches once again, and the entire Mario franchise is all about just having crazy fun. Nintendo continues to go strong precisely because it has its priorities straight.

Nintendo games are becoming more appealing as I get older
byu/PineconeToucher innintendo

I’m not saying Nintendo’s perfect, far from it. Its mindless crusade against fan-created content is highly reprehensible, but at least Nintendo’s head is perfectly in the game when it comes to creating games.

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