New Switch Update 16.0.2 Adds “ADHD” Word To Japanese Banned Word List

The renowned Switch dataminer has dug deeply into the new update.

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  • Nintendo has recently pushed out the new 16.0.2 update for Switch, which improves the user experience by adding “general system stability improvements.”
  • The update also adds the ADHD word to the bad Japanese word list, as discovered by the prominent Switch dataminer @OatmealDome.
  • The word was likely blacklisted because the Japanese Switch players apparently often use it as a slur word. It is not blacklisted outside of Japan.
  • A memory leak has also been fixed, as per the dataminer. The new fix will result in better performance and optimization in Switch.

Nintendo has released the new update 16.0.2 for the little giant, which seeks to smoothen the console quality for users. The patch adds “general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.” The official patch notes are detailed in a single bullet point, as Nintendo does not state the other changes made in the back end. It has become somewhat of a custom for the Japanese goliath to release minimally detailed patch notes.

Regardless, there is more to the update than meets the eye, as dug by the known Nintendo dataminer @OatmealDome. The dataminer describes all the findings from the update on his Twitter handle, noting the secretive changes made for the Nintendo Switch. One major change includes adding the word ADHD to the list of banned Japanese word list, which signifies that it has been blacklisted for the players and should not be used.

The reason behind the blacklisting of the word has not been detailed in the official patch notes, leaving people baffled about such a change for the Switch. While the exact motives of Nintendo are unclear, the fans have come up with many possible reasons behind the new change. The users in the Twitter post have noted that the giant company added ADHD to the bad word list for Japan because of its misuse among the Japanese community.

To elaborate, some Japanese Switch users tend to refer to ADHD as a slur, offending many legitimate affectees and sympathetic gamers in the process. Such usage of the word also goes against its intended use and Nintendo’s terms and conditions. This reason appears to be the most logical out of some wild circulating fables, but the conglomerate has not yet commented on why exactly the change was made for the portable.

It is up to everyone to decide whether it was the correct decision to blacklist the word entirely. Nevertheless, many fans have shown a negative reception to such a change in the new Switch update. “Damn…As someone with ADHD myself that’s really f**ked up to hear,” says one user in response to the Tweet above. Regardless, it is worth noting that the ADHD word has only been blacklisted in the Japanese community.

The 16.0.2 Switch update also allegedly fixes a memory leak, as said by the dataminer, which will raise the performance of the dated handheld. Nintendo Switch has continued to improve its bad word list, which ensures that certain words are censored for all involved players.

The patch was also on the smaller side, which added words related to “sexually charged language, drug-related terms, words related to grooming, swears, etc.)” to the banned words database. Moreover, it also included general stability improvements. While this update is among the smallest we have seen for the Switch in a while, it still consists of a bundle of back-end changes to enhance the Switch.

On the other hand, it has still not added certain features that fans have asked for over the years, leaving more room for additions in future patches. The lack of new features can allude to the long age of Nintendo Switch, which is reaching the last stages of its lifespan. The little giant has flourished over the years and persists in beating the competition despite its heyday phase ending due to its lack of hardware specs.

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