Run For Your Life In Zoochosis, The Most Terrifying Zoo Sim Ever

Can you survive the night?

Story Highlights

  • Zoochosis throws you into a horrifying scenario where you face bloodthirsty monsters.
  • As you fight for survival, Zoochosis combines scares with surprising depth.
  • The first-person body-cam perspective cranks up the terror.

Zoochosis isn’t for the faint of heart. Clapperheads, the developers of this upcoming horror masterpiece, have taken a simple concept of a night shift gone wrong and twisted it into a really thrilling experience.

You play as a newly appointed night zookeeper. What starts as a routine shift quickly descends into a chaotic nightmare. A mysterious illness sweeps through the zoo, transforming the adorable zoo animals into bloodthirsty monsters.

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A Blend of Horror and Simulation

Zoochosis tries to combine the horror atmosphere with the depth of a simulation game. You’re not just running around screaming (although there definitely will be moments for that). As the night watchman, you are in charge of the remaining live animals, the healthy ones, of course.

Zoochosis Kangaroo
Kangaroo is out for blood | Source: Clapperheads

This involves providing the animals with food, ensuring that their living spaces are clean, and having everything in place to make sure they survive the night. But you have to complete all this while avoiding mutated monsters that would love nothing more than to turn you into their next meal.

The Body-Cam Perspective

This is a genius move by Clapperheads to use a body-cam perspective. It’s a fresh take on horror gameplay, a genre often criticized for relying on tired tropes. This perspective of the environment just makes the gameplay more scary in my opinion. 

The shaking of the camera as you slowly make your way through the zoo’s non-lit hallways perfectly captures the situation’s desperation and fear. Every sudden sound will force you to see what lurks in the dark. From the horrors waiting around the corner, to simply the eerie feeling of always being followed, it will have you looking over your shoulder.

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More Than Just Monsters

Zoochosis is not just about escaping from the monsters. Throughout the game, you will encounter some clues in the zoo, which can explain the reason for this outbreak. Is it a conspiracy? An accident? Of course, the answers are somewhere in the zoo, yet to be discovered. This extra layer of lore increases the level of complexity in the game making you want to reach the bottom line of this mystery.

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As you uncover more about the mystery, you find yourself wondering about the reality of the disease. It could be just a random mutation, or is there something darker at play? The game relates to the phenomenon called Zoochosis, which is a term for behavioral disorders in animals, and the mutations in the zoo. This forces you to consider the ethics of keeping animals in captivity.

The Moral Dilemma of Zoochosis

Zoochosis isn’t exactly a linear game. Much of the gameplay depends on the choices the player makes and thus, it is crucial to make the right decision. Do you prioritize caring for healthy animals or focus all your efforts on finding a cure? Every decision matters and some will present severe dilemmas that require you to make difficult decisions.

Would you endanger your life to rescue an animal from mutated monsters? Or would you save your resources for a cure that could save them all? These tough choices will force you to question your morals and priorities in the face of unimaginable horror.

Zoochosis Zebra
Your choices will carry heavy consequences | Source: Clapperheads

A Haunting Experience Awaits

Zoochosis is quite a unique horror game. It is a lesson in how to create suspense and horror, yet, at the same time – the most unexpected thought-provoking experience as well. The combination of chills, simulation aspects, and moral dilemmas make Zoochosis a game that should not be missed by any fan of the horror genre.

Moreover, the emotional connection with the animals makes you question the morality of zoos. Are these creatures really living well in captivity or are they simply surviving in their cages? The game’s message is not in your face, but the silent seed of doubt that the game instills will stay with you.

Zoochosis – A first-person horror game where you play as a zookeeper whose zoo has become infected by The Thing
byu/C-OSSU inTwoBestFriendsPlay

So, grab your flashlight (and perhaps a spare pair of pants), and get ready to experience the world of Zoochosis. The release date is set for Q2 2024. Just remember, the cute animals you meet in the zoo, might not be very cuddly after dark.

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