Twitch Streamers Get Pulled Over By Police During Live Stream

HAchubby And Quqco get pulled over while streaming from their car.

On November 27th, Twitch streamer Quqco was doing a driving live stream along with HAchubby and Ajkymani. They were heading towards a camping site when a police car started chasing them.

Quqco was driving the car and initially didn’t notice the police on their trail. However, after the chat informed the trio about the police, they decided to stop the car, and Quqco asked HAchubby to end the stream.

After about 20 minutes, Quqco started streaming again and informed the viewers that they got pulled over by the police due to speeding. She further stated that she didn’t think she was speeding because her car beeps when she speeds. She further stated that she caught the police officer on a bad day.

Major takeaways

  • Quqco, HAchubby, and Ajkymani were doing a driving live stream.
  • The police pulled them over, and they abruptly ended the stream.
  • The trio came back live after 20 minutes and assured the viewers that they were fine.

Quqco and Hachubby, who are both variety streamers, currently sit at 166k and 334k followers on their Twitch accounts, respectively.

In a live stream yesterday, Quqco was pulled over by a police car while on her way to a camping site with fellow streamers HAchubby and Ajkymani. After noticing that the cops were on their trail, they decided to pull over.

Her fellow streamers did not notice the police car trailing them at first. The streamer HAchubby was reading chat when a viewer informed them about the police. The streamers suddenly ended the stream to interact with the cop. 

The streamer posted this clip on their Twitch channel of this event. 

They returned after 20 minutes and said,

“I got pulled over cause I was speeding, but it was weird cause I was following everyone, and my car beeps when I speed. But I wasn’t speeding. So I’m just gonna fight it tbh, especially cause she said I was going 15 over, but I was not speeding.”

Even though the event was entertaining for some viewers, it certainly was problematic for the streamers.  

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