Cyberpunk 2077: All Edgerunner Weapons

A list of the best Edgerunner weapons that were recently added to the game after the release of the anime adaptation of Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 has finally received its deserved praise as one of the best Action-Adventure RPGs, now that all of the performance issues have been taken care of. Edgerunners was a recent free update for the game, which includes a plethora of weapons and cyber-wear inspired by the Cyberpunk Edgerunners Anime, and our article will discuss the best Edgerunner weapons in this update.

All Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunner Weapons
  • VST-37 POZHAR Power Shotgun is a close-range power shotgun best utilized with free aiming.
  • Razor Machete is a melee weapon that is great for close-range encounters and can damage things like concrete heavily
  • MA70 HB is a powerful light machine gun that is great for long-range engagements 
  • Claw Axe is known for its raw power but it feels slower to swing compared to other weapons and also requires a high amount of brawn to wield effectively
  • KAPPA is an automatic smart pistol that has the ability to target multiple opponents at the same time.
  • Punknife is a close-range melee weapon that is well-balanced and fast, especially when it comes to dealing with raw physical damage.
  • Cut-O-Matic is a weapon that can inflict status effects such as bleeding on opponents and is strong enough to cut people in half. It is not suitable for stealth take-downs due to its loudness.
  • KKYUBI is a semi-automatic assault rifle that is effective at medium to long range. It deals chemical damage and can inflict poison on opponents
  • SENKOH LX is a top-tier Tech SMG, which is known for its unique feature of firing bursts of 3 rounds and offers more precision than other SMGs.
  • A HYPERCRITICAL is a firearm that is designed for long-range accuracy and typically has a scope to assist with aiming. It is often used in hunting or competitive shooting and is known for its great damage and knockdown abilities.

Here’s a summarized table fo all the Edgerunner weapons in Cyberpunk 2077:

WeaponsDPSDamageAttack per secHeadshot Damage
VST-37 POZHAR Power Shotgun886.499-1212.241
Razor Machete1194.5907.01.32100%
MA70 HB1089.2183-2245.3485%
Claw Axe1004.8611.01.64100%
SENKOH LX744.3101-1246.59100%

What Are Edgerunner Weapons In Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 very recently received its anime adaptation. Actually, the adaptation had been in development for over a year now by Studio Trigger, and it finally aired. Additionally, this anime adaptation was extremely good to the point where it revived the game’s whole hype.

Very rarely do we see a movie or an anime adaptation of a game that is so well done that it encourages its audience to play the game. And CD Projekt Red themselves appreciated the adaptation by adding a free content update to Cyberpunk 2077.

Yes, if you’re coming to this game after watching the anime, then we’ve got good news for you. You can now use the weapons and cyberwares of your favorite characters from the anime in-game. Additionally, you can even visit some of the iconic locations of these characters as well. The update is huge, with a lot of content. However, part and parcel of our guide are the weapons in Edgerunners update.

There are almost 11 new weapons that were added in the update; however, we will discuss only ten of them in our guide. Additionally, these weapons belong to different categories. Some are assault rifles, while others are shotguns or melee weapons.

We will entail the best weapons in the Edgerunners update of Cyberpunk 2077. The locations of these weapons will also be mentioned, and an overall review of the gun will also be given. Following are the best weapons that were added in the Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunner update;

VST-37 POZHAR Power Shotgun

cyberpunk 2077 best edgerunner weapons
The VST-37 POZHAR In The Game
Attack Per Second2.24
Headshot Damage+100%
EffectBullets can ricochet off surfaces

As the name suggests, the first weapon on our list is the close-range power shotgun known as the VST-37 POZHAR in the game. It is probably one of the best close-range weapons in the game now additionally. The weapon was added with the Edgreunners update.

The best part about the power shotgun is that it can be effectively utilized with free aiming. As the bullets will ricochet, there is a potential of hitting more targets while free aiming. There is more spread to the bullets in the VST-37 POZHAR.

The weapon is best utilized in close-range encounters or gameplay sections held in tight areas. As for the location of the weapon, the VST-37 POZHAR Power Shotgun can be purchased from most of the weapon shops in the game. However, it is recommended to go to the weapon shop in the Kabuki Market for a quick purchase.

Razor Machete

best cyberpunk edgerunners weapons
The Razor Machete In The Game
Attack Per Second1.32
Headshot Damage+100%
EffectCan use the sharp lethal blade to cut the enemies

It is a melee weapon that was added in the recent free update. Razor Machete is another great close-range weapon. However, its strength is slashing the hardest of materials. You will not only be able to defeat opponents at close-range, but you’ll also be able to damage things like concrete heavily.

In order to obtain the Razor Machete, fast travel to the Megabuilding H10 Atrium on the map. After you’re done fast-traveling, move to the nearest gym. You will see a sign with a knife on your screen. Follow the sign, and it should lead you to the vendor that sells the Razor Machete. However, you will also find other vendors that sell these melee weapons around the map as well.


best cyberpunk edgerunners weapons
The MA70 HB In The Game
TypeLight Machine Gun
Attack Per Second5.34
Headshot Damage85%
EffectThe bullet power potential can unlock at Bocy 10

MA70 HB is a light machine gun or an LMG in Cyberpunk 2077. The game already lacked in the LMG variety, but the addition of MA70 HB changes that. The gun is very useful for taking down groups of enemies. However, this weapon has large recoil and requires a Body Attribute of 10 to be used perfectly.

Even with that high of a body attribute, the weapon recoil feels uncontrollable. However, if your aiming is precise, then maybe give the weapon a try. LMGs have always been unpopular due to their slow reload times, but MA70 HB fixes that as well. The weapon can be purchased from the same vendor or the weapon shop where you purchased the POZHAR power shotgun in Kabuki Market.

Claw Axe

cyberpunk 2077 best edgerunner weapons
The Claw Axe In The Game
Attack Per Second1.64
Headshot DamageN/A
EffectFull body potential unlock at 10

It is an axe melee weapon in Cyberpunk 2077 that is much more powerful than the Razor Machete in terms of raw power. However, it feels a little bit slower to swing, and according to the in-game description, it requires a high amount of brawn to wield. That is the cost of carrying a strong melee weapon in Cyberpunk 2077’s Edgerunners update.

Claw Axe can be purchased from the same vendor that you purchased the Razor Machete from. He is located near the gym in the Megabuilding H10 Atrium area on the map. Fast travel to that location and purchase your claw axe in the game.


cyberpunk 2077 best edgerunner weapons
The KAPPA Smart Pistol In The Game
Attack Per Second5.45
Headshot Damage+150%
EffectSmart link cyberware

KAPPA is the first smart pistol that is fully automatic in the game. Cyberpunk 2077 had a lot of semi-automatic pistols, but that changes now with the Edgerunners update. Now you can spray down your opponents at close-range using the quick shots from the KAPPA pistol. Additionally, KAPPA can target two opponents at once, but that only ends up working at close range, according to the in-game description.

Now let us discuss the location of the KAPPA pistol in the game. You can purchase it from the weapon shop in the Kabuki Market. Fast travel to the Kabuki Market, and you should see the weapon shop. However, you can also purchase this gun from other vendors that sell weapons around the map, but Kabuki Market is more convenient.


cyberpunk 2077 best edgerunner weapons
The Punknife In The Game
Attack Per Second3.08
Headshot Damage250%
Recovery Time4 seconds

Another melee weapon on our list of the best Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunner weapons in the Punknife. It is a very well-balanced close-range melee weapon. Punknife is both fast and hits hard when you land your attacks. Additionally, the weapon is great for doing raw physical damage.

Punknife can be purchased from any melee vendor. However, it is more convenient to buy it from the same guy that sold you the Razor Machete and the Claw Axe. Fast travel to the Megabuilding H10 Atrium area, then go near the gym, and you should see the vendor.


cyberpunk 2077 best edgerunner weapons
The Cut-O-Matic In The Game
Attack Per Second1.11
Headshot Damage+100%
EffectUse Blade to cut the enemies to death

The Cut-O-Matic is a chain sword in Cyberpunk 2077 that is additionally a melee weapon and was added in the Edgerunners update. This melee weapon is best used to inflict status effects such as bleeding to your opponents. Additionally, it is strong enough even to cut people in half. However, Cut-O-Matic is an extremely loud weapon and cannot be used for stealth take-downs.

In order to buy the Cut-O-Matic, fast travel to the Megabuilding H10 Atrium area and then make your way to the nearest weapon vendor. The game will mark his location once you are near the gym. You can purchase the Cut-O-Matic from him; however, other weapon vendors around the map also sell it.


power assault rifle
The KYUBI Power Assault Rifle In The Game
TypeAssault Rifle
Attack Per Second3.25
Headshot Damage150%

KYUBI is the first power assault rifle on our list. It is a really good medium to the long-range weapon, especially because it is semi-automatic. You should really time your shots, so there is a better chance of hitting your opponents with the KYUBI. Additionally, this weapon does chemical damage and can inflict poison on your opponents in the game.

KYUBI can be purchased from the weapon vendor in the Kabuki Market. The same weapon vendor also sells some other Edgerunner weapons in the game. So, fast travel to the Kabuki Market area and make your purchases.


tech smg
The SENKOH LX Tech SMG In The Game
TypeSubmachine Gun
Attack Per Second6.59
Headshot Damage+100%
EffectUse tech to release a powerful shot

SENKOH LX is a top-tier Tech SMG in the Edgerunners update and also in the overall game. However, it fires bursts of 3 rounds and has more precision than other SMGs in the game. The weapon also looks great aesthetically and really fits the whole futuristic setting of the game.

Obtaining the SENKOH LX is a little bit harder than the other weapons on our list. You actually have to complete a small gig in order to obtain the weapon. Firstly, fast travel to Hargreaves Street in the Santo Domingo region and mark the nearest gig location on the map. Go near the gig to start a small encounter with enemies. The gig is named the ‘Nasty Encounter’ in the game. Complete that encounter to get the SENKOH LX as a reward at the end.


precision rifle
The HYPERCRITICAL Precision Rifle In The Game
TypePrecision Rifle
Attack Per Second0.71
Headshot Damage200%
EffectBullets detonate knocking down enemies while the first one deals critical damage

HYPERCRITICAL has very quickly become one of the best long-range weapons in the game, and it is actually a really powerful precision rifle additionally. You will not only critically damage your target, but these opponents that get hit by the HYPERCRITICAL are also going to get knocked down.

Additionally, HYPERCRITICAL can be obtained by completing a gig known as the in the Sutter Street of the Watson Kabuki region of the game. The gig is named ‘Concrete Cage Trap,’ and it is very close to the fast-travel location. Just open the map, and you’ll see its location. Complete the gig to receive HYPERCRITICAL as the reward at the very end.


People have finally started to praise Cyberpunk 2077 for its quality content which was previously overshadowed by the performance issues. Now that you’re here, why not check out our Best Weapons guide that caters to the base game exclusively?

Even before the addition of the Edgerunners update, you could access Legendary Cyberware in the base game as well. Additionally, you could even find Legendary Amors in Cyberpunk 2077. Katanas were some of the best melee weapons to use in your build as well. 

Perks also played a huge role in making the best builds in the game. If you’re running the game on PC and still experiencing some performance issues or glitches, then consider reading our Best PC Settings guide. Console players can additionally check out our Best Controller Settings guide.

The game even has different Lifepaths, and choosing the right one can affect your playthrough. 

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