All Red Dead Redemption 2 Gang Hideout Locations (Updated)

Every Gang Hideout Location In Red Dead Redemption 2

So you have just started playing Red Dead Redemption 2, and now you want to get rid of all rival gangs. I know, I’ve been there, but before you go on and clear all Gang Hideouts. There are a few things you should know.

Firstly, It’s not worth spoiling the entire story and going after all those gang hideouts. It would be better If you honestly go with the flow and not cheat because clearly, you are taking the help of a guide to locate them. Secondly, there are a total of 6 Gang hideouts, and If you have the Ultimate Edition, it becomes 7. Besides, you will encounter most of the gang hideouts In the story. Four gang hideouts are done before 100 Completion, and the other two are unlocked as you pass Chapter 6

Key Highlights
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 has a huge open world to offer and with that also comes enemies, one of them being gang hideouts.
  • You can clear gang hideouts for obtaining exp and getting treasure maps which will give you money.
  • There are a total of 6 gang hideout locations, 4 of which you can unlock before completing chapter 6 and rest two after completing it.

The 6 locations are: 

  • O’Driscolls At Cumberland Forest
  • Shady Bell at Southwest of Saint-Denis
  • Murfree Brood In Annesburg
  • O’Driscoll’s Hanging Dog Ranch
  • Thieves’ Landing Near Flat Iron Lake
  • Del Lobos Fort Mercer

Although, you can still follow this guide, and wipe out all gang hideouts before finishing the story. Nothing will change, because all the gang hideouts are repopulated after a few hours. In addition to that, these gang hideouts are never-ending. That goes on to say, you will always encounter them and there is no way you can permanently get rid of them.

rd2 gang hideouts
Red Dead Redemption 2

So what’s the point of clearing gang hideouts? Well firstly, you get a lot of XPs. On average, you receive 150 XP for one clearance, If you combine it with all those Individual Kill XP’s, then It would become close to 300. Other than this, there is a good amount of chance that you can find a treasure map, which ultimately paths the way to more gold and money.

Now before we begin exploring all Gang hideout locations, I’ve one important tip. Players report that treasure Map is very rare, but you can change the ods.

Whenever you go on clearing gang hideout, always clear the entire gang before killing the leader. This is important because If you kill him first, his body will despawn. On top of that when you are left alone with him, you can also spare him, and the odds of finding a treasure map In the box increase.

All Gang Hideouts In Red Dead Redemption 2

O’Driscolls At Cumberland Forest

rd2 gang hideouts
O’Driscolls At Cumberland Forest

Right next to Cumberland Forest at Six Point Cabin, you will find O’Driscoll’s members all over the place. The gang is led by Colm O’Driscoll who isn’t a big fan of the Van Der Linde Gang since his brother was killed by Dutch. O’Driscolls prefer “quantity over quality”, therefore you will find a lot of members waiting to kill you. Make sure, you have enough ammo and pieces of equipment to fight this gang. Normally, you will cross this hideout in chapter 2.

Shady Bell at Southwest of Saint-Denis

rd2 gang hideouts
Shady Bell owned by the racist Lemoyne Raiders

At Southeast Rhodes, you will find Shady Bell which is owned by the racist Lemoyne Raiders. They aren’t the biggest of gangs around, but most of their members are “Confederate veterans”. Normally, you would come across them In Chapter 3.

Murfree Brood In Annesburg

rd2 gang hideouts
Murfree Brood

Chapter Five: Remember the sick Walt Murfree, who kidnapped a mother and demanded supplies to release her? Well, he is part of this savage gang, but sadly you won’t find him. The Murfree Brood is located In Beaver Hollow, a camp west of Annesburg, right above the Elysian Pool.

The gang is filled with savages and junkies, who loot everybody around them. They aren’t rich like O’Driscolls, therefore you will only find herbs and cigarettes when looting them. They hate Arthur and city folks, which is good because whenever they ambush Arthur, they carry a lot of money. You will find these shirtless savages right on top of A character of Annesburg

Here is a better picture of the Beaver Hollow.

rd2 gang hideouts
Beaver Hollow location

O’Driscoll’s Hanging Dog Ranch

rd2 gang hideouts
O’Driscoll’s second gang hideout

The Hanging Dog Ranch is the second hideout of O’Driscoll’s. This one is heavily guarded, and it’s not exactly filled with loot, but you can certainly find a lot of resources. The location of this gang hideout is West of Valentine and Wallace Station. Approaching from the side, It is Northwest of Big Valley, and North of Strawberry.

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Although the O’Driscoll’s now own the place, it keeps getting changed due to many rivalries. Players complain that the Hideout isn’t normally there. That is rightly so and for some reason, It is only there at 1 AM.

You will approach the Hanging Dog Ranch In Chapter Six. Here is a closer picture of the hideout on the map.

rd2 gang hideouts
Hanging Dog Ranch closer picture

These were the four gang hideout locations that are part of the initial story. The two locations below are part of Chapter Six, therefore spoilers ahead. These two locations are part of the hidden map.

Thieves’ Landing Near Flat Iron Lake

rd2 gang hideouts
Thieves’ Landing

The Thieve’s Landing isn’t exactly a proper gang hideout. It is more like Del Lobo’s Gang outpost. Only a handful of members defend this territory. The Thieves Landing can be found at South of Black Water In the State of New Austin. Before you go here with your all money, remember this place is located at Flat Iron Lake, where no law officers can be found. As a result, you can expect a lot of thieves and robbers to ambush you

Here is a closer picture of Thieve’s Landing

rd2 gang hideouts
Del Lobo’s Gang outpost.

Del Lobos Fort Mercer

rd2 gang hideouts
Del Lobo Gang main gang hideout

Perhaps the most dangerous and heavily guarded, Fort Mercer is the primary gang hideout of the Del Lobo Gang. The abandoned military fort can be found at Southwest of Armadillo, Tumbleweed, and Its located In Rio Bravo, New Austin Region. This place is very iconic, and you might remember it from the first game when it was literally impossible to get inside.

Bill used to reside here, and sadly he isn’t there any longer. The difficulty is still like the first game, and getting inside is no joke. Fort Mercer has tactical walls that allow the enemy to shoot from multiple narrow angles.

Twin Rocks

Twin Rocks Location

Originally part of Walton’s Gang In the first game, Twin Rocks is now being controlled by Del Lobo’s Gang. The place is located In New Austin Terriority, North of Armadillo, at Chollo Springs. Twin Rocks location is circled around a hot spring field, and it’s not the most guarded place.

rd2 gang hideouts
Twin Rocks – Red Dead Redemption 2

Just to clarify, this location is only available for Ultimate Edition players. The other six mentioned In this guide are for everyone who have completed the game 100%.

So these were the 7 gangs hideout locations In Red Dead Redemption 2. If It’s your first time playing the game, and you want to get a lot of money, I won’t exactly recommend this idea of clearing gang hideouts.

Clearing out gang hideouts, won’t get you a lot of XP, and the chance of getting a treasure map has a 1:8 ratio. Other than this, you will need a lot of resources and time to clear these places. For entertainment purposes, it’s a nice idea to knack some enemy gangsters.

Update 2021: The missing gang hideouts that were missing have now been added.

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