Best Saddles In RDR2 Online [Ranked]

This article contains the categorized list of Best Saddles in RDR2 Online as well and the comparison of Nacogdoches and Upland saddle.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online takes things to the next level by providing excessive choices when it comes to selecting Gear for your horse. Therefore, it becomes crucial for players to pair the best RDR2 Saddles and Stirrups with their horses to achieve optimum results. Worry not, as this article involves not only a brief guide of the Saddles in RDR2 Online but also a detailed comparison that solves the case of two saddles with ambiguous stats.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 25 saddles in Red Dead Redemption 2, each of which are a great way to improve your horse’s stats and attributes.
  • Trapper’s shop offers you Special Saddles, which are the most unique and preferred by the players just for how they look, not the stats.
  • Some great Saddles that you need to look out for in Red Dead Redemption 2 include:
    • Foxmore Saddle.
    • Ivers Saddle.
    • Fletcher Saddle.
    • Delgado Saddle.
    • McKinney Saddle.
    • Upland Saddle.
    • Nacogdoches Saddle.
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Best Saddles in RDR2 Online

Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
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Listing all the best saddles in the form of ranks is not child’s play. This is due to the dazzling details of characteristics provided by each saddle. Nonetheless, the following section contains the list of RDR2 saddles ranked according to their pros and cons in different aspects, such as attribute statistics, price, appearance, etc.

Important: Saddles and Stirrups are of prime importance when it comes to determining the speed, acceleration, core drains, stamina regeneration, and drain. That’s why they are preferred over Horse Breeds.

I’ve provided information on all the best saddles on RDR2 Online in the table below: 

Name of SaddlesBest ForCost of SaddlesCore Stamina drain rateCore HP drain rateStamina Regen rateStamina Drain rate rarity
Nachogdoches SaddleBest Saddle For Naturalist Role Players.$512-18%-20%18%-35%Rare
Upland SaddleBest Moonshiner Saddle.$625-30%-24%30%-65%Very Rare
Delgado SaddleBest Saddle For Prolonged Trading Endeavors.$525-22%-22%32%0%Not rare
McKinney SaddleBest Saddle For Aesthetic Appeal.$525-34%-34%20%0%Not rare
Fletchers SaddleBest Visually Appealing Core Reduction Saddle.$525-28%-28%26%0%Not rare
Ivers SaddleBest Saddle For Stamina Management.$550-34%-24%24%0%Not rare
Foxmore SaddleBest Saddle For Stamina Enhancement.$570-32%-22%30%0%Not rare

Special Saddles

Special saddles are complete saddles that can be purchased from Trapper’s shop only. From my experience, they are the most Unique saddles and are mostly preferred by RDR2 Online players due to their Aesthetics. For instance, the Panther Trail saddle comes with a skin of Mountain Panther.

Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
Panther Trail Saddle

The Rattlesnake Vaquero saddle is made up of the skin of an American Rattlesnake. You can see a distinct pattern of scales on the saddle as shown in the screenshot below.

Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
Rattlesnake Vaquero Saddle

Similarly, the Bear Dakota saddle is the only saddle with an eye-catching Fur on its top hanging sideways as represented in the following picture.

Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
Bear Dakota Saddle

In my opinion, the only good thing about Special saddles is their aesthetics and unique appearance. Apart from that, they are ordinary saddles that don’t offer the best stats. Most of the Role saddles provide better stats. Another reason why we have listed Special saddles in the last is that you have to spend Gold to purchase them. This isn’t recommended in most cases. Additionally, they can’t be upgraded.

Foxmore Saddle

Best Saddle For Naturalist Role Players.
Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
Foxmore Saddle
  • Why I Chose This: The superior stamina regeneration rate it provides on top of the specialized compatibility with the naturalist role.

Foxmore saddle is a comparably newer saddle for players who have adopted the Naturalist role introduced in the new update. It offers nominal statistics and a better stamina regeneration rate as compared to the Ivers saddle.

Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
Statistics of Foxmore Saddle

It is the most expensive at a price of 570$ after the Upland saddle and from what I’ve seen it doesn’t provide value for money if you haven’t adopted the role of Naturalist when it comes to statistics as the Ivers saddle offers less core drain levels at a cheaper price.

  • Stamina regeneration.
  • Best for players who’ve adopted a naturalist role.
  • High price.

Ivers Saddle

Best Moonshiner Saddle.
Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
Ivers Saddle
  • Why I Chose This: The balance of performance it provides on top of the affordability factor.

Ivers saddle is a decent saddle that grants favorable stats for your horse builds. It is the best Moonshiner saddle and is the best choice for players with this role because the Nacogdoches saddle unlocks at a higher level and is relatively expensive.

Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
Statistics of Ivers Saddle

It is comparatively expensive, comes at a hefty cost of 550$ which is cheaper as compared to the Foxmore saddle but offers the second least stamina regeneration out of all the role saddles so I suggest you invest extra bucks in Hooded stirrups.

  • Good stats.
  • Cost friendly.
  • Low stamina regeneration.

Fletcher Saddle

Best Saddle For Prolonged Trading Endeavors.
Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
Fletcher Saddle
  • Why I Chose This: The benefits it offers to trader gameplay mechanics and providing core drain reduction.

It is the second-best choice after the Nacogdoches for players who have selected the Trader role. It offers an increased reduction in core drains as compared to the Delgado saddle at the same price.

Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
Statistics of Fletcher Saddle

Stamina regeneration is the main drawback of this horse as the Delgado saddle offers better stamina regeneration at the same cost. Delgado Saddle takes the lead when it comes to overall appearance as well.

  • 2nd best choice for players with the Trader role.
  • Enhanced reduction in core drains.
  • Lower stamina regeneration.

Delgado Saddle

Best Saddle For Aesthetic Appeal.
Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
Delgado Saddle
  • Why I Chose This: The impressive stamina reduction rate coupled with the in-game experience enhancement.

It is the best-looking Role saddles in the game especially if you have a horse with a slightly dark skin color like Steel Gray, Black, and Red Chestnut, etc. Your horse will have one of the best stamina regeneration rates for 525$. Delgado saddle from my experience can be the third best choice for Bounty Hunters if paired with Hooded stirrups.

Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
Statistics of Delgado Saddle

Core drains are the area where the main flaw of this saddle lies as it offers only a 22% reduction in core drain rates only. This is the least as compared to all role saddles.

  • Aesthetically appealing.
  • High stamina regeneration.
  • Limited core drain reduction.

McKinney Saddle

Best Visually Appealing Core Reduction Saddle.
Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
McKinney Saddle
  • Why I Chose This: The exceptional core drain reduction it provides on top of being one of the most visually striking saddles.

It is one of the good-looking Role saddles due to its ancient Egyptian appearance. This saddle is considered the second priority of players who choose the Collector role. McKinney Saddle grants the best numbers when it comes to core drains thereby decreasing their rates by 34%. It also comes at an attractive price of 525$ only.

Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
Statistics of McKinney Saddle

When it comes to stamina regeneration, the McKinney saddle offers the lowest value of 20% out of all the Role saddles. However, this issue can be tackled which is explained in the latter section of this guide.

  • High-core drain reduction.
  • Visually appealing.
  • Low stamina regeneration capabilities.

Upland Saddle

Best Saddle For Stamina Management.
Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
Upland Saddle
  • Why I Chose This: The highly exceptional stamina drain reduction capabilities coupled with the improved endurance and efficiency.

Now many RDR2 Online players have extremely different opinions regarding the Best Saddle in RDR2 online. The main reason is the pretentious stats offered by Upland Saddle as explained later. It gives the best base-level reduction in Stamina drain rate. It is the 2nd best option for Bounty Hunters. You can buy it from the stables for 625$.

Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
Statistics of Upland Saddle

The main imperfection that I found is in the misleading stats associated with this saddle. These statistics are explained in detail in the later section of this article.

  • Stamina drain reduction.
  • Provides high endurance.
  • Misleading stats.

Nacogdoches Saddle

Best Saddle For Stamina Enhancement.
Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
Nacogdoches Saddle
  • Why I Chose This: The way this saddle turns horses into tireless machines with exceptional enhancement in stamina.

This saddle is still hands-down the Best Saddle in RDR2 online, transforming your horse into an untiring machine with insanely enhanced stamina attributes. Apparently, it offers worse stats as compared to the Upland saddle but it can be upgraded using Hooded stirrups that enhance the overall attributes of your horse tremendously.

Best Saddles in RDR2 Online
Statistics of Nacogdoches Saddle

It unlocks at a higher level and is the most expensive saddle when Hooded stirrups are added. However, if you are running short of money, don’t worry as our RDR2 Quick Money guide will make things easier for you.

  • Provides enhanced stamina attributes.
  • Pair it with Hooded stirrups for optimal performance.
  • High cost and unlock level.

Alternative Picks 

Explore these alternate saddle choices in Red Dead Redemption 2 for enhancing your horse’s performance:

  • Beaver Roping Saddle: Easily obtainable and a practical choice among Trapper saddles.
  • Gerden Trail Saddle: Offers a blend of stamina preservation, regeneration, and HP protection for your horse.

That’s about it from my side! The best-looking Role saddles are the Delgado, McKinney, and Fletcher saddle yet the unique aesthetics are offered by Special saddles such as Rattle Snake Vaquero saddle, Bear Dakota saddle, and Panther Trail saddle. Nacogdoches saddle retains its rank but the Upland saddle can be a good alternative as well.


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