RDR2 Robot Location: Finding Marko & His Invention

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a story-driven open-world video game by Rockstar Games. All of the game’s core mechanics are tied to semi-realism, and it is reflected adequately in the pacing of main and side-missions. Like most open-world games, a protagonist interacts with NPCs and gets things done; the same is the case in Red Dead Redemption 2. Arthur Morgan, the main character, helps the helpless, kills outlaws, and at one point aided an inventor who created a robot. We have curated this guide to track down RDR2 robot location, which most, if not all, players never found out in the game.

Disclaimer: Potential Spoilers Below.

RD2 Robot Location

Unlike the high stakes treasure map location, finding the lost robot is not an easy task. Players need to interact with an NPC called Marko Dragic, an inventor from Southern Europe who came to America before 1899. There are a series of three interactions with this named NPC, and the first three set up the basis of finding the robot. So, do not venture into the White Mountains in search of a robot before initiating the first three encounters. The exploration and tracking down of the robot is reserved for the final part as the first three are pretty straightforward to execute.

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A Bright Bouncing Boy

Marko Dragic NPC only becomes interactable in Red Dead Redemption 2 during “A Bright Bouncing Boy” stranger mission of Chapter 4. He will never appear in the areas he is supposed to be in the game before the beginning of the mentioned chapter. So, grind the story progression to chapter 4 and head over to Saint Denis.

First Interaction

The first encounter of Arthur with Marko Dragic can be triggered by going to the Western part of Saint Denis. He can be found standing near a pond. Here is an image for reference.

RDR2 Robot Location Guide
Marko Dragic’s Location – Saint Denis

After interacting with Marko Dragic, he will ask Arthur to remote control his submarine invention and showcase the potential of radio waves and electricity’s application to investors. As Arthur, when you complete the mission successfully, Marko invites the protagonist to his lab located in Doverhill. This is how the first encounter related to the RDR2 robot location is set in motion.

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Second Interaction

Arthur can visit Marko Dragic’s lab after passing a few in-game days. His workshop is located somewhere in Doverhill, the Northeastern corner of the map. Here is an image for finding the exact location of Marko’s shop. You must visit the location mentioned on the map during the night time, otherwise, the second interaction with the NPC will not trigger.

RDR2 Robot Location Guide
Marko Dragic’s Lab Location

After finding Marko’s lab during the nighttime, Arthur will be asked to complete a series of tasks in order to power the robot and bring it to life. The robot gets electricity and awakens but runs out of power after a short duration. Marko becomes overjoyed over pulling off something meaningful in his life and expresses his joy to Arthur. This marks the end of the second interaction with Marko, setting the path for the third and final encounter with the NPC.

RDR2 Robot Location Guide
Marko Dragic’s Lab

Third Interaction

To begin the final part of “A Bright Bouncing Boy” and finding RDR2 robot location, Arthur must spend at least two in-game days. After that, revisit Marko’s lab and witness his fate. Once you reach the lab, you will encounter Marko’s dead body covered in blood laid near to an electric lantern (image attached for reference).

RDR2 Robot Location Guide
Dead Marko & Electric Lamp Location

Arthur can pick and keep the lantern which can later be used to find the missing robot. This marks the end of the second encounter, unfolding the events which allow Arthur to find the robot.

Revisiting Marko’s lab also unlocks the “Artificial Intelligence” trophy/achievement. Players should grab the two missable items: Inventor’s Note and Inventor’s Plan while revisiting the lab. Otherwise, these two documents will not appear at a later stage in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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The Robot Location

The electric lantern, acquired near Marko’s dead body, is just not fancy equipment to walk with while it’s dark. It also tells the proximity-based location of the robot. There are two ways you can find the robot location. The first one is to go towards the White Mountains and use the electric lantern during the nighttime. The closer Arthur gets to the robot, the stronger the red-colored glow the lamp emits.

RDR2 Robot Location Guide
Electric Lantern Glowing Red

Another easy way is to go to the point, as shown in the map’s location here below. After reaching here, you will find tracks covered in snow, indicating someone has recently passed before you. Follow the trail and reach at the top to discover the robot, sitting at the edge, calling out one word, “Papa”.

RDR2 Robot Location Guide
The Robot’s Location
RDR2 Robot Location Guide
Robot’s Tracks – White Mountains

You can always leave the robot there until it runs out of electricity and eventually dies. Or, you can put a bullet into it and kill it. The light on top of its head still shines even if you shoot and kill the robot. In any case, the ambiance, the sad and end-of-the-world sounding music, and the overall theme of the scene make you wonder how grim and the dark fate of Marko and his invention has come to.

RDR2 Robot Location Guide
Robot at the top of White Mountain

A Comparison Between Arthur’s Life and The Fate of Robot

The story of Marko and its robot tells that the invention may have killed its inventor. In any case, there are contrasting similarities between Arthur and the robot’s life. Arthur’s troubles started from the White Mountains, and his life ended somewhere in Roanoke Creek. Arthur dies from tuberculosis, or Micah kills him (based on how you play out the game).

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On the contrary, the robot went from Roanoke Creek to the White Mountains and was left to run out of electricity (like Arthur’s TB) or be killed by some bypasser. Regardless of the outcomes, the story of Arthur and the robot ends on a sad and tragic note.

This brings us to the end of the robot quest guide. Did you find the robot in your first playthrough? Did you find it after reading our guide? Let us know more about it in the comments section below.

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