Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Bear Location

Craft A Useful Talisman With The Legendary Bear Claw

In the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, there exist a number of different legendary animals scattered all around the map, and hunting these animals nets you special components that can then be used to create trinkets and talismans for extremely useful buffs.

You can also use their pelts and hides to create unique outfit sets that look cool but don’t provide any additional bonuses apart from that. Still, one could make the argument that being able to wear a wild animal’s head as a hat is a reward in itself.

The first of these legendary animals is the Bharati Grizzly Bear, and you can encounter it for the first time during the mission ‘Exit Pursued By A Bruised Ego’ in Chapter 2. This brief story mission ends with an encounter with this massive bear, but you don’t have to kill it right now if you don’t feel prepared to do so.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Bear Location

rd2 legendary bear location
Legendary Bear Location

You can head to the location seen in the map above anytime after the mission, and the bear will still be in the area.

Look around the region using your Eagle Eye-tracking until you find the first clue marked by the golden flair unique to legendary animals. Observe it, and then follow the trail to two other clues. Once all the clues have been observed, you should pick up the legendary bear’s tracks and pinpoint its exact location.

Shoot the bear in the head with a heavy-caliber rifle

How To Kill The Legendary Bear

rd2 legendary bear
Shoot the bear in the head with a heavy-caliber rifle.

While hunting legendary animals, one thing to note is that their pelts do not suffer from degradation, unlike normal beasts. You can use everything from dynamite to explosive rounds to kill them, and the quality of their hides will not be affected.

That being said, your arsenal at this point in the game should be limited, and the bear can prove to be a tough challenge for newcomers.

So to have the best chances of survival, we recommend you bring along some Cover Scent Lotion and some Health Cures.

rd2 legendary bear
Killing the Legendary Bear.

The lotion will mask your scent from the bear and prevent detection, and the Health Cures can be used to quickly replenish your heath meter.

The recommended weapon for this hunt is the scoped Rolling Block Rifle. This long-range weapon will allow you to snipe the bear from a distance and take it down in around 4 or 5 headshots.

If you don’t have the Rolling Block Rifle unlocked yet, you can also use your trusty Carbine Repeater for the job. But expect the fight to take a lot longer since it can take anywhere from 12 to 14 headshots with this weapon.

If the bear gets close to you and lands a few hits, then start running and put some distance between the two of you. Use the Health Cures to recover some vitality, and then start shooting again.

How To Use The Legendary Bear Carcass

rd2 legendary bear
Legendary Bear Carcass.

Once the animal is dead, skin it to acquire the Legendary Bear Claw and the Legendary Bear Pelt. The claw is added to your inventory automatically upon skinning, but you have to manually stow the pelt on your horse and bring it to a Trapper just South-East of your current location.

rd2 legendary bear location
Trapper Location.

Sell the pelt to the Trapper for a hefty $60, and now you can use this vendor to acquire The Bear Hunter outfit set.

The Legendary Bear Pelt alone can only craft one item from the set, though, and to get the remaining three pieces of clothing, you need some additional pelts. The required items for the full set are:

  • Legendary Bear Head Hat:   Legendary Bear Pelt.
  • Legendary Bear Coat:           Legendary Bear Pelt and a Perfect Bison Pelt.
  • Legendary Bear Roper:         Legendary Bear Pelt and a Perfect Bull Hide.
  • Boar Riding Gloves:              Perfect Boar Pelt and two Perfect Rabbit Pelts.

It should be noted that you do not need multiple Legendary Bear Pelts to craft all items in The Bear Hunter outfit. Once a pelt is sold to a Trapper, you get multiple uses out of it.

rd2 legendary bear location

You can also bring the Legendary Bear Claw, alongside a Silver Chain Bracelet and a Quartz Chunk, to a Fence to buy the Bear Claw Talisman for $34.75. This is equipped automatically when purchased and gives you an effect where your health core drains 10% slower.

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