RD2 Legendary Panther: Location, Hunting Method, And Skin

You can hunt all sorts of animals in Red Dead Redemption 2. The deadly predators are the most valuable. One of these predators in Red Dead Redemption 2 is the Legendary panther called Giaguaro. The panther is extremely hard to hunt, particularly because he takes one bite to kill Arthur. Moreover, the panther also plays a significant part in hunting trophies.

Key Highlights
  • Legendary Panthers are more aggressive than the regular or Florida panthers in Red Dead Redemption 2, which are capable of doing more damage.
  • Both regular and Legendary panthers can be found in the East of Braithwaite and in the East of Shady Bell
  • The basic strategy of panther hunting can be used for Legendary Panthers. You can use the eagle eye to kill the panther that appeared on the minimap. Or bringing any animal near that place can also help.
  • You can also use guns to deal with these aggressive panthers.
  • After hunting the legendary panther, they use their skin to make different items like panther Cloak and the range Gloved.

Hunting Legendary Panther In Red Dead Redemption 2

legendary panther rdr2
Giaguaro in Red Dead Redemption 2

The panthers in Red Dead Redemption 2 come in two types, the Florida panther and the regular one. Both fall in the same category and can be used for nearly all identical things like crafting or providing to the Zoologist.

The other exciting panther is the Legendary panther. It won’t appear for everybody because you need to reach at least Master Hunter Rank 10. This is important because I’ve seen players waste a lot of time thinking it would appear out of the blue. You must have Master Hunter Rank 10.

Giaguaro Panther’s Location

rd2 legendary panther
Panther Locatiom.

The legendary panther, also known as Giaguaro, spawns South East of Braithwaite and east of shady bell. Here is the area in which you can easily find him roaming.


hunting panthers rdr2
Hunting the Legendary panther

To find the legendary panther you will need to search the area by finding clues. mostly dead animals. Eventually, after a good few minutes, you’ll get the sight of the mighty Giaguaro in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Giaguaro will take a lot more shots than a normal panther would. Plus you will need to be wary of his positioning since he has a reputation for being extremely stealthy. One thing’s for sure, Giaguaro is bigger and more aggressive.

Other than that, there is also a compromise the game leaves you with. Legendary pelts are always perfect. Their quality is not affected by anything you do. 

Selling Panther Skin

rd2 legendary panther
Selling Panther Skin

Well, once you have killed the Legendary Panther, continue with other hunting quests. Also, make sure that you have made use of the panther’s skin. I made myself the Legendary Panther Cloak and the range Gloves. Both are incredibly worth it, do not miss on it.

Panther Locations In Red Dead Redemption 2

rd2 legendary panther

There are two locations where you will find some regular panthers. The first is located close to Bolger Glade, Southeast of Braithwaite. The other location is North of Saint-Denis. I haven’t personally found a lot of panthers here. That is mainly because spawns are very inconsistent in this area.

Now that you know where the panthers are located. The next thing you should know is, how to approach them. Well, firstly, clarify it to yourself. The panthers are not to be messed with. Suppose you are going to roam in this jungle with no good weapons and aim. You are very likely to die. The panthers strike fast, and once it gets a grip of you. There is nothing you can do.


There are two ways to approach it. First, take a horse and roam silently. Horses in Red Dead Redemption 2 shiver whenever a predator is nearby. If a panther sees you, it’ll attack the horse first, giving you time to shoot him. In close scenarios like this, the panther does appear on the minimap, so you can also use eagle vision for that. Sometimes, it might end up another way around, and you can die first. Anyhow, it’s still worth trying.

Method 2: The second option is for stealthy and intelligent people. All you have to do is hunt and carry any animal. I recommend deer. Take him to the jungle and drop him in the locations mentioned above. The next thing you have to do is take a good position and keep looking at the carcass. The Panther will likely approach, and as it tries to eat it, you have to use eagle vision and headshot him. Subsequently, if any other animal approaches the carcass, make sure to kill it on time. Other than that, try not to expose yourself to panthers.

Getting Three Star Perfect Panther

The only way you can get a three-star perfect Panther is through a headshot. Yes, I’ve heard the shotgun suggestions and all that; avoid them if you are going to go with the two methods above. All you need is a high calibre rifle with a scope. Use Eagle Vision and aim for the head. Once done, skin the panther and carry the three-star pelt home.

Suppose you are going to miss your shots and shoot him thrice or twice. The pelt will lose its quality, and it wouldn’t be worth anything. Further, using a shotgun or any heavy pistol-like revolver will also damage the pelt.


One thing I’d highly suggest to all hunters out there is, save your game. I mean it. The panthers are impeccable; if you miss the first shot, you are very likely to be dead in the next five seconds. Moreover, it sucks that you have to start all over again, hunt a deer, travel to the location, and go through the process. , save the game, and you can always load from one key place.

By the way, if you are hunting panthers for money in Red Dead Redemption 2. There are better ways out there. Check more on that here.

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