Civ 6 Amenities: Best Ways To Increase & Maintain

Maintain positive levels of Amenities, and maintain a happy empire in Civ 6.

Managing amenities is an essential aspect of playing Civ 6. To grow and maintain a happy and productive population, not only are the leaders important, but the players must also ensure that their cities have access to enough amenities. Various factors affect Amenities, as these include luxury resources, buildings, and policies, and can have a significant impact on a city’s growth and loyalty.

Key Takeaways
  • Amenities are crucial for maintaining a happy and productive population in Civ 6.
  • Amenities are influenced by various factors, such as luxury resources, buildings, and policies.
  • The required number of amenities is generally half the city’s total population.
  • A city’s satisfaction level depends on the difference between the required and available amenities.
  • Players can increase amenities In Civ 6 through the following:
    1. Trade routes
    2. Great people
    3. Luxury resources
    4. Entertainment
    5. Religion
    6. Government policies
    7. Wonders
    8. City-states.
  • Amenities can be lost due to war weariness, population growth, lack of access to resources, and natural disasters.

What Are Amenities?

In Civilization 6, amenities are a measure of the happiness and well-being of a city’s population. Amenities are necessary for a city’s growth and are influenced by various factors, such as access to luxury resources, entertainment, and housing. Each city has a certain number of amenities that are required to keep the population happy.

If a city lacks amenities, it will suffer from a happiness penalty, which can lead to a reduction in productivity and growth, as well as possible revolt and loss of loyalty to the player’s civilization. Luxury resources, such as spices, silk, or ivory, can provide amenities to the cities that have access to them. Buildings such as entertainment complexes, zoos, and stadiums can also provide amenities to the population of a city.

Players can monitor their civilization’s amenities levels by checking the amenity icon on the city panel. It is important to maintain a positive amenity level in each city to keep the population happy and productive.

The Mechanics Of Amenities

Amenities Civ 6
Amenities Panel Civ 6

Each city in the game needs a certain number of Amenities to keep its citizens happy. The number of Amenities needed is based on the city’s population and increases as the population grows.

Each city’s Amenities level is the sum of positive and negative Amenities, which affects the satisfaction level of its citizens. In Gathering Storm, there is no free amenities at the start for any city. Generally, the number of amenities required is half of the total population.

The more Amenities a city has than required, the higher the satisfaction level while having fewer Amenities than required results in a lower satisfaction level. The specific effects of each satisfaction level vary depending on the number of amenities a city has. Here is how amenities affect satisfaction levels for different versions of the game.

Vanilla And Rise And Fall Versions


  • The city has three amenities more than the required amount.
  • All non-food yields receive a boost of 10%.
  • The growth rate of population escalates by 20%.


  • The city has 1-2 amenities more than the required amount.
  • There is a 5% increase in all non-food yields.
  • The city’s population experiences a growth of 10%.


  • The exact number of Amenities required
  • There are no perks or drawbacks

Displeased 1

  • 1-2 fewer Amenities than the required amount
  • Non-Food yields depreciate at least by 5%
  • There is a 15% diminish in city’s population growth

Unhappy 3

  • 3-4 fewer Amenities than required
  • There is a 10% depreciation in non-food yields
  • 30% decrease in citizen population growth

Unrest 5

  • There are 5-6 amenities that are deficient compared to the required amount.
  • As a result, all non-food production drops by 30%.
  • From time to time, rebel groups emerge within the city’s borders.


  • There is a shortage of at least seven Amenities as compared to the required amount.
  • The production of all non-Food yields decreases by 60%.
  • Rebel units emerge with greater frequency and in larger numbers within the territory of the city.

Gathering Storm Version


  • Five amenities more than the amount required
  • All yields go up by a factor of 20%


  • 3-4 Amenities more than required
  • There is a 10% increase in all yields


  • The number of Amenities ranges from 0 to 2 more than the required amount.
  • There are no bonuses or penalties associated with this situation.

Displeased 1

  • The city has a shortage of 1-2 Amenities compared to the required amount.
  • All non-Food yields experience a decrease of 10%.
  • The growth rate of the Citizen Population decreases by 15%.

Unhappy 3

  • There is a deficit of 3-4 Amenities in the city as compared to the required amount.
  • All non-Food yields suffer a decrease of 20%.
  • The growth rate of the Citizen Population reduces by 30%.

Unrest 5

  • The city experiences a shortage of 5-6 Amenities compared to the required amount.
  • All non-Food yields undergo a reduction of 30%.
  • From time to time, rebel groups emerge within the city’s borders.


  • The city has a shortage of at least seven Amenities as compared to the required amount.
  • All non-Food yields witness a decrease of 40%.
  • Rebel units emerge more frequently and in greater numbers within the territory of the city.

How To Get Amenities In Civ 6?

There are several ways to get Amenities in Civilization 6:

  • Set up Trade Routes: Trade routes with other civilizations or city-states can yield Amenities
  • Utilize Great People: Certain Great People, like Entertainers or Artists, grant Amenities to nearby cities.
  • Luxury Resources: The main source of Amenities. Unique luxury resources like gems, spices, and silk provide +1 Amenities for up to four cities.
  • Entertainment: It complexes and their buildings offer additional Amenities. Buildings like Arenas, Zoos, and Stadiums contribute a specific number of Amenities
  • Religion: Some religious beliefs, like Zen Meditation, grant additional Amenities in cities with Holy Site districts.
  • Government Policies and Civics: Certain policies and civics, like Liberalism, provide Amenities. Liberalism provides a bonus of +1 Amenities for every city that has a minimum of two specialty districts.
  • Wonders: World wonders like Colosseum and Estádio do Maracanã supply additional Amenities to nearby cities
  • City-States: Becoming the suzerain of a city-state with luxury resources offers extra Amenities for your civilization.

It’s important to keep in mind that different civilizations may have unique ways of obtaining Amenities and that each city has a different requirement for Amenities based on its population size.

How Can Amenities Be Lost?

Amenities in a city can be lost due to several reasons, including war weariness, population growth, lack of access to luxury resources, or natural disasters:

  • War weariness increases when a player goes to war or loses a battle, leading to a decrease in Amenities in the affected city.
  • Population growth increases the number of Amenities required by the city, and failure to provide enough Amenities leads to a decrease in the city’s Amenities level.
  • Loss of access to a luxury resource can lead to a decrease in Amenities for all cities benefiting from it.
  • Natural disasters such as floods, droughts, or volcanic eruptions can damage or destroy amenities-improving buildings in a city, causing a decrease in Amenities.

Summing It Up

In Civilization 6, effectively managing amenities is crucial for maintaining a thriving and content population. As leaders, players must ensure their cities have ample access to amenities to support their growth and stability.

Various factors, such as luxury resources, buildings, and policies, significantly influence amenities, impacting city growth and loyalty. By understanding the mechanics of amenities in Civilization 6 and employing strategies to maintain sufficient amenities, players can optimize their cities’ satisfaction levels and ensure their populations remain happy and productive.

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